Happy 7 Months Sweet baby boy!

Hudson turned 7 months old on Saturday. My little baby is growing more and more every day.


Mommy and Daddy fall more in love with you everyday. You bring us more joy than we had in a lifetime before you were born. We love to just sit and watch you play. This month your little personality has really begun to show.

-You are in 6-9 month clothes, with some 3-6 month pants.
-You have enough hair for mama to spike up, finally!
-You eat 4 8 oz bottles a day, and you're staring to hold your own bottles.
-You eat oatmeal and fruit every morning (bananas are your favorite!)
-You eat rice cereal and veggies every night (you really don't like peas!)

-You are sitting up so well, daddy tries to knock you off balance and you never fall!
-You are trying to scoot, but would rather stand.
-Daddy is working with you to stand at the coffee table, and you're doing really good.
-You smile all the time, especially at your family, but you still make us work for those laughs.
-Usually you only laugh at yourself or the dogs.
-But oh how we love those sweet baby laughs!

-You don't have any teeth yet, but I think they will be here soon.
-You have begun to get clingy with mama, which I don't mind so much. but I know it will be an issue later.
-You love to babble and sing.
-You love G-pa's beat boxing and drumming and when Grandpa sings to you.
-We definitely think you're going to be a musical guy, just like your daddy.
and best of all...
-You sleep ALL night, every night, from 8 pm- 7 or 8 am usually!

Hudson, Mommy and Daddy love you so much and can't believe our 6 lb newborn is now sitting up and wanting to crawl. God really blessed us by giving us the cutest and sweetest baby in the world. Happy 7 Months Buddy!


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