July 26, 2016

Country Heat Workout

Raise your hand if you hate working out? If working out feels like a chore? Don't want to drag your kids out in the heat to the gym for hours of your day?

Is that you? That was me. And still is me a lot of days.  And thankfully I workout in the privacy of my own home, while my boys play next to me... and its just 30 minutes.
And better than that, there is a BRAND new program coming out TOMORROW from trainer Autumn Calabrese (from the 21 day fix, 21 day fix extreme, hammer and chisel) thats SO fun and just dancing for thirty minutes. I'll be REAL honest. When I first found out about Country Heat, I was skeptical. I wondered how good of a workout 30 minutes of LINE dancing could be... but the test group has blown results out of the water. It's so fun, there is no routine to remember and its dancing to all your favorite country songs!

You can check me out dancing to the preview workout below!

And what about the test group??

My good friend Allie (seen above and below), another coach on my team, has had incredible results with Country Heat. She lost 13 lbs and 13.5 inches and toned her legs like no other. JUST FROM DANCING and following the container meal plan and drinking Shakeology every day.

And here are some other result pictures to blow your mind! And YES guys can do it too!

BUT What will I eat?

You'll follow the portion containers and eat a totally balanced diet. These color coded containers show you how much of each food group to get! You'll get individualized meal plans and access to all our extras too! I'm actually running a free Facebook group all about the containers right now that you can click here to join. You can even have normal foods like chocolate, pizza and wine if you want! It's THE best program around! 

If you feel like this is something you'd like more info on please add me as a friend on facebook and click here to join my free sneak peek group.  You can also email me for more info! The first three purchases of a Country Heat Challenge Pack will get a free copy of Fixate from me! Our test group starts August 15th! I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on this program!!

Have a super Happy Tuesday friends! Please join us for Country Heat, it's going to be a complete game changer!

July 25, 2016

What We've Been Up to...

Oh my goodness, I have been HORRIBLE at blogging this summer. Between having the boys home, trips and working I haven't had a spare moment to think!! So I thought I'd come today with a post about a little about what we've been up to these last few weeks! It's been a lot of swimming and just hanging out so nothing too exciting at all.

Bryan's birthday was a few weeks ago. We went out to dinner and to hang out with our friends to celebrate and had a super fun night!

We've spent some time at the splash park and then at the pool with our friends. Its been SO hot these last few weeks that if we're outside at all it has to be in water!

Last Friday I took the boys to a movie and then my parents took them to a ball game so we got an improptu date night! It was fab!

 The boys and I went to see Secret life of pets. It was cute and they really enjoyed it.

Kindergarten is knocking on our door. Hudson starts in a few weeks. His uniforms and books all came in this week, and I think because we are doing part time school, part time homeschool I am a lot less sad than I would be, and he is SO excited.

We've been playing outside and riding bikes but we get super sweaty and have to have popsicles. This is what summer nights are supposed to look like, right?
This last weekend I had a wedding shower for one of my closest childhood friends and then Rhett had a birthday party fora friend of his at Chuckecheese, last night we had our big Narrative collective and it was great getting to see everyone! 

And thats really it. I promise I'll be better about blogging again soon. Ready to get back into routine but really enjoying these summer days with my boys! I leave Wednesday for BeachBody's Summit in Nashville, and I am SO excited. I'll be back tomorrow with info on our newest program, Country Heat, which releases WEDNESDAY!

Happy Monday Loves!

July 15, 2016

Bahamas Baby Part 2!

Sorry it took a little while for me to get part two up. Summer time has us BUSY around our house!!

I wore a two piece swimsuit on our vacay. After having two babies, I never thought I'd be comfortable enough to be in a two piece again. But I did it. And I was dang proud of how good I looked after all the hard work I've put in over the last two years. 
One night while we were talking to dinner I snapped several pictures around the resort.

We absolutely loved Sandals, and it wasn't crowded ANYwhere. When we booked our room, it was the last room that they had available, so we knew the resort was going to be full, but it didn't seem full at all. There were never any lines or crowds.

Our last full day we spent on the private island, and ended up with our own raised cabana. It was wonderful. It ended up raining a good part of the day and it was absolutely perfect under our cabana.

 Then it cleared off... like magic! haha!!
Our last night we ate dinner at Gordon's on the Pier. It was so yummy and the perfect setting for our last night there. I absolutely loved my time with this man. It was the perfect birthday trip!

