New Recipe Wednesday- Mixed Berry Scones and Taco Soup

I have a few tasty and easy recipes to share this morning.

I made mixed berry scones a few days ago. They were delicious, even Bryan was a huge fan. I found the recipe on an awesome blog that happens to belong to a friend of mine from high school. Laura is a great writer and baker, and has the most amazing and clean pictures of her food. Everyone should peruse her site, you will be sure to find many recipes that you will want to try out immediately and all of the recipes that I have tried have been wonderful. Here is a picture of my finished product...

I drizzled some royal icing over the top, because it just gives it another little punch. (make like 1/3 of this recipe) Then this morning I tried to make my own version of lemon scones (my very very favorite) with this same recipe... they're edible but I think next time I will add a little bit more sugar since the berries aren't there for the added sweetness. If you're interested in the recipe let me know... I may post it once I perfect it.

Taco Soup is one of my go to meals. It is so easy and all it really takes is browning some meat and opening cans and spices to put in a crock pot.
Here are the items I used... plus a pinch of cinnamon, red pepper flakes and some S & P.
-Brown meat (you can use any ground beef or turkey, or we really like venison)
-put in crock pot with cans of crushed tomatoes, black beans, pinto beans in chili sauce, rotel, and corn.

-add packets of each, ranch powder mix and taco seasonings, and the other seasonings
-stir and simmer on low for 6-8 hours. (or shorter, we just think it gets better over time)

We then top with laughing cow light mexican cheese blend, and two spoon fulls of plain greek yogurt... yum.


  1. Ummm YUM! Those scones look delish. I'm definitely going to have to try those out :) And that taco soup is one of my favorites...I'm always looking for easy and delicious dinners. Loving your recipes!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and showing me some love! You are precious. Can't wait to keep reading yours. It's crazy how this blog world works, but I'm so thankful for it!

  2. glad you liked the scones! they are one of my favorites. :)


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