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March 30, 2015

This Seemed Like a Good Idea 4 Months Ago {aka The Time I Survived a Half Marathon}

The morning started bright and early. I got up at 4:45 and read my bible, got dressed, ate a bagel and chatted with B for a few minutes before Katy came to pick me up.

We got to the starting place around 6:30 and it was cold and dark and sprinkling... not ideal weather for a half marathon.
 This is our group that we trained with. I've loved getting to know these girls!
 Katy and I at the starting line! About ready to go!
And then the race started... the first few miles were fine and we paced pretty quickly... it was drizzly and cool but ok at the beginning. We had a SUPER annoying group of people running close to us that kept speeding up and literally stopping two feet in front of us that went on for about 4 miles... but other than that things were fine. Around mile 8 though, it started raining harder and my body decided to do all kinds of crazy things. I will spare you the details but I've been reading about it since the race and apparently crazy tummy things can happen when you distance run... and I think that's what happened to me. Let's just say it's a good thing they had potties lining the race course-- and I could have used a few more more frequently placed. Alright, enough of that. But I am SO thankful for my friends who ran the whole thing with me-- Katy and Erica. We even busted out the major hill at the end-- and that is NO easy feat at all!
This is the official race photo from Mile 7
My finish line photo
I was SO happy when we rounded the corner at the finish line and I saw my family cheering me on! I knew Bryan and the boys would be there but I was surprised to see Tony, CJ and our twin nieces cheering at the finish line! I think the picture above was taken when I spotted them! I wasn't doing this race for the time. We figured we would end in about 3:30 based on our previous long runs and we beat that time by 10 minutes... I did my first one in 2:16 in college and I am not in NEAR as good of shape as I was then. But now we have a starting place to beat next time!

I'll be REALLY honest. I hugged Bryan at the finish line and literally lost it and cried and told him how horrible it was... I mean it really wasn't THAT horrible... but it wasn't what I expected at all. I wouldn't classify it as fun by any stretch of the imagination, and I have been going over it in my head and trying to figure out what was so bad about it. I think partially the weather, maybe we didn't train enough on the streets, and A LOT of it was my tummy probs... Will I do it again? Probably. My friends and I are wanting to take a girls trip and run another one maybe at the end of the summer. I've got to let my body recoup from this one first though.
So here I am with my metal. This little chapter is over for the time being. I'm giving myself a week to recoup and recover. Bryan and I are taking our boys on a fun little trip this weekend and after that I am back at it with 21 day fix and the fresh group I've got starting.

Hope you're having the happiest of Monday's. I'm getting caught up on house work and playing with a cute 2 year old while big brother is in school!
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March 27, 2015

Count Down To Race Day

I can't believe I am running a half marathon tomorrow. Seriously... what?? I actually ran a half marathon in college and didn't train correctly for it. Within two months of my first half marathon I sprained my foot and had to wear a boot and tore my ACL. I definitely think they're connected to my lack of training... and after my surgeries, I never thought I would be able to run one again, but here we are.
First run and then last run before the race
When Katy randomly mentioned it to me right after Christmas, I was like sure ok... I'll try. I had no idea how my knee would hold up, but I decided it was worth a shot. I am so glad I did. The 13 week journey has been crazy... not just because of the running but because of a lot of other things too-- house drama, kid craziness, snow storms-- you name it. And I really think this training came at the perfect time. I have a lot of thoughts about this training and what it has done to me as a person, and I need time to sort through and get the right words... so I'll save that post for one day next week.

Annnnyways... Katy and I decided if we were going to do this-- we were going to do it BIG. So we've been celebrating this week. We went to dinner with our group of running girls last night at Table Mesa to carb load-- aka eat whatever I want without guilt for the last time in awhile... and then today we went together and got our nails done. I NEVER branch out and do bright colors-- but today I wanted to do something bright and springy. Love them. We keep joking that we feel like we are getting ready for prom because we are so excited about this!
Then we went to pick up our race packets and went to the big expo they had. It was fun and we got  lots of goodies.
And to close... I just have to brag on Katy and what she means to me. We've been friends for four years and I've always known that she was a good friend, but we've literally been attached at the hip the last 13 weeks. We've run together consistently 3x a week, playdated together, girl nighted together... and it's sealed the deal for me-- she's one of the best friends a girl could ask for, a true friend who actually GETS me and the craziness of my life. She was with me when I got the phone call that the house fell through (the first time...) and promptly bought me an ice cream cone-- because that's what friends do... and there is no way I could have done this training by myself. So very very thankful for her friendship and there is really no one I would rather run with!!!

