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January 23, 2015

She Shall Not Be Moved...

As much as I have tried to have a positive outlook on this whole house thing-- this week has been tough. I am living amongst boxes upon boxes and not sure to unpack or leave them...

I feel totally and completely out of control. There is not one thing in this situation that I can control. I don't like it, I don't like it at all.

So I guess you can say that I have been in a bit of a funk. I've been going through the motions of life this week, but just kind of apathetic.

This morning I woke up to two text messages that were too perfect to be coincidental. One from a close friend encouraging me to pick my bible back up and get back into the 40 day challenge. The other from my cousin with a song that she had heard this morning and wanted to send me to encourage me.

I might be dumb sometimes, but I'm not THAT stupid. I knew the Lord was using those two people to draw me back to Him.

So I dug my bible out of my "desk" box and started back where I left off. Psalm 5.

As I read these words, a lightbulb went off in my head. I have been playing victim. I've let the devil get to me and tear me down. I've been doubting that the Lord is good and has HIS best for me.

So today, I've given up control. I realize that this situation, which I see as totally negative, could be the Lord protecting us from something. I know His plan is greater than mine and that He doesn't want to harm us, but has HIS best for us.

I am also confident that I am not the only one that needed to read and realize this today. I've surrendered the situation to Him, so no matter the outcome, I will rejoice in Him and be glad. I hope some of you, regardless of your situation, will do the same.

Happy Friday.

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January 21, 2015

Choosing Joy All Over Again

I knew yesterday would bring either really good news, or really bad news.

...Unfortunately it was the latter.

I met my friend Katy for our half marathon training and then we took our kids to Chic-fil-a. As I was about to order at Chic-fil-a our Realtor called with the news. The whole deal appeared to be falling through. The people buying our house lost the people that were buying their house due to some issues with the mortgage company. Again, something I had no control over... and something that totally sucks and impacts four different families.
Katy posted this of all the boys at Chic-fil-a, and hers were so worn out that they conked out in the car!
I'm actually glad I was out with Katy and not at home by myself because I think it gave me a good reality check. I digested that news with her and she insisted on buying me ice cream- because that's what friends do- and felt okay about the whole situation as I was driving home.

My mom stopped by just to give me a hug and tell me she was sorry a little bit after we got home- because that's what mom's do.

After 17 more phone calls between our realtor, Bryan and my dad we've decided to extend our contracts a few more weeks to see if those people can get their financing in order. If that doesn't happen we are done. D-O-N-E.

We really do love our house and are completely okay to stay here if that's what ends up happening.

So today, while we should have been closing on our new house, I'll be unpacking boxes to make my house livable again. I'm not going to unpack everything until we have a good sense of what the next few weeks will look like.

I know this is God's plan. And while I said yesterday that I don't like my plans being changed, this really could open up some other opportunities for us. I haven't been emotional about this, I think honestly yesterday I was just too drained.

And what it comes down to is that my husband and my babies are healthy and warm and loved. We have a perfectly good roof over our heads in a great part of town. I'm going to continue to choose joy in this situation instead of devastation... I know He has a plan that I can only see a tiny snippet of.

Happiest of Wednesdays to you.

January 20, 2015


Our "new" backyard complete with tree fort
Yesterday I drove by our new house and saw that they had been moving out. It looked empty and I got SOOOO excited. Closing and moving are getting so close.

And then this morning I got some not so great news that our closing is delayed due to the people buying our house being unable to close on their house... it's such a domino effect.

I opened Instagram and a girl I follow had posted this and it's so perfect.

I can't worry about tomorrow. I am such a planner and I like to know things. I don't do well when my plans get messed up.... and I have ZERO control over this situation and everything is up in the air right now.

So today, I am focusing on all the extra time this gives me to get stuff done and knowing that this is the Lord's plan for us, regardless of what I think the plan should be. I have a hard time not having control... but here I am.

Happiest of Tuesdays! I am meeting one of my best girl friends for a run and lunch in a little bit and it will feel good to get my mind off of it, "run it out" and "vent it out" too!

Hope to have more of an update tomorrow!

January 18, 2015

It's Almost {MOVING} Time...

Ok I thought I would do a better job about posting this week but it still didn't really happen...
New forever home!!!
We are supposed to close on both of our houses on Wednesday and then we are moving next weekend and I have A LOT to do between now and then. We've only been in this house three and a half years and have still accumulated SO MUCH STUFF. We will not be moving again for a VERY VERY long time!
Love my time running with my sweet friend Katy!
I've been training for a half-marathon in March and doing my 21 Day Fix workouts this week and had a GREAT weigh in at Weight Watchers this week.

The boys and I have  enjoyed the nice weather this week too! We had a play date with our friends on Friday morning and it was good seeing everyone again!
I got a contact stuck in my eye and had to go to the eye doctor this week... no contacts for a week... fun times!
My grandma has been coming over to help with the Rhett while we pack and my parents took Hudson for a good chunk of the weekend so Bryan and I could clear out the attic, which we took the prettiest late January day I've ever seen (60 degrees yesterday!!!) and did!

After basically four and a half years of not being able to go out to eat with the boys, Rhett's finally big enough that he enjoys being out and can sit at the table and eat and it's pleasant for all of us. We went out to eat with my parents and grandma last night and it was actually very fun!

Since I've been so MIA this week, I know next week will be bad too... if any of you blog and would like to guest blog I'd love to have you fill in for me until we get settled in the new house! Send me an email and we can talk about details!

Happiest of Sundays to you all!

January 13, 2015

Wasa Crispbread

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Wasa.

If you're anything like me, you're always looking for a new, delicious and nutritious snack for your kids. My kids decide to like something, eat the heck out of it for a few weeks and then won't touch it again. So lately I have been looking for snacks that I can use in a variety of different ways.

