May 22, 2018

Weekend In Review!

We had a FABULOUS weekend. Bryan and I felt like or the last several weeks we've been going in different directions so we decided to have this be a weekend we all stayed together and Saturday was the BEST day!

I got up early and watched the royal wedding, well Sawyer woke me up early... and it was gorgeous!

We worked in the yard early and then ventured out for the day!

We did a little shopping for Bryan for summer clothes and headed to the children's museum! We hadn't been in awhile and the boys had a great time!

Then we went to eat at our favorite BBQ restaurant where we ate outside and they had a live band. On our way home we stopped by Janet's grave... I shared this on my social media but wanted to post here too!

It’s been almost 4.5 years since Janet went to Heaven. Our Rhetty Joe, who was only 10 months old when we lost her, doesn’t remember her. He’s been asking a lot about her lately. A lot about Heaven and he’s sad that he doesn’t know her... and we are sad that she doesn’t get to know him. 
But he’s so much like Bryan, she’d love every ounce of his funny and ornery personality. And he looks so much like her. I see her in his little face all of the time. I’d love to hear what tidbits of wisdom she’d have for me in raising him. There would be no shortage of laughs on his behalf. And she did love him much in the 10 months she had with her “baby Rhett”. 

Saturday we took the boys to her grave for the first time. Rhett immediately laid down on her headstone. Bryan and I had been perfectly composed until that moment. His few minutes of peacefulness was followed with more questions- like any little boy would have- and then we got back in the car. As we were getting buckled back up, Bryan asked him why he laid down there... and he said “I just wanted to hug her.”
And our hearts broke. We all want to hug her one more time. But we got to share that that’s the sweetness of Heaven- we will get to see her again one day. We all miss her so much! 

Then Sunday we had a lazy at home day and it was glorious! We are finishing up the last few days of baseball and preschool this week and then we are in full on summer mode! We cannot wait!

May 7, 2018

Love YOUR City! Weekend In Review!

We had a FABULOUS weekend! Friday Hudson, Sawyer and I hung around home... I got him a new lego that took him all of an hour to put together.

Friday afternoon we started making popcorn for our first ever First Friday at FBC that we've been planning for several months. The boys were my "helpers" although I'm not sure how much help they were since they *uh um*... lost Sawyer... but that's another story for another day.

All of our planning was on how to love our city (my personal favorite place on Earth) well... and I think we did just that! We spent time outside our church in the lawn and gave away water, and Kennedy's coffee, popcorn and goldfish... and it was a blast. Our church is a major parking lot for first Friday on the square so we got to say hi to lots of friends and make new friends!

Saturday Bryan took the boys to Kansas City to see the Royals play. He ended up spending the night with some of my family and they had an absolute blast. Sawyer and I did a whole lot of nothing while they were gone. It was kind of awesome.

Yesterday I had nursery duty so Sawyer and I went to church and then the big boys and Bryan were home when we got home... and other than Bryan smoking chicken and ribs for us for the week, we did nothing but veg and watch movies. Allergies have kicked us in the rear and we needed some time in the A/C *which went out and magically came back on this weekend, the A/C guy is here as I type...* and to REST.

It was a great weekend! Happy Monday! 

May 4, 2018

School's Out For Summer!

Hudson's last day of school was Wednesday! I can't believe it's officially summer for him. Rhett has a few more weeks of preschool but we are in full summer mode over here!

After school on Wednesday we had lunch with some of his friend and their mamas, stopped by the library, and got a cool Ironman cookie at the bakery downtown. 

Sawyer also had his 15 month well child appt on Wednesday and is growing just perfectly. He's almost completely evenly in the 50th percentile for everything! Oh how I love this little boy.
My neighbor, and friend, Robin makes THE best cookies. She made teacher appreciation cookies for our teachers and they turned out so great!
Otherwise we had baseball two nights this week, our allergies have been kicking our tails and we had a torrential downpour yesterday. I found Rhett a giant bucket of plastic animals at the consignment store and it's been a favorite of ours this week! 
And we got another delicious Home Chef box. Everything is fresh and SO yummy! You can get $30 off your first box here. This week I tried their smoothie kit along with three meals, the boys and I had the smoothie yesterday morning and it was SO good! Kid and Boy approved.

Hope you're all having the best week! Happy Friday!

May 3, 2018

Shopping With a Purpose!

I am so excited to be able to share something so awesome with y'all today! There are few things I love to splurge on more than fresh flowers for my home or for loved ones so when my friend Kaylynn reached out to me about blogging about her company and their mission, I couldn't say no!

Global Purpose, run and owned by Kaylynn Jordan, is a social enterprise, created to connect purchases and positive change in impactful ways to benefit nonprofits. Their products are ethically sourced and benefit their nonprofit partners, building awareness and advocacy. They also build in a give-back program with each product that provides a financial benefit to the nonprofit. How cool is that?

So that super cool product they've just released that I got to try out? It's an all natural, reusable, jute bag for flower bouquets. They're sold at Fresh Markets (MSRP $2.50, prices may vary) across the United States (you can find a store near you here). And they're here just in time for Mother's Day!

The really cool thing about these adorable and chic bags are that with every purchase you are supporting the International Justice Mission in aiding the fight against human trafficking. That is definitely a cause I can get behind! You can find out more about the International Justice Mission here.

If you want more information on these cute bouquet bags, Global Purpose or the International Justice Mission you can follow them on their social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In the mean time, go buy some amazing flowers, this Global Purpose bag, and surprise someone in your life with this lovely goodness! Happy Shopping! 