Then we woke up and ate breakfast (yummy blueberry pancakes!) and headed home to our buddies. It was a fabulous trip and I would HIGHLY recommend Sandals Royal Bahamian to anyone looking for a relaxing and romantic vacation! Thanks for making my birthday wish come true B!

July 5, 2016

Summer Bootcamp!

So it's been a little bit since I've posted about groups and fitness things I have coming up so before I do my Bahamas Part 2 Post, I wanted to share a little bit about the groups I have starting in July in case anyone was interested. Here is a little bit about what it entails:

We've got a sneak peek into challenge groups happening at the end of the week before this Bootcamp starts. No commitment or pressure at all, but if you're wondering what we do in these "challenge groups" that I am always talking about I'd love to add you to our group. You can message me on FB or email me for more info on how to join! This Summer Bootcamp we'll be offering a Whole30/21 day fix option, you don't HAVE to do that, but it is something we've been asked about before and wanted to go ahead and offer. We have never ever run a group like this before, its going to be amazing. I am also doing a glimpse into coaching group at the end of the week, all on fb, also no commitment. You can just pop in to see what its all about. You can email me about that one too! :)

And... an update in my personal journey. I'm kind of at an in between place right now. I am following the 21 day fix meal plan and doing some different workouts (testing some new stuff out) and feeling really good. My husband started FocusT25 last week and is sticking to it and I am hoping to have some awesome results of his to share with you soon. I'm proud of myself and the progress I've made these last two years. I started this in hopes to lose weight, but what I've found is so much more, the weight loss is just an added bonus. I feel better, have tons more confidence and just feel like a totally new person. I was happy then. I was a great mom and wife then. But I FEEL better about myself now. And that's priceless.

Which also leads me to....
I've got something SO fun I can't wait to share with you! If you love country music and line dancing, this IS for you! Stay tuned.... 

July 1, 2016

Bahamas Baby! Part 1.

Bryan surprised me a few months ago with a trip to the beach this summer to celebrate my 30th birthday a little early (I turn 30 in September). Hudson and Rhett stayed with Tony and CJ (and Emma) in Joplin while we were gone. It's the longest we've been away from Rhett, and they both did amazing and had so much fun.

The week leading up to our trip was a bit crazy, we had a few moments of uncertainty if we were going to be able to go, but it all worked out and we ended up at Sandals Royal Bahamian in Nassau, Bahamas for 6 glorious days and 5 glorious nights.
We stayed in the Royal Village which was a portion that was made up of little houses and private pools back in the jungle part. It was SO quiet and nice. The suite that we had was amazing.
Our house in the royal village. Made up for 4 suites. Ours was upstairs and we had a private balcony and private pool to our house and the one across from it.
Because we had to change our trip last minute we didn't do as much research as I would have liked, but we ended up LOVING sandals and really didn't have any complaints. It was SO hot when we got there and had to kill about 2 hours while we waited on our room to be ready, but everyone there treats you like royalty and there are plenty of restaurants and places to hang out.

We had dinner at Stewfish (on Sandal's private island) the first night. It was fun and really yummy.
Then we did a lot of hanging out at the beach and reading. I read 5 books while we were there. I love to read but never make the time when I am home and when I do read it's all personal development stuff. While we were in the Bahamas I read for fun, murder mysteries, my favorite.
There are two big pools at Sandals. One is a party pool with loud music and lots of drunk people playing games. It was great for people watching, but for the little amount of time we spent at the big pools we hung out at the "quiet" pool. I honestly spent a lot more time at the pool right by our room while Bryan napped. I snapped the photo below one day while Bryan was chatting with the bar tender. I love how relaxed and carefree he got to be while we were there. Maybe my favorite part.

This is our private pool and jacuzzi. It was never crowded. Honestly it was never crowded anywhere, which was a pleasant surprise since the resort was completely full the week we were there.
We made friends with a couple from Philly the third night we were there at the japanese steak house, they were also in the royal village across the way from us and shared the same private pool. We ended up hanging out with them and eating dinner with them one night, it was fun to make new friends.

More than anything, I just loved the time with my hubs. Nothing compares. We went sailing and snorkeling and had adventures and also just rested. It was magnificent.

That's all for today. Back with part two soon! 

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