October 21, 2016

Get Out Of Debt. Take 2. Month 1.

SOOOOO... if you've been a reader of my blog for long, you'll remember that I did a "get out of debt" series this time last year.... and after 5 months we had paid off close to $20k.

And then life, the miscarriage, a broken car, a new "used" car, a vacation, another pregnancy and a minivan happened.

...so there's that.

But in September we got back on our cash only budget, like even froze Bryan's debit card. He only has the cash in his wallet. I've been crazy about meal prepping, grocery shopping and making lunches... and really cutting costs where we can. We are already making monthly payments on the baby, so to say we are ALL in, is an understatement!

And in October, we were able to start making head way again.

We are on a path to hopefully be completely debt free in the next year other than our Mortgage. That includes cash flowing Sawyer's birth, paying off both of our cars and the rest of the student loans.

I debated blogging about this again, but I think before it really helped keep me accountable on our journey. If I knew I was going to have to post about how much we paid off it really pushed me to do better, sell more, spend less... and really just be content.

I just can't imagine how free we are going to feel to get rid of this mess. We are very motivated. I made a deal with Bryan that I wouldn't buy any more baby stuff- it's killing me a little inside. If he wouldn't buy any Jeep stuff.

I recently read (aka listened to) Rachel Cruze's (Dave Ramsey's Daughter) new book- "Love Your Live, Not Theirs" and absolutely loved it. I actually have an extra copy that I might giveaway.

Anyways, that's our October update. It was slow going in October, hoping to make more headway in November. Happy Friday!

October 19, 2016

21 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 21 weeks 3 days

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a carrot/banana. 7 in, 11 oz

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Some of my stretchy pants are still working for now. It seems like I've gained most of my weight this far in my midsection...

Gender: Baby BOY! Sawyer Anthony. 
I ordered the first few things with his name on is this week. So it is OFFICIAL. No going back now. ;)

Movement: Yes more and more and throughout the day more. I've been feeling him move in two different places at once now which is fun.

Sleep: Sleeping well. If my children and dogs would quit waking me up. ;) Not pregnancy related though.

What I miss: Being fit. I know that sounds weird but pictures keep coming up on my time hop of the amazing progress that I made, and I miss that. I know that I'll be able to get back there in no time and that this is just a season, and I am honestly enjoying being a little more free with my eating but still trying to workout 3-5x a week.

Cravings: Weirdly enough, I've been wanting a big salad with Ranch every day for lunch. I eat either a biscuit with 2 scrambled eggs or Honey Bunches of oats every day for breakfast. And dinner is a crap shoot. I usually don't want whatever I've cooked but I choke it down anyways. No specific cravings really. Iced Mochas maybe but I've only had one.

Symptoms: None really other than feeling him move a lot. No complaints right now.

Best Moment this week: Buying the first few things for him. A sign for his nursery and a few blankets! Makes my heart happy!

That's it for this week! I go back to the doctor a week from today and can't wait to hear his little heart beat again!! Happy Wednesday! 

October 18, 2016

End of First Quarter "Homeschool" Update!

Like every mom who is emotional about their first born going to kindergarten, I couldn't fathom Hudson being gone 5 days a week all day long. I came to terms with the idea and was prepared to send him to public school, when God stepped in and brought someone in my path who sang the praises of a part time private/homeschool school in our area that we had considered before, but brushed off because I didn't feel equipped to homeschool... and after this coffee date with this friend... and a lot of prayer, a long application, Hudson passing the entrance exam and us passing the family interview... the rest is history... we chose this school for Hudson because it was a good fit for our family and for him specifically. I love the flexibility of our schedule and the fact that we don't have to be somewhere every day of the week. I love that I get to see Hudson learn and be a part of that process. I love that this school integrates the Bible into their learning and that prayer is incorporated in their day.

We are now 10 weeks into our new adventure. In the beginning there was definitely a learning curve, for Hudson and I both. But now we've settled into a groove and I really look forward to our homeschool days. He goes to school all day on Monday and Wednesday. His teacher is great and his class has only 15 kids which I love. I volunteer every other week and have loved getting to see him in class. On our homeschool days we try to sit down around 8 am to start our school. We have 5 subjects  (right now) and have work to do in every subject on our homeschool days (Tuesday and Thursday). Depending on what we have to do (and our attention span) we are usually done by 10. I had a picture in my mind of what homeschool would look like, I would have a room and desks and be a teacher... but for now, it works well for us to work at the kitchen table because I can keep an eye on brother and it just works for us.
Hudson loves math. He whizzes through it every day. Reading is a little tougher for us but he's doing really well. I met with his teacher yesterday for his first parent teacher conference and she was pleased with how well he was doing-- and I took that as a compliment too-- because it is a lot of work for me too! :) But it's good to know he is thriving, and exceeding in his learning, and we are loving it.

All of that to say, something different works for everyone. And I am really glad this is the route we chose and it works really well for us!

October 17, 2016

It feels like FALL! Weekend In Review!

It finally felt like fall last week. For two days. And now we're back to feeling like summer. boo.

Anyways, on our coolest day so far I took the boys out searching for "Bentonville Rocks". Our town has started something new where people are painting rocks and hiding them around town for kids to find and rehide. My boys had a blast!

I've gotten baby fever. I've been wanting to buy all the things for Sawyer. I don't "NEED" a lot but there are lots of things that I want. I ordered a new stroller blanket because we lost Rhett's when he was a baby and I ordered a new crib sheet. I am using all of Rhett's crib bedding for Sawyer but his sheet was in bad shape so I needed a new one of those. And I got my 2017 planner and I LOVE IT.