April 30, 2018

Weekend In Review!

We had such a fun and BEAUTIFUL weekend. I've been waiting and waiting for spring to officially arrive- we've had RAIN and COOL weather every weekend so far... and it did. And it came with a vengeance. My boys were a chorus of coughing and sneezing, Hudson has completely lost his voice... allergies. And our first allergy season in the country.

So we did spend a fair amount of time outside, but we also chilled inside some too. Thankful for the A.C. Bryan hung our sky swing on the land behind our fence on Friday night. We've got a little secret spot of wooded land behind where our back yard fence ends and the pasture behind us. I love this little spot. The boys spent a lot of time out here over the weekend, and at one point Hudson was even curled up with his book on the swing.

Friday Hudson and I went on a date to our favorite lunch place- Tazikis. This boy is growing up before my eyes. And while I am sad... I am also loving how fun he is at this age!

Then we picked Rhett and his best friend Graham up from school and went to Sams club and the park!

Saturday was gorgeous. We worked around the house, Bryan BBQ'd some yummy food and the boys played outside basically all morning.

I unpacked some boxes and spruced up a few more areas of our home. I love seeing my vision come together!

Saturday night the big boys went to see the Naturals play with my parents and Bryan and I had some friends, and also our Sunday School teachers, over for BBQ. It was a nice relaxing night!
Sunday we were up bright and early for church. The boys finally could wear their Easter outfits (I forgot to get a pic) and then we came home for some chill time. Quiet afternoon time on the hammock with a good book is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.

Bryan took the big boys to church to see Team Impact and I stayed home to meal prep and get ready for the week. Hudson's last week of 1st grade... and maybe last week of "official" school for awhile! Eek!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Happy Monday!

April 27, 2018

Time and Money Saving Programs that I'm LOVING...

There are a few things that I have been loving these days that make my life easier that I wanted to share...

The first is Grove Collaborative. They rock my world. They send me the best cleaning and household products once a month. I don't have to do anything if I don't want, they just magically show up at my door step. I have sensitive skinned kiddos and the Mrs. Meyer laundry stuff is my FAVORITE.

Right now if you want to check them out you can get a FREE 5 piece Mrs. Meyers set. I received a similar one when I signed up and loved it so much I order the same products every few months as I run out.

Next is Home Chef! I'm a sucker for meal delivery boxes. We hadn't gotten one for awhile so we are in the process of trying several and so far my new favorite is Home Chef.

And right now you can sign up to get $30 off your first box if you follow this link. Everything we have had so far has been super yummy and simple. I love that I can specify that we want Gluten Free boxes... and again, it shows up at my door once a week and I just open and cook! I love to cook but this spices up our meals when its getting a little boring. I will also note that this just makes enough for Bryan and I, I usually feed the other kids other stuff but there is an option for 4 servings and you can also add on smoothies and fruit baskets along with lunch options! I am trying next week's smoothie, I'll be sure to let you know what I think!

Next is IBOTTA! I love love love love love love love times 1 million Ibotta. Ibotta is a couponing app that gives you money back for buying specific products. Just today I got money back on eggs, milk and bread! It is totally worth the 3 minutes of time it takes to scan your receipt in. In the last few years of using Ibotta I've gotten back almost $800 in money for just buying the things I usually buy. 

Lately I've even walked away with completely free potatoes, bananas, mayo and almost free yogurt with no coupons, JUST Ibotta! There are tons of online shopping and restaurant offers as well! You can also get a $10 welcome bonus just for joining and claiming some offers through this link! 

I'm also loving Dosh. It's fairly new but we've been able to save some money with it on our big shopping trips to Sams Club, and some pizza orders! All you have to do is link a card and then when you pay with that card at specific places you get a percentage back and like I mentioned one of those places for me is Sams Club... and with three boys I spend a LOT of money at Sams Club so this has really added up! And right now, through May 7, you get $25 when you sign up and link a card and get your first $ back! Yes, you heard that right, FREE $25!!! WHAT!!! Run! 

Have I missed any big ones? Those are the ones I use most... but I'd love to hear from you!

April 26, 2018

You're going to WHAT?!.... Adventures in Homeschool

Yep, you heard it here first.

We've decided to homeschool next year.

Hudson has gone to a part time private school where I've homeschooled twice a week since he started Kindergarten. We have absolutely loved it and it's been a great fit for him... but we've had our doubts about Rhett from the beginning. God has been pricking my heart about full time homeschooling for awhile. I have been in complete turmoil about the decision, so wishy washy and back and forth. But finally last week Bryan and I talked to the boys about it and decided to move into a trial phase with Rhett for the next several weeks before setting on our decision 100% but I am feeling very settled and good about it right now... which goes to show that if you have uneasiness in your spirit, it's there for a reason.

I am going to be using The Good and The Beautiful Curriculums with both boys. I still haven't decided 100% on a math curriculum but I have been very happy with what I have seen from the Good and the Beautiful, and the boys have already started their new curriculums and love them. There are SO many reasons I love this curriculum, but mostly because you just open it up and go. It is a beautiful curriculum and it combines arts, literature, spelling and phonics... all in one.

I know this will be a complete change for us. One that I am slightly terrified at, but I have had a ton of support so far. I am actually really excited and so are the boys. I haven't decided 100% about choosing a homeschool group, a coop or some outside thing for us to join. I am still researching and if you're local, I'd love your input or suggestions if you're a homeschool family.

There is nothing I like more than teaching my boys, I am excited for this journey, nervous, but so excited. And when you're doing the Lord's work and what he's called you to, your spirit rests easy.
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