So that's all from me for now. Tomorrow is the BIG day. If I'm not feeling dead, I'll post pictures tomorrow afternoon! Hope you all have the best weekend!! Happy Friday!

March 26, 2015

Spring Break Week

We've been lucky to have amazing weather this week and have some of our family here for Spring Break. Alesha, Bryan's step sister, and her kids are here spending time with us. On Monday afternoon we went shopping. It was fun with just the girls!
Then we spent lots more time playing outside and just hanging out!
Tuesday I ran 4 miles, twice. I went with my boys and the stroller in the morning... and then my parents brought over pizza and I ate it and felt gross so I ran again with Katy after dinner. 8 miles split up really wasn't too bad. Ha! Today is our last run before the race, and it's just three miles, so it won't be bad at all!
Yesterday we had a playdate at our house with some of our friends. I was excited because I could finally wear a tighter fitting shirt without something over it... but by the end of the day my jeans had stretched out and were falling off and I looked all kinds of crazy... ha!
I meant to take more pictures of our friends but I just caught this one of Rhett and Edie. Both of my boys were enamored with the "girl baby". Hudson has been praying almost daily for a sister... and for a sister for his birthday (in September... which is definitely not happening)... and while I am not currently pregnant, I can see us adding another baby to our family at some point in the future and I would be thrilled with a baby girl... we will see.
Rhett has been congested and fighting some spring allergies so last night he pulled his blanket over to where I was sitting and climbed up in my lap and said "Mommy rocky"... melts my heart. I will never ever say no to that.
I am so excited about my race on Saturday and the multitude of things it makes me feel and think... I can't believe we're almost there!!! Happiest of Thursdays!! (And if you missed it, check out yesterday's post with details on how to win a copy of 21 day fix!)

March 25, 2015

Exciting BeachBody Stuff and a 21 Day Fix GIVEAWAY

I will put a disclaimer here that if you don't like reading my BeachBody stuff-- skip this post and come back tomorrow... but I will say that reading will be worth your while because I am giving something AWESOME away!!!

My team and I are opening a new 24 Day Challenge-- Starting with 3 Day Refresh and following it with 21 Day Fix--- starting the Monday after Easter. It will end shortly before May and is a great way to lose some inches and lbs before putting on a swimsuit this summer. I am SO pumped about this!!! If you're already a "fixer"-- meaning you've purchased before-- I'd love to get you in the group. If you're wanting to be a "fixer" or wanting more info on 21 Day Fix and 3 Day Refresh, I would absolutely love to send you more info! You can comment below with your email or email me for details.
I also wanted to show this graphic to explain a little bit more about BeachBody coaching. I'm looking to walk hand in hand with a few more GIRLBOSSES this month. I'd love to have you join my team of incredible women who are making an amazing income while getting in the best shapes of their lives! It is such a good opportunity that I want to share it with everyone!!!

I am also so excited because I finally chose a team name for my group of BeachBody coaches...
I think it's a perfect fit for me and I'd love to have any of you join us on Team Joyfully Fit!

And finally... I posted a few months ago that I would giveaway a copy of 21 day fix when I hit 1000 followers on IG. I hit it about a month ago and decided to start doing a daily fitness video series-- which I started a few days ago-- and have incorporated it into my giveaway. So, I'm not doing this giveaway through my blog but I wanted to mention it here in case you want to hop over to IG and check it out. Next Tuesday I'll draw a winner from anyone who follows me and tags a friend on ANY of my videos in my videos series for a copy of 21 Day Fix!!! You can check out my Instagram HERE.

Hope you're having a blessed Wednesday! Back for more about real life tomorrow. :)

March 23, 2015

Weekend In Review

We had a super weekend! We got up on Saturday morning really early and decided instead of working all day on the house we wanted to do something fun with our boys. So we took a day trip to the nearest zoo-- which is about two hours away-- and we had a great time!
The boys loved seeing all the animals and the weather was almost absolutely perfect. It was so good to get away and get out for the day as a family!
Then we went to our favorite restaurant-- Cheesecake Factory-- because the nearest one to us is in this same town! We ate off of the skinny menu and then the four of us shared a piece of cheesecake! Yum!
Then I was so excited when I got home and my new Erin Condren planner had arrived. I am getting ready to start filling it out this morning! Time for this momma to get scheduled and organized!
Yesterday we got up and headed to church. Then we went to the store and dropped Hudson off with my mom for the afternoon.
Bryan's family is in town for Spring Break so we had them over for smoked ribs last night! Yum!
Then I headed out for my first run of taper week. Just 6 miles and it was a good run! The weather couldn't have been better!
Then all of the family came over and hung out until late last night. It's nice to have everyone in town for a little while! We're going to hang out with them again today and enjoy our Spring Break. Hope you all had a great weekend!