I got dressed in real clothes twice last week. It needed to be documented.
Oh and the diaper bag saga. I have been researching and researching diaper bags. And even ordered one and didn't love it. So while watching youtube videos on diaper bags (yes thats a thing...) I saw someone using their 31 tote. And I got mine out and it is PERFECT.
My boys have had some attitude problems so we took away iPads last week. And after the first day of complaints it always does the trick. They're been playing superheroes nonstop and creating their own super hero costumes out of paper (see Hudson in the back ground of the pic below)... we love seeing their creativity.
 And the weather has been beautiful so we have spent A LOT of time outside playing.
 Saturday I met my mom to go to the craft fairs. It was a good afternoon out!
And finally... pretty please keep my niece Lucy in your prayers. There really isn't a huge update, but we need God to intervene in her little heart. Thank you, we greatly appreciate the prayers!

October 12, 2016

For The Moments I Feel Weak.

I had a day last week that tested my patience, who am I kidding... every day tests my patience, but this day was particularly hard. My boys were very high energy and I was not. I snapped at them, was short with them, raised my voice and had to do way too many timeouts. As soon as they were in bed they both came out needing things and I had had it. I explained to Hudson that the baby makes mama tired and I needed to rest. He got back in bed and I took a bath. I just went in to check on him. To love on him and tell him that I'm sorry that I wasn't my best self today. And I found this: My sweet sleeping boy. And I knew that tomorrow he probably won't remember and I'll have another shot and as I watched him sleep I prayed over him that he'd remember the good of our day and not the bad. Motherhood is hard. I'm constantly tested and I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that sometimes I'm terrified about having three. Unsure how I'll handle them all. But Grace. God's Grace. That's how I'll make it. Because it's Him- not me. I hope this encourages some of you who've had a rough day. Motherhood is tough. And I can't do it alone. But God sustains me.

So today if you find yourself in the midst of a trial, in a storm, or just plain stressed out and fed up... I pray you take a deep breath and remember the one who created you, who put you RIGHT exactly where you're supposed to be, that He is with you. And know more than anything else, that you're not alone, mamas unite! We need each other! 

Happy Wednesday.

October 11, 2016

20 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 20 weeks 1 day

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a banana or mango. 6.5 inches, 10 oz. *accoring to WTE. 
He was 9 oz at my appointment 2 weeks ago so I am guessing he's a little bigger than that now.

Maternity Clothes: Yep. All maternity at this point. Starting to get the belly hang in my regular shirts. And loving my leggings. And sweat pants. And super glad for the cooler weather this last week! 

Gender: Baby BOY! Sawyer Anthony. 
I still don't have anything with his name on it but we are settled.

Movement: Yes feeling him all the time now. Especially in the afternoon and evenings. Bryan started feeling him more again this week.

Sleep: Finally got on antibiotics on Friday for my sinus situation/ear infection and it knocked it out. Now battling allergies some, but sleeping well. I've been napping in the afternoon while the boys nap and waking up SO nauseated, but I posted to my friends on fb yesterday and they gave me some good tips to try. Basically sleepy all the time.

What I miss: Feeling normal. I don't know. I honestly am not the kind of person that likes being pregnant. There are things about being pregnant that I like, but mostly I like not sleeping and having a newborn MUCH more than being pregnant.

Cravings: Honey Bunches of Oats and Chai Tea Lattes still. Aversion to red meat. We went to a nice steak restaurant in Little Rock over the weekend and I couldn't eat the steak. It was a good time. Sorry, B.

Symptoms: Sleepy all the time. Otherwise feeling okay.

Best Moment this week: Meeting my sweet and perfect niece, Lucy Rae. 

October 10, 2016

Meeting Lucy! Weekend in Review!

My niece, Lucy, was born EARLY last Thursday morning via emergency c-section. She had to be taken to Children's Hospital in Little Rock (which they knew prior to her birth) because she has a heart defect called Ebstein's Anamoly where basically her tricuspid valve didn't form correctly.

Bryan went down on Thursday and I followed Friday afternoon to see our precious girl.

I got permission from Jordan to share some pictures and a little about Lucy's story, mainly because we are asking for MANY prayers for our baby girl.
I walked in about 3 minutes after Jordan got to hold Lucy for the first time. I live streamed it on facebook and it was a great first introduction to my very first niece!!!! 

Lucy had a very rough night Friday night and had to be intubated and have her heart shocked, twice. So it's good Jordan got to hold her when she did because now she's hooked up to SO. MUCH. STUFF. They have her pretty sedated and Bryan and I were so excited we actually got her to open her eyes and look at us yesterday before we had to come home.

Lucy has a very very very long road ahead. The nurse said over and over that this will be a marathon and not a sprint. Right now the major biggest concern is that she has something called N.E.C. causing  bloating in her abdomen that we need to resolve before they can move on to the bigger problem of her heart condition and breathing on her own.
Jordan and David will be meeting with her team of doctors today and specifically her cardiologist to discuss her future and short term and long term plans. I absolutely hate being 3 hours away from them and wish I could have stayed for this meeting today, but my duty of being a mama called and I needed to get home to my boys.
We left around noon yesterday and were face timing them by 6 PM. We already missed that sweet baby girl. It was SO hard saying goodbye to them yesterday.
I don't know when/if Jordan will have a chance to update her blog. We are posting updates on facebook and instagram as we have them... feel free to follow me for more info and ways to pray.

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