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August 20, 2014

A Glimpse Into My Future

So today my boys started Mother's Day Out and Preschool.

I cannot believe how big they are getting!

Hudson and his best friend, Ethan!
While I have been thrilled for my very first day of complete freedom all summer, something came up that took up my whole day today.... a new job opportunity.

Let me back track... our Weight Watcher's leader resigned earlier this summer and they've been looking for someone to replace her for a few months. Three weeks ago, I got a text from my friend Meredith that several of the ladies that I am friends with at Weight Watchers had recommended me for the open Leader position, and while I was completely flattered, I knew I wasn't at my goal weight yet and therefore wasn't qualified.

Two weeks ago I got a call from the Weight Watchers office in Little Rock asking me if I would want the open leader position and if I could start training right away... since they're in need of a leader they are making an exception for me not being at my goal weight, but have been so impressed with my progress they know I will be there soon.

So they sent me a huge packet of info and I started my training today. It's only a few training sessions and then I go for a weekend "Leaders" training in a few weeks. Then I am official and I will be leading our local Thursday night Weight Watcher's meeting starting in the middle of September. So if you're local, I would totally LOVE to have you join us. I am sure I will be a nervous wreck and probably make a complete fool out of myself the first week.

All of this to say, six months ago I would have completely laughed at you if you had told me that I would be presented with this opportunity. I would have laughed if you would have told me that I would be a fitness mentor and then presented with the opportunity to lead at Weight Watchers. I still don't feel qualified but after going to my training this morning and talking with another leader, it solidified that this could be seen as a ministry opportunity as well, and I know that the Lord brought me here, under these very special circumstances, for a reason. I am not doing any of this to get rich or make money, but truly because I want to help people better their lives.

After this post I won't be mentioning Weight Watchers by name again. I am changing "Weight Watcher's Friday" to "Weekly Weigh-in Friday". Which I'll actually be skipping this week, because I am kind of doing that post today and I weighed today (up 1.6 lbs, ugh). But it's a new week and a new beginning, so I'll be back with those posts next Friday.

I am thrilled with this new opportunity, and it's only requiring me to be gone from my family the same amount that I was already gone, just for a few hours on Thursday nights. It's really win-win. Plus what better accountability than to be talking about weight loss every week!
There is a "Skinny" mirror at the Weight Watcher's center in Fayetteville and I loved it because not only does it make you look 30 lbs lighter and a foot taller (exageration) but I love the sign that's next to it. "A Glimpse into Your future". No truer words for where I am right now and I am loving every minute.

Happy Wednesday loves!
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August 18, 2014

PiYo Results and a Giveaway Winner

I finally got around to doing my 8 week PiYo results, and I am pretty proud of my progress. 15 inches, 10 lbs and TWO pants sizes down! Yay!!!

Bryan and I started Focus T25 yesterday along with the 5 day fast start diet (which is full of yummy food) and I am SO sore today. I'll be doing PiYo still 5x a week with Focus T25. I hope in two more months to be getting super close to my goal weight!
So for the real reason you're all here... You want to know who won the PiYO giveaway, right??

Jess Sub-- PiYo Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to Jess! You're the giveaway winner! I will be emailing you shortly and I'll get your PiYo sent out to you today! I took a screen shot of the Rafflecopter but it shared Jess' email and I don't like that and I am sure she will appreciate me not sharing her email address with the world.

If you didn't win PiYo, that's about 179 of you that entered, you can still get it through me. I am starting a PiYo Challenge Group that I will personally be running on Facebook starting September 15th. The person who loses the largest percent of body weight in the two months will get a sweet prize (valued over $50), there will also be loads of healthy recipes, workout challenges, motivation and encouragement. You can bet that if you dedicate yourself to it, you'll have results like mine or even better! So if you're wanting to take part in that, I would encourage you to get your orders in ASAP since that's just a month away and it takes about a week or so to get your shipments from BeachBody. You can order PiYo alone, or as a challenge pack (which is the best value). Order through those links or email me (jennabuettemeyer (at) gmail) for more details.

I also have three girls signing to coach this week which will bring my team of coaches up to 15! I love it! I'd love to talk to you more about coaching if you're interested!

Happy Monday loves, and congrats to Jess! I hope to be able to do another giveaway later this fall.

August 15, 2014

Weight Watchers Friday-- Week 11

So there isn't really a WWF update this week. I missed the meeting last night because I was sick with 101 fever and having the worst ear pain EVER so I went to the doctor. My guess is that my weight is about the same because I haven't been able to workout much this week but at the doctors office I was down a few lbs... who knows? We will find out the official number next Thursday.

I was feeling better yesterday morning, took the boys on a 4 mile walk/run and then mowed the yard (I might have over done it a bit but I did burn over 900 calories...). Then I was laying on the couch watching TV while Rhett napped and felt my fever shoot up. 

