July 1, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

So the reality of summer has actually set in. My boys are used to being home and wanting to be occupied every second of the day. We've had a few melt downs in the last few days but we are chugging along.
We've play-dated, played outside, played inside, made cookies... and I am super glad we are going on vacation next week because I am out of ideas.

My friend Suz from the IG boutique Southern Sis brought over some clothes for me to try on yesterday. I love love love love love this tank. It's perfection and so true. I kept it and the headband... and several other pieces from her spring/summer collection made their way to my closet. Yikes.
Speaking of clothes... I cleaned out my closet and have a little sale going on on my IG Closet Page. Everything pictured on the page is still available! Go check it out!

The boys and I went to Sam's Club yesterday and these grapes made their way into my life. Um... they're amazing. I said that I wasn't going to share with my boys but I gave them some with their dinner last night and the scarfed them down too. Perfect "candy" swap!
And we had another major meltdown yesterday which ended with both boys on the couch in tears. ALL THE FIGHTING. YIKES. It had been a day yesterday... I texted Bryan this picture and just said "Today is going well."
And then I thought a lot about my time with them and this quote from Jen Hatmaker came back to mind. It's so true... I know my boys will never need me and love me as much as they do today. Hudson goes out of his way to tell me I am pretty and to pick me flowers every chance he gets-- and I love that-- and Rhett wants me to "Hold you" all the time-- and I know it won't always be that way. So while yesterday was a SUPER crazy day and Momma lost her cool a few times.... I laid in bed last night and begged God to continue extending his Grace to me... the Grace that I don't deserve or earn, but that He gives me daily.
And I'm going to try hard to make today a better day for everyone! Happy Wednesday! Hope you're having a super week.

June 29, 2015

Movie, Swimming and Hiking. Weekend In Review.

We ended soccer camp on Friday and Hudson absolutely loved it. We are thinking about putting him in a league this fall. Oh and in case you were wondering, I absolutely love being a boy mom. And I think my boys kind of love me too.

Bryan had Friday afternoon off so we took the boys to the movie. It was Rhett's first movie. On a scale of 1-10 for how 2 year olds should do at the movie he was about a 6. But we managed!
Saturday we went swimming at the lake with my parents and had some friends over for dinner. Bryan smoked a brisket and Rhett was a big fan.
Sunday we took the boys to Devils Den, which is about 45 minutes from where we live, and we hiked and picnicked and explored. We had a blast.
We wore the boys out so much that they crashed on the way home.

We had a super good family weekend and I am looking forward to being with extended family this week!!! Hope you had a great weekend too!

And just a little plug because this deal is ALMOST over... and 21 day fix won't be at this great price again for several months... I'm offering the brand new 21 day fix cookbook to anyone who joins my team of coaches AND the 21 day fix sale is almost over. This is THE perfect time to join us because I just started a new coach video series that I am doing weekly to walk hand and hand with my new coaches.

Email me for details on any of this stuff. Love to have you join my team or join our new 21 day fix challenge group starting on July 13-- last day for the sale is tomorrow!

June 28, 2015


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Name.Kitchen.

The month I found out I was pregnant with Hudson I started my blog. I didn't have a goal or really any idea that I'd have a blog one day that people other than my grandma wanted to read... I just wanted to be able to share pictures of my pregnancy and news of what was happening in one place for all of my family and friends that I didn't see regularly. I honestly didn't even have a name for my blog when I first started.... Then when we had Hudson I thought "You and Me Plus Hudson is Three" was cute... so we went that route until we had Rhett... and it was kind of awkward... so I just added a little tag line that said "And Rhett Makes Four"... at that point I had all of 70 people reading each of my posts so I really wasn't too concerned about it.

After my Mother-In-Law Janet got sick and started blogging, my readership increased and after she passed, it exploded. And my blog name no longer fit. I needed something more sophisticated. I was in a season of sadness and trying to figure out what life was going to look like without her and I landed on "Choosing Joy" because I really feel like in life JOY is something that we choose and I find myself choosing it every day.