March 20, 2015

WWF and Organization!

It's Friday so that means last night was Weight Watchers!! So I maintained last night... and while I wish I was losing by heaps and bounds, this half-marathon training is kicking my booty and killing my eating because I feel like I am ravenous all the time! I'm ready to get back to my normal workouts and eating! One week left!!

We ran four miles yesterday.... and honestly I feel like running 4 miles pushing the double stroller and running 8 miles without are about the same at this point.

I've got a few last things to do to finish up the house-- hang/order new pictures, take a few more boxes to goodwill, that type of thing... so the boys and I will be running errands today and getting hair cuts and REALLY getting ready to enjoy the weather now that Spring is officially here!

PS Have you guys heard of huggable hangers? They've literally changed my life. My mom gave me some for Christmas and I just opened them to reorganize my closet and then went and bought 150 more! One of my biggest beefs with our current house is lack of closet space and these really help me max out the closet space! The clothes below took up that whole bottom space before! There really are amazing. I've also gutted my closet and have some stuff on my IG sale page if you're interested you can hop over here.
Oh and if you read my post or IG yesterday, you saw my stitch fix dilemma... I decided to keep the two bottom pictures- the tanks. I loved the coral blazer but it's just not a realistic piece for me in the place I'm at in life right now. Way too fancy! I also sent back the jeans that I loved. They were very distressed in the knees and Bryan wasn't a big fan, he also made a good point that I would be likely to stick my feet through the holes and rip them more... so just the two tanks this time! I've got another box coming in three weeks! I'm excited!! Thank y'all for the sweet feedback! It was fun.
Kept the navy with tulips and the cream floral tanks!
Happiest of Fridays to you all! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

March 19, 2015

Second Stitch Fix Box Review

I just got my second Stitch Fix box today and I am loving it. But I need help deciding what to keep! I asked for spring-y things in bright colors and my stylist- Sarah K. delivered!

Ok so I love the jeans. They're Just Black Gerardo Distressed Skinny Jeans in Rich Burgundy-- a color I would have NEVER bought for myself, but I love them. With them I am wearing the The Renee C Bali Keyhole Blouse. I think I like it too...

Next up is the Kut From the Kloth Galden Button Down Blouse... I don't think I am a huge fan of this one. Maybe it is too small.

Next is the 41Hawthorn Teegan Draped Blazer in Coral... I really, really like this but not sure I have many places to wear it. I think it's a good cut on me though.

Finally the Pixley Meryl Tulip Print Sleeveless Blouse... I think this would be cute with shorts in the summer. Not sure though.

Sooo overall I am LOVING Stitch Fix... I had heard that it gets better with every box, and so far I think that's true. Everything fit, minus the one shirt which may be a tad too small. Have y'all tried it? I'd love to see what you're getting too. I couldn't wait to dig into my box today after the mailman delivered it!!! And please tell me what you think. I have until Sunday to decide what to keep and what to send back!!!

A little about Stitch Fix-- it's a box subscription box that you can do once, do monthly or do as much or little as you want. Every time you get a box there is a $20 stylist fee, but then that fee is applied to your box... meaning you get $20 off of whatever you decide to keep. I decided that chances are I will at least keep one thing every box so I'll never be "out" this money. You also choose the amount of money for each type of piece. Some people might spend $200 on jeans, however, I put $100 as my typical jean price... and so on... Last box I kept one thing, and it's looking very possible that I will keep everything in this box... which is awesome because if you keep everything you get a 25% discount which I think is almost $80 off on my current box, or at least one free piece! I am loving Stitch Fix and I think you will too! So fun!

Also, I don't get paid to talk about Stitch Fix, but if you want to try it and sign up through my link I do get referral money... (Bryan (and my shopping budget) thanks you in advance for that... HA!)

Happiest of Thursdays, Friends!!

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