101 Fever in August means shorts, tank top and huge sweater
Thankful for modern meds
I did end up with a pretty bad ear infection and sinus infection so the dr hooked me up with meds. Hoping to be better in no time!

Starting today off with a new Shakeology recipe! Mixed it with Iced Coffee-- Super yum!

Also thankful that even though I haven't been feeling the best I can still "work" a little. I can't say enough how much of a blessing this "job" has been. Tomorrow is officially one month since I signed to coach, in that month I have signed 11 coaches to join me. Three of those coaches have signed coaches. Our "little" team is already up to 17 people in a month! It's amazing! I have three more girls that I think are joining me this week, I can't wait to see where I am another month from now.
Even through my sickness, I managed to do PiYo 3x this week plus a walk and a run. Since I "over" did it, the dr told me to take the weekend off. So no working out for me, doctors orders!
I got Hudson two pairs of tennis shoes and a pair of cargo pants at Target this week! Both pairs of shoes were $25 total! Pants for $3!
So that's it for now. No weight stats, so we'll leave with me saying I feel better than I have in years. I weigh less now that I did when I got pregnant with Rhett. Bryan and I are starting T25 Monday, and I think that will really boost my weight loss too, mixing things up a bit! Keeping sharing and entering the PiYo giveaway. It's still open until Sunday at midnight. I'll announce the winner on Monday! I am thrilled with how successful the giveaway has been, so you can bet I will be doing something like this again in the future!

Happy Friday and Happy weekend loves!

August 13, 2014

Wednesday Musings

I woke up yesterday feeling like absolute poo. I hate that. It completely came out of nowhere and I was bound and determined to not have to take my boys to the dr with me. I was running a fever and called my dad and he came and took Hudson for the day. It was still work having baby boy, but easier than two.
This was my view for most of the day, snuggled in bed watching The Next Food Network Star.
I messaged my friend Beth who does the whole oil thing and she brought over a diffuser for me to borrow and some oils to get me through the day. She checked in on me all day and kept coaching me through the oils. After using Thieves my fever went away. I still felt cruddy but not so much like death, so that was good. I have been completely on the fence about oils so I was using my own sickness as a test. I took no "conventional" meds all day until 9 last night when I took some Ibuprofen and went to bed. I was hoping to wake up feeling better today, but so far no such luck.

Rhett kept me company in bed
I really really really wanted Panera all day yesterday. I was playing devils advocate in my head that I was sick and it was justifiable... and then I looked up the calories for what I wanted and was stunned. Over 1000 calories for my fav sick day meal (tomato soup and grilled cheese) so I decided to stay home, save the money and calories and make my own. I had a Progresso WW soup (4 pts!) and my own version of grilled cheese (4 pts!). When I thought about the 600+ calorie difference in my food vs Panera's it just wasn't worth it to me, especially on a week when I am doing very little working out and hope my weigh in still shows a loss. Last night I made my Grilled Chicken Noodle Soup, it's one of my favs.

After we put Rhett to bed last night (G-Pa had Hudson), I literally did NOTHING. I took a bath and went to bed. It was great.

I've made myself a to-do list for today, hoping in a bit I feel good enough to get some house work done. I'm diffusing Thieves and Lemon (smells amazingly like fall) and checking in on the giveaway and some of my BeachBody stuff. I really was trying to only allow myself ONE sick day, so I'm hoping to power through today.
Above is a pictures of several ladies, some are personal friends of mine, one is family, some are new blog friends... A nursing student, a lovely lady counting down the days til her wedding, a nurse, a newborn photographer, three stay at home moms, a stay at home mom-to-be who lives in Japan and a mom of two active teens. So what do these pretty ladies have in common??? They're all on my team of coaches helping to end the obesity epidemic, are all on their own journeys to be more fit and healthy AND they all want to help and inspire others. I'd love to grow our team and add YOUR face to this collage! Leave me your email for details!

My sickness has put T25 on delay. We are going out of town this weekend so now we are planning on starting it on Sunday or Monday and doing the 5 Day Fast Track diet with it.

And I am amazed at how hot the PiYo giveaway has been... keep on sharing (you can earn more entries every day) and raking in those entries!!! I am adding the RaffleCopter below...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Wednesday! 

August 11, 2014

Here it is-- PiYo Giveaway Time!

Ok ladies (and GENTS), So I ended up with an extra copy of PiYo and while running through scenarios in my head... I thought the best option was to let one of YOU experience PiYo for free.

My month long PiYo transition-- Down 14 inches and 8 lbs!

So here are the details...

What's up for grabs: A DVD set of PiYo (including the bonus workout "Hardcore on the Floor"), a sample of Shakeology and weekly coaching sessions with ME! That can mean basically whatever you want it to mean. We can email, video chat, phone chat, but I will be working with you to help you REACH your goals! I'd love to do a giveaway like this quarterly and have amazing results to show from it. I am here to help you! If this giveaway goes well maybe I will do one with t25 before Christmas!

