November 24, 2015

Weekend in Review!

Friday was gorgeous outside. It was the perfect fall day. The boys and I played out there all morning.

Then we had a special delivery of two ricks of wood show up at our house. Holy Moly that's a lot of wood. We spent several hours Friday night and Saturday moving and stacking wood- and it's still not done yet.
Saturday we woke up to some SNOW!!!! Just for about ten minutes but the boys were so excited to see snow.
Then Saturday night Hudson and I went over to my parent's house to help my mom put up her Christmas Tree. It's one of my favorite holiday traditions and now I am glad that Hudson gets to join in!
Sunday we spent the day at home hanging out. I met my friends to run our 10 miles at noon and when I got back we headed to Joplin because all of Bryan's nieces and nephews are here for the week.
Three weeks until race day! I cannot believe it's almost that time again! Praying it goes much more smoothly this time! 
We've got a fun deal going on with 3 day refresh right now. I'm offering the first two purchases of the Three Day Refresh Challenge Pack their choice of a Shakeology Shaker or 21 Day Fix Container set with a copy of our complete 21 day fix meal plan! I know I'll be eating a little more than normal on Thanksgiving and the refresh is a great way to get back on track after the holidays! I've done it several times before and lose between 4-7 lbs each time! I'd love to send you more info on this deal if you want it! You can email me.

I got my Christmas Card tree up yesterday. I bought an extra 6 ft tree at Target last year so I stuck it in my kitchen and cannot wait to start filling it up with cards! I picked up with burlap (at WALMART!!) and it's exactly what I was wanting. We are waiting to put our big tree up this weekend but it was fun to get started!
Many blessings this week! I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving and spending time with the important people in your life! Happy Tuesday! 

November 20, 2015

Finally Friday!

We have had a good and busy week! Bryan and I started Whole30 (-ish with Vegan Shakeology and a couple of other modified changes, but mostly sticking to no dairy and no gluten) and we are both feeling SO much better! I made my first batch of Cold Brew coffee the other day and it was really good!
Wednesday was the first time in a long time for me to get dressed and ready so I had to document it. Hudson had his Thanksgiving lunch at school.

We rented a movie on Wednesday night and I had the munchies something terrible. So I hopped up, brushed my teeth and threw on some Crest White Strips. That's a trick I used to tell my Weight Watchers group! And it worked! 

I got my first shipment from Raw Spice Bar this week. It's three unique spice blends and recipes to go along with it! You can check it out here! I used some of the pumpkin spice in my iced coffee and it was delish!

Thursday morning I got a phone call from my friend Sam who needed a sitter for her baby, Drake, because their sitter had a family emergency! So Drake spent the whole day with us. It gave me a good taste of what it would be like to be a mom of three. My boys basically thought he was a new toy and he wasn't too sure what to think of them. Rhett wasn't a big fan of Momma holding another baby.

We even managed to work on some "School work" while I fed Drake his morning baby food. I felt very accomplished!
Then after Drake went home, my dad came and picked up my boys to take them to look at deer out at a nature preserve local to us. I missed my run because I had three kids and that wasn't going to happen in my double stroller so I went out and ran 4 miles by myself.

I love the way I feel after I run! We just have like three more weeks until our half marathon and I am very proud of my time! I've worked hard to get to where I am!

Hope you've all had a super week! It's not too late to join my 21 day fix group starting after Thanksgiving! I still have 5 spots left! Happy Friday!

November 19, 2015

Get Out of Debt-- Month 2 Update!

So this week marks the end of Month 2 since we started our get out of debt plan!! We didn't pay off quite as much this month, we took two impromptu trips where we had gas, food and dog boarding bills but I'm still excited to say we paid off over $3000!!! That also brings our total to $7,216 in two months!!! WOOT!

This month we had our first sit down budget meeting where we looked at our budget together. I spent way too long feeling anxiety about where our money was going because I was doing it alone (no one's fault other than my own) and it's so nice now that we look at it together, agree on where the money is going, and it's lifted a load of stress off of me. This month the bulk of the debt that we paid off was our lowest student loan. Getting that email that it was paid off was SO amazing. Makes me want to pinch every single penny so we can keep making that happen. The most freeing thing has been telling our money where to go and not having Credit Card payments. We are doing ok with our cash envelopes but I think this month will be better.

I forecasted out all of our debt and estimated what we could pay off when, and so far we are right on track. In honor of paying off debt we are setting a budget on our boys for Christmas. I've made several trips to the Walmart Assoc. Store (where we get things half off) and got them quite a few things for Christmas including Disney Infinity Characters for Hudson and a tool bench for Rhett. I have gotten a few things off of our yard sale site and just lack some books for Hudson (if anyone has some Hank the Cowdog, Boxcar Children, or similar little boy chapter books that are gently used that they want to get rid of let me know!) and some stocking stuffer things. I got them both two pairs of Christmas Jammies at the local resale shop (that MATCH!) for $3.50 a pair! I think I spent $50 at Gap on their Christmas Jammies last year... so this is much improved! Bryan and I aren't getting each other anything for Christmas, we'd rather be out of debt.