Enter Wasa Crispbread. Nothing compares with the taste and crunch of Wasa Crispbread. Packed with whole grain goodness, Wasa Crispbread is health food that doesn’t taste like health food. Whether you eat Wasa crispbreads with fruit, spreads, cheeses, or just on their own, biting into a Wasa crispbread will undoubtedly fuel your appetite for life. Wasa Crispbread is packed with wholegrain and packed with fiber and protein, this wholesome snacking option is just one of the many ways we can make the most out of life, like the Swedes do. There are several different options and flavors. They're all produced with Non-GMO ingredients and super easy to take on the go.

Since 1919 Wasa is the biggest crispbread baker in the world, selling its products in 40 different countries, from Scandinavia to America. In 1999 Wasa became part of the Barilla Group together with many other bakery brands such as Mulino Bianco, Harry’s and Pavesi. The Wasa Bakeries are situated in Filipstad Sweden, and in Celle Germany. From these two locations they bake their crispbread and other products for many countries around the world. The biggest markets for the Wasa brand outside of Sweden are the other Nordic countries and Germany closely followed by Poland, The Netherlands, France and The United States of America.

Wasa presents “Appetite for Life” Staying Fit the Swedish Way, a comedic light-hearted video. The video follows an adventurous American woman traveling through Sweden who immerses herself in the Swedish culture while learning about Wasa Crispbreads.

Go and follow #appetiteforlife-- Do something today that your future self will thank you for like treat yourself to the satisfying, nutritious crunch of a Wasa cracker. Let Wasa Fuel your appetite for life. You also have to check out the “Appetite for Life” video when you get a chance!

Wasa was kind enough to send me several different flavors of their Crispbreads and my boys LOVE them. This is our new favorite quick snack!

Just top with some peanut butter or almond butter and some sliced banana! Yum!

Have you ever tried Wasa Crispbread? What is your favorite way to enjoy them?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Wasa.

January 12, 2015

Week/Weekend in Review

So I have totally been MIA this last week and I don't really have a great reason except we've been sickly.

Tuesday I started half-marathon training with my friend Katy. We ran three miles and I pushed the double stroller the whole time. It was a good first run! With my knee, I am not 100% committing because of my bad knee, I am taking it one run at a time! I'm running 3x a week with cross training (PiYo and 21 Day Fix) 5 days a week right now.
On Wednesday I picked the boys up from school to find out that they were both running low grade temps. So we went straight to the walk-in clinic to be flu tested. Both boys were negative for flu, but she treated Hudson with an antibiotic for RSV... which leads to Thursday-Sunday when my whole family was sick and I was on an every 4 hour medication schedule with every body on different meds. Good thing I'm a nurse.
Saturday Bryan and I got sick. So we sound like a great chorus of hacking and coughing... It's awesome. We spent a lot of time on the couches this weekend when we should be packing to move in two weeks... eh, it is what it is. We bought season one of Fixer Upper and fell in absolute love with it!! AH!

And lastly, I am doing a PiYo FLASH sale ($20 off) AND offering 21 day fix completely for free (out of my own pocket) with the purchase of a challenge pack this week. I also have two more Shakeology sampler packs left. You can email me or leave me your email here for details on any or all of this!
More to come this week, promise! Happy Monday!

January 5, 2015

My Empty Book and a Giveaway

This is going to be a very open and honest post. 

2014 was a tough year for my spiritual life. I dealt with a lot of different emotions and feelings towards and about God after losing Janet and we were very inconsistent in our church attendance. We got up and went to church as a family yesterday and heard a great message (honestly exactly what Bryan and I needed to hear) with a 40 day bible reading challenge. They gave us blank journals so we could write our own books this year and really dive deeply into God's word. My mom also gave me the book " You're Already Amazing" by Holley Gerth and we are going to start reading it this week together. I can already tell it's going to be great for this time in my life.

I never lost my belief in God or doubted that He was, in fact, Good and had a plan for all of this. I have just been in a place of apathy. I didn't want to think about it. I had no desire to further my relationship with Him. My feelings were hurt (because I'm human...) and I needed to heal.

I can't say that I've healed at all. Time has passed and made it more bearable. I know I need God for me to completely heal, so that's where I am. Bryan asked me the other day if I had blogged about his mom lately, and maybe some of you are wondering that too, and the answer is no, I haven't. I'm not sure why other than it just kind of falls in with all of this. I don't know what to say. Her faith never wavered and yet mine has... so I do have a post about her and how our family is coping a year later swirling around in my head, I just haven't sat down to bring it to fruition yet. It's coming, just not sure when.

Last year I gave myself a physical transformation and while I am still working on that, I am in desperate need of a spiritual transformation as well. So here's to 2015 and writing my own story. 

So to go with this, my friends at Redeemed Jewelry are giving away my very favorite necklace to one of YOU. I bought this necklace last summer and wear it nonstop. I actually gave mine to Jordan at her baby shower because this song was one of Janet's favorites and I have been missing having it to wear. I told the girls at Redeemed Jewelry my story after I placed another order yesterday and they're replacing mine and giving one to one of you! 

They've also activated a coupon code for 10% off of your order: CHOOSEJOY10 until January 10! The giveaway will close Wednesday, Jan 7th at 8 pm cst. I'll announce the winner on Thursday.

In order to qualify for the giveaway:
1. Follow Redeemed Jewelry on Instagram.
2. Heart Redeemed Jewelry on Etsy.
3. Repost on IG with #redeemedjewelryjoygiveaway
3. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me which item you would like from their shop and include if you did steps 1-3! 

I'm not opening a Rafflecopter this time so the only way I will know that you entered is by leaving a blog comment!

Happy Monday and Good Luck!

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