December 18, 2018

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese's . The opinions and text are all mine.

I don't know about you but my kids LOVE Chuck E. Cheese. I love the fun and safe environment and it is a place we frequent often, for sure. I even remember going there as a little girl. It was one of my favorite places even back then!

For more than 40 years, Chuck E. Cheese's has provided families across the country with a safe environment where they can enjoy delicious food and quality time. Lately they've taken on an extensive exterior and interior renovations which is part of Chuck E. Cheese's continued commitment to local communities across the country and their promise of delivering a fun experience for the entire family. There is a brand new light up dance floor where the hourly live show and birthday show will take place! AND there is a Birthday Zone featuring difference party sections designated by characters in Chuck E.'s band.

The restaurant features a calmer ambiance with warm wood, neutral tones and streamlined graphics. I can't forget to mention the new games in the remodeled game rooms!! I also can't forget about the food. Chuck E. Cheese's remodeled restaurants also feature open kitchens so guest's can watch the pizza making process.

Chuck E. Cheese has also recently launched their all new All You Can Play, a first of it's kind gaming experience where parents can buy time instead of tokens or play points, making it easier than ever to play any game at any time. Chuck E. Cheeses' believes that kids only have one job to do- and that is PLAY- that's why the All You Can Play where kids can have unstructured play time to play any game they want as many times as they want, with no restrictions is truly one of a kind. Instead of buying tokens or play points- you can buy time. For kiddos that means a whole lot of tickets and prizes and for mom's like me, I can focus on the important stuff and NOT my kids fighting over tokens. Ha! You choose the timeframe and when the time is up, you're done. It really is THAT easy! I like things that make my life easier and THIS is one of those things. So the really awesome thing is that one of the many store that has been updated it local to where I live, in Fort Smith, Arkansas (pictured below)!

You can find more information about Chuck E. Cheese and the new remodeled locations on the Chuck E. Cheese website, on the Chuck E. Cheese Facebook, on the Chuck E. Cheese Instagram or on the Chuck E. Cheese Twitter pages!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese's . The opinions and text are all mine.

August 3, 2018

Vacation Bible School 2018

VBS led us back to our home church this time last year, so I knew this year I wanted to serve and I couldn't wait for my boys to attend! We spent three weeks decorating and getting ready, and the week of was SO amazing and exhausting but I loved it!

My big boys both got to participate and were in groups with their good friends!

I helped with preschool kid vid and had THE best time and best group to work with! It took a massive amount of caffiene to get through the week but we did it!!

Loved my time leading KidVid with this sweet friend of mine, Nicole! 

 Sawyer went to the baby class and had a great time every day too! It was such a fun week!

Close to 1000 kids were in attendance all week! It was AMAZING and the staff at FBC did an incredible job!

KidVid Crew! Loved serving with these ladies all week!

I wish I could end telling you that it was all roses and daisies with my kids all week-- but it wasn't. Hudson absolutely loved it. Rhett had a very hard time and by the end of the week I decided to let him spend the last day with Pa. I guess VBS isn't everyone's cup of tea. We will try again next year and hope he does better! Shipwrecked 2018 is in the books and it was a great one!

August 2, 2018

Beach Vacay 2018

My grandma and mom & dad blessed us with a trip to Orange Beach, AL this summer for Christmas last year. We have been looking SO forward to this vacation and the boys' first time at the beach and first time to remember being on an airplane for Rhett and FIRST flight for Sawyer. We had a great trip, despite getting the stomach bug. Out of our house of 24 people, 20 of us had it before the week was over.

So really this is just a big photo dump. We had great food, fellowship with all of my family and Bryan and I took the boys to see the battleship in Mobile one day and that was SO great too! If you're down that way I highly recommend it! My boys loved the beach, it took Sawyer a little bit to warm up to it, but over all he was a happy camper! Hudson and Rhett would have played in the sand all day long but they also LOVED our little pool on our deck.

We celebrated Bryan's birthday at Melting Pot and had a fun girls night out at an amazing restaurant in Pensacola that's off the beaten path (5 sisters!).

Mama needed this iced coffee mid-week of my WHOLE family getting the stomach bug

Thanks so much Mom and Dad and Grandma Jeda for the best vacay! Everyone LOVED the beach so much! Wish we were back there now! 

May 22, 2018

Weekend In Review!

We had a FABULOUS weekend. Bryan and I felt like or the last several weeks we've been going in different directions so we decided to have this be a weekend we all stayed together and Saturday was the BEST day!

I got up early and watched the royal wedding, well Sawyer woke me up early... and it was gorgeous!

We worked in the yard early and then ventured out for the day!

We did a little shopping for Bryan for summer clothes and headed to the children's museum! We hadn't been in awhile and the boys had a great time!

Then we went to eat at our favorite BBQ restaurant where we ate outside and they had a live band. On our way home we stopped by Janet's grave... I shared this on my social media but wanted to post here too!

It’s been almost 4.5 years since Janet went to Heaven. Our Rhetty Joe, who was only 10 months old when we lost her, doesn’t remember her. He’s been asking a lot about her lately. A lot about Heaven and he’s sad that he doesn’t know her... and we are sad that she doesn’t get to know him. 
But he’s so much like Bryan, she’d love every ounce of his funny and ornery personality. And he looks so much like her. I see her in his little face all of the time. I’d love to hear what tidbits of wisdom she’d have for me in raising him. There would be no shortage of laughs on his behalf. And she did love him much in the 10 months she had with her “baby Rhett”. 

Saturday we took the boys to her grave for the first time. Rhett immediately laid down on her headstone. Bryan and I had been perfectly composed until that moment. His few minutes of peacefulness was followed with more questions- like any little boy would have- and then we got back in the car. As we were getting buckled back up, Bryan asked him why he laid down there... and he said “I just wanted to hug her.”
And our hearts broke. We all want to hug her one more time. But we got to share that that’s the sweetness of Heaven- we will get to see her again one day. We all miss her so much! 

Then Sunday we had a lazy at home day and it was glorious! We are finishing up the last few days of baseball and preschool this week and then we are in full on summer mode! We cannot wait!

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