Christmas just starts "present" season for us (Bryan and I) because our Anniversary is January 3rd, and then Valentines day is a month later. This year we are going to do a date night for our anniversary so we'll just pay for our sitter (or maybe sweet talk our parents into watching them) and dinner (hopefully with Christmas gift cards!) and a movie and just enjoy spending time together. No gifts needed. It will feel so good when (hopefully) by next Christmas we are completely debt free other than our mortgage.

I'm not sure we'll do as good in December with paying off our debt with Christmas, but I'm hoping we can keep up the trend of $3000 at least!

Anyone else working on this?! I'd love to hear from you!

Happy Thursday!!

November 18, 2015

Ready to be done with diapers, but for now Member's Mark Comfort Care Diapers hit the spot!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Member’s Mark Comfort Care diapers.

Ugh. I've been "potty" training Rhett for like 6 months. You could say it's not going well... but honestly if I would just be consistent it would go great. I see that coming in the near future. Every package of diapers I buy I tell myself that's the last package, because honestly I do not LIKE spending money or buying diapers... but for now I am really loving these Member's Mark Comfort Care Diapers to get us through until potty training is finally done and I can say goodbye to diapers! 

I was sent a week's supply and a package of wipes and I was super impressed with the quality. They're soft and not papery. The tabs don't fall off if you pull them too tight. The wipes are three plie, thick and smell good! I love that they're hypoallergenic. I will, for sure, be buying these until Rhett is potty trained and save myself some extra money! And you better believe I'll be sharing these little gems of diapers with my friends too. 

The Member's Mark Comfort Care Diapers have a SilkSpun™ outer cover that nestles your baby in softness but is still breathable to keep little bottoms cool and dry for up to 12 hours. They have flexible leg gathers and Soft-Stretch® waist and sides help your baby move freely and helps to prevent leaks. 

I've talked about it before but I have to be super careful about the diapers that Rhett wears because of his sensitive skin. I have some certain brands that are on my NO list but Member's Mark Comfort Care Diapers have a gentle hypoallergenic liner and they're perfume and natural rubber latex free. This is definitely a purchase I would feel great about putting on my baby! And the wipes are the same way! For the first two years of Rhett's life I made homemade wipes, so I am very picky about wipes, but these are great!

Member's Mark Comfort Care diapers are offered at a fantastic value and they're 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! You can find Member's Mark Comfort Care diapers exclusively at Sam's Club. Size's 1-2 to size 6!

There is also a Member's Mark Comfort Care Diapers Twitter Party Tomorrow (Thursday, Nov. 19) where you can join us in chatting about these amazing diapers and win some cool prize! Join us on twitter at 11 CST/12 EST! 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Member’s Mark Comfort Care diapers.

November 17, 2015

Taco Tuesday

This post really has nothing to do with Tacos... except maybe the fact that I wish I was eating tacos instead of drinking juice right now... maybe I'll have a "taco" salad for dinner tonight! Yum! Ok, ok... in honor of the post title, I'm sharing my favorite Taco Soup recipe at the end of the post (or you can click the picture below!)

Yesterday I met Katy and Rebecca to run 4 miles (after we'd run 9 on Sunday)... it was cool and rainy and without them I probably wouldn't have done it. That's why accountability with working out is SO key. We had our fastest time yet, probably because the last two miles it was pouring and we were WET and ready to be done. But my motto: Never miss a Monday! It just starts your week off right!
So Bryan and I are doing this modified juice cleanse. Our stomachs have been all kinds of crazy messed up so I kind of made up this cleanse based on calories and protein and resting our "guts". We are doing 5 cold pressed juices a day (between 100-180 calories each), one shakeology with almond butter, almond milk and a banana, one salad with lean protein (last night was grilled tilapia and a hard boiled egg), veggies and light dressing. I ran yesterday and Bryan did t25 last night. I'll probably stick with Pilates and Yoga today and tomorrow because I was ravenous yesterday. We're also drinking Kombucha in the mornings and a probiotic drink to help restore our "good" bacteria.... anyways I was scared about these "green" juices but they're actually super yummy! One day down, two to go! And today was the first day in a LONG time that I woke up and my stomach wasn't killing me! I'd say we're off to a good start!

I ordered our Christmas Cards today!! I can't wait to get them. I also ordered some "photo" presents and got a super good deal AND free shipping with Shutterfly! You can go through this link and get 50% off your cards right now from Shutterfly! I'll share ours on here once I've sent them out! :)

I still have FOUR spots left in my exclusive 21 day fix group starting after Thanksgiving! I am really excited because the girls already on board are SERIOUS about losing weight this holiday season and I know they're going to crush some goals, and I know they'll keep me accountable too! If you want more info you can email me! Like I said before, once we get to 10 I am closing the group to keep it small.