Of course when I went to buy my domain the one I wanted to taken. I wish I would have known about Name.Kitchen then. With Name.Kitchen the choices are seriously endless. I would have landed on something like choosingjoy.life or choosingjoy.coach and with Name.Kitchen you can choose cute and unique domain names just like that!

When choosing a domain name I'd choose something catchy and meaningful. I think that makes you stand out! Name.Kitchen helps you do JUST that. After 30 years of stagnancy on the Internet, there is an amazing new world of choice in naming on the Internet. In a rollout that began in late 2013, hundreds of new domain endings — words to the right of that second dot — are now available for use when crafting the URL for your website. In terms of availability, most people have had the frustrating experience of not being able to secure the.com of your choice or having to create a ridiculously long and hyphenated name.  As these “not com” choices are new, the very best names are still available to be registered. And finally we all know that better names are more memorable names. 

Choosing a great name for your business or project is an important, significant decision. Name.Kitchen offers tips, advice and inspiration to help you jump-start the name brainstorm. Discover these tools and tips here. You can also find inspiration from Name.Kitchen’s “I am.___” video series showcasing businesses leveraging naming creativity + innovation here. Kitchen takes a 360-degree approach to naming; expect a blend of business, human interest and pop culture. After all, every name has a story — and those stories may influence the next name you bestow upon something or someone. Kitchen, powered by Donuts, provides a kitchen atmosphere around the subject of name creation. It is especially geared toward entrepreneurs (aka “business chefs”) scratching their heads for ideas. We offer inspiration on cooking up that perfect identity. 

Ready to get cooking with Name.Kitchen? You can claim YOUR name here.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Name.Kitchen.

June 26, 2015

Weight Watchers Friday!

Last week I wrote about my bad weigh in and how upset I was after working out so hard to have gained a little weight. So you can imagine how excited I was to get on the scale at Weight Watchers last night and see a 2.4 loss after working really hard this week.

I also updated my Week Two Focus T25 stats this morning and am pleasantly surprised by how many inches I've lost! I have had two friends buy Focus T25 in the last week and I'm debating starting a Focus T25 Challenge group. It's an older program but my upline coaches suggested it to me to get me out of my rut and it seems to be working. I'm following the calendar to a T, and even though Friday's are double workout days and they kill me-- I love getting to take the weekends off. It seems to be working for me. If you want info on T25 I'd love to send it over (email me here) and if I get enough interest I'll consider starting a challenge group! I'd love it to keep me motivated as well. I'm going to wait and do my comparison pictures after each round (Alpha and Beta-- they're 5 weeks each) and I'll be traveling next week but I'm planning to take my DVDs with me and keep it up! I am feeling SO good... and those size 30 jeans that I bought that were a little tight two weeks ago are fitting like a glove.

Happy Friday!

June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

Today I thought it would be fun to link up with some other super cool ladies (ShayShaeffer, and Mel) and and do a "What's UP Wednesday..."

So I'll be answering these questions...

What we're eating this week...
Lots and Lots of Hello Fresh. Y'all I'm obsessed. On the days I don't have Hello Fresh meals to make I am remaking the old stuff. SOOOOO yummy and easy! You can still use my code-- 64C7H9 -- for $40 off of a box! Super great deal! You won't be disappointed!
What I'm reminiscing about...
Hmmm... honestly... not much. Maybe running outside again... it's too dang hot right now. I miss the good ol' days of complaining about not being able to feel my fingers while I ran.

What I'm loving...
This stuff. I've been using it for 5 weeks now and my cellulite has diminished DRASTICALLY. I wish I would have started using it sooner. If you want more info on it you can email me and I'll hook you up with my friend who sells Nerium.

What we've been up to...
Soccer camp and playing with friends. Enjoying summer time!