In honor of my post title I thought I'd share the link to my crockpot taco soup recipe! You can click here!

That's all for today! Hope you have a super Tuesday!

November 16, 2015

Visiting Family (Weekend In Review!)

I posted on Thursday that Hudson went deer hunting with my dad last week for a whole week, well we've been meaning to go and visit Bryan's grandparents, who live about 9 hours away, for a while and decided we'd rather make the trip with one kid, rather than with two, so we packed up Thursday afternoon and made the long drive.

The first three hours were basically just Rhett singing a combination of "Whip/Nae Nae" and "Jesus loves Me". I like to think that we are raising well rounded individuals. :) We stopped outside of Dallas to eat dinner with Bryan's aunt and uncle and his cousin and his wife (who we LOVE and don't get to see enough) and got a phone call that Sadie (our yellow lab) had escaped out of our back yard. Thankfully the neighbor found her and Tony took them to get boarded (we were TRYING to save money by leaving them at home-- obviously it didn't go well since she escaped like 4 hours after we left). I changed Rhett into his Pjs after dinner and we got back on the road. Rhett and I both fell asleep at 6:30 and woke up at 10 and we were there. So the trip there really wasn't bad (for us, ha!).

We stayed with MawMaw and Grandad (Janet's parents, for those of you who've been following me for awhile) and we hadn't seen them since she passed away (almost two years) so Rhett was completely different now! I think they really enjoyed him.

I love this, I thought it was so sweet that he wanted to hold MawMaw's hand
Then we went over to Bryan's Dad's (who passed away when Bryan was a child) parent's house who we haven't seen since I was pregnant with Rhett and we really enjoyed our time with them. I forgot to take pictures of them with Rhett... but we stayed all afternoon and I laid down with Rhett to get him to nap and succeeded (for the first time ever!). One good thing that we've done with our kids is make them very independent sleepers, which is great when we're at home, but when we travel it can be crazy. So after I got him to sleep I came out to the living room where they were talking and responded to some emails. I love being able to "work" on the go!
Then we went back to meet Bryan's other Aunt and Uncle with Mawmaw and Grandad to eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Hudson was over playing at my cousin, Rachel's house and she sent me this picture of him with her son, Jayden. These two boys have a blast together and we don't get to see them as often as we want so I was glad they got to play!
We needed to be home for Sunday (I have my half marathon training and we have Narrative on Sunday night's) so we got up and left early Saturday morning. And it was a loooooooooooong drive.
Rhett was great in the car, but he didn't sleep the whole way. And we took Bryan's Jeep, which is a manual transmission, so he had to drive the whole way. We were all WORN out when we got home finally about 5 PM.
We let Rhett run and play for about an hour and then he got a good bath, ate dinner and went to bed around 6:30. The Razorbacks were on at 6:15 so we ate dinner outside by the fire pit and cheered them on! It was a GREAT game and a great Saturday night with my love outside. I love our patio set up! 

....Stop reading here if deer hunting offends you...

Then Hudson called to tell us that they got a buck on opening day! He was SO excited and my dad sent us these pictures and Hudson is just BEAMING. Also, I think he looks just like me. We are missing our big boy but I know he is having a BLAST.

I posted this on IG Friday because my eating has been AWFUL the last week or so. Bryan and I are starting a combo 21 day fix/Whole30 back on Monday with some friends of ours so in the car I worked on our meal plans (I LOVE MAKING MEAL PLANS--- I'm thinking about offering custom meal plans for people for a small fee... more to come in the future but please let me know if this is something you'd be interested in (probably Weight Watchers, 21 day fix, Whole30, GF... etc!). I share my meal plans currently with my 21 day fixers but this would be something I'd offer to anyone.
Walmart Men's Flannel for the win! $9!
Then yesterday we got up and I cleaned and did some stuff around the house and met Katy and Rebecca to run NINE miles. We just have a few more weeks until our race and we keep speeding our time! I am proud of us! Then we had Narrative last night, which Bryan smoked a Brisket for, that was amazing and Katy and I both showed up wearing oversized red plaid! Pretty funny!

Anyways, that's our weekend! Hope you all have a happy Monday!

November 13, 2015

FRIDAY FUNNY-- My thoughts on the Red Cup debacle....

Just a little Friday Funny! And that's all I will say. The red cup thing is so silly and doesn't deserve my attention but when I saw this I couldn't stop laughing. We are BIG Walking Dead fans! Christmas isn't about cups. I talked about this the other day and I am trying REALLY hard to keep my focus on the real reason for the season this year. Happy Friday!
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