What I'm dreading...
I started Focus T25 last Monday and committed to stick to the schedule. This week we've had to be up and out the door by 8:30 and so I've made myself get out of bed when Bryan gets up around 6 and workout right away. I usually don't work out until later in the morning... and today I REALLY didn't want to get up and workout but I did it anyways... so I guess, I'm dreading waking up early to work out tomorrow and Friday (and Friday is a double workout)... but I'm getting GREAT results so I'll do it anyways!

What I'm working on...
I'm working on a couple of new BeachBody groups for my clients and a series of training videos and calls for my new coaches. It's been super fun. My team is growing and doing amazing and helping SO many people. I really love my little "job" and I'm currently hiring and offering a cute gift when you sign to coach! You can do as much or little as you want. Email me for info! 

What I'm excited about...
On that same note, I got a package today from the BeachBody CEO recognizing me for being in the top 100 in May. Super exciting and really a huge accomplishment!

What I'm watching/reading...

What I'm listening to...
Currently "Afternoon Acoustic" on Spotify.

What I'm wearing...
Work out clothes. All day every day. And actually different work out clothes than I actually worked out this morning. Sad, I realize this... but I am about to shower, so there's that.

What I'm doing this weekend...
We actually have NO plans. So probably spending time in the Jeep and at the lake.

What I'm looking forward to next month...
V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!!!!!! More to come.

What else is new...
Not a whole lot. Just enjoying summer time. Happy Wednesday, Friends!

June 23, 2015

Soccer Mom Status Complete

Well we put Hudson in his first organized sport this week. He's in a week long "Soccer Camp" and so far he LOVES it. And I am pretty sure he's a natural. Our baby sitter, Megan, is a high school soccer player too so he has been practicing with her and his dad some too. I couldn't wait to see how he did.

I mean does it get any cuter than this?

He is even more excited because he's in soccer camp with his best friends-- Ethan and Aubrey. Apparently since about 6 months ago we decided that we are going to marry Aubrey, we will see if that lasts. I told him that I approve, but he still has several years before he needs to make the decision. Ha!

So basically, I just need my minivan, some orange slices and capri suns and I'm good to go. (I'd be happy with an SUV ;))

Soccer Mom Status Complete. Happy Tuesday.

June 22, 2015

A Giant Card, Date Night and Father's Day! Weekend In Review.

We had a super weekend! Friday I took the boys to the store to get stuff to make Daddy a card for Father's Day. I let the boys pick out candy (which never happens) and Rhett was so excited he kept kissing him M&Ms. Haha!
I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was cute. Since we bought Daddy a Jeep (and he has now gotten a million jeep accessories) and that's his Father's Day and Birthday presents for the next ten years (kidding, kind of)... we made him this card. Hudson taped all the candy to it and Bryan loved it.
Then on Friday night we went with Tony and took the boys out to the Waterfall. It had been raining ALL week so we were super glad for some sunshine!
 Saturday we had a lazy morning and then took Rhett out to the lake to swim. He loved it.
Saturday night our babysitter came and we went to some family friend's house for a yummy home cooked dinner and then B and I went to our friend's Nikki and Doug's house and hung out with them in their back yard for a few hours. It was gorgeous outside.
Sunday we went to church and then Bryan smoked brisket and pulled pork and we had all the family over for Father's Day dinner! It was super yummy!
Love this dress from Southern Sis Boutique. Haven't worn a dress without leggings in years, but I did yesterday! #NSV
Katy and I were both wearing dresses from SSB so we had to snap a pic at church. Love love love this friend of mine!
 Bryan and I played connect four during nap time. He won 10-2. Good thing I'm not a sore loser!! ;)

We ended the night with a yummy meal surrounded by family! Had a great day!

Oh and I'm doing a little promo right now where the first 3 sales today get a $10 gift card back on 21 Day Fix plus Shakeology! The sale only goes through the end of the week, so this is a GREAT deal and great time to get started with us.  You can email me for details! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Monday!

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