I have opened the giveaway from today (8/11/14) until Sunday night at Midnight (8/17/14). I will announce the winner here next Monday morning (8/18/14). I am doing this out of the kindness of my heart because I want to share something I love with one of you. You can enter via the Rafflecopter below. Since this is a high value giveaway ($70 retail!) and one that I am personally funding, I WILL be checking the details on each and every entry, so please play by the rules!

In order to qualify for the giveaway the first thing you will have to do is follow the link in the RaffleCopter and sign up for a FREE Team BeachBody account under me as your coach. What this does is secures your place on my team and allows to me let you personally know about deals and discounts. It is completely free and just requires an email address to sign up on your part (I am sorry but if you're already working with a BB coach you aren't eligible to enter unless you have your coach switched to me). I have made this mandatory to be eligible to win the DVD copy of PiYo.

After that there are tons of other ways to get entries that you will be able to see on the RaffleCopter but I want to make sure that if you're sharing on your social media sites not only do you need to tag me but also use the hashtag #choosingjoyPIYOgiveaway because that's how I will see it if you're private. Then you'll need to come back to this post on the RaffleCopter and submit your entry there, a lot of these things you can do every day to rack up your points and give you a better chance to win.

So WHO wants to WIN PiYo??? Good luck!

PSA: You have to actually CLICK the link that goes to the BB page on the Rafflecopter to sign up for the free account. Entering your email just lets me verify that you signed up. If you don't sign up for a BB account I will be deleting your entries because it isn't fair to the people who followed the rules! I also added the link here if you're mobile and can't see it.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

August 10, 2014


Last night we took Hudson to the Rodeo of the Ozark's Professional Bull Riding. He LOVED it. We left Rhett at home with my parents. Tony, David and Jordan went with us.
 Hudson was way more interested in checking all the bulls out than sitting in his seat.
Me and Jord waiting for the show to start!
We had a fun Saturday and look forward to a few more years when he will be even more into it and when we can take Rhett too. You aren't from the south if you don't go to a rodeo every once in a while!

Blessed Sunday loves.

Come back tomorrow for more info on the PiYo giveaway... 25 comments was enough to push me to proceed. :)

August 9, 2014

Living the Life...

For several years (even before my kids) I have been struggling with my confidence and self worth. I dreamed of being skinny (which in my mind meant happy) and all of the clothes I could wear and the things that would be different. I thought that would make my husband love me more, my kids more well behaved, make me more popular and give me more friends... I worked at a job that I had a love/hate relationship with. I struggled with anxiety to the point that I would cry as I drove to work. I wasn't happy. I was constantly tired and was stuck in a cycle of feeling down and turning to food. I thought all of my problems would be solved when I became a stay at home mom in April. I was wrong. When I stopped working I lost my individual identity and found myself more unsure of my place. Yes I was Hudson and Rhett's mom. I was Bryan's wife. But who was I without them?

Three months ago I set out on a journey to lose weight. I fell in love with working out. I started eating better. I found my confidence increasing along with my energy. I was no longer going to be defined by a life that I wondered about....

Then three weeks ago I signed up to be a BeachBody coach. I didn't expect to see success right away. I honestly wasn't sure what was going to happen but I knew that for the first time in a long time I was doing something for ME. I was going to be Jenna, not MOM, not WIFE, not NURSE... I was going to be me and do something that I wanted to do. And what I have found is a girl who is thriving in a business that she loves. I jumped rank to Diamond Coach in two weeks, something that takes people months and months to accomplish. I look forward to waking up every morning and starting the new day. I am making more money having FUN and talking about something that I love than I was at a job that I hated. This extra paycheck means that I can go to Walmart and let Hudson pick out special snacks, our budget isn't so tight. It means extra date nights and being able to hire babysitters. My job and coworkers motivate and encourage me to be my best self every day. I am surrounded by people who are committed to eating well and being fit just like I am. I have hundreds of people reading about my progress here on my blog and that keeps me dedicated too, I don't want to let anyone down. I am inspiring people to be their best selves. I have been presented with opportunities that I never ever thought would be possible and I am so excited to see where they take me. I am even considering furthering my education in nutrition. Have I gotten all of these things because I lost weight? NO. I am where I am today because I am living the life that I always imagined. I stopped letting ME hold myself back. Does my husband love me more, or are my kids more well behaved? No, I don't think so but my husband is extremely proud of me and what I am accomplishing. Am I more popular and do I have more friends? No, if anything I have gotten more controversial comments since starting this journey. But I am happy because I am helping so many other people reach their goals as well.

We've had a rough seven months and we are still in the thick of it... we wake up every day facing the reality that we lost a loved one who would be in our lives every single day other wise. I don't think that a day will come on this Earth that we will understand or be okay with losing Janet... nothing makes it easier or better. We are learning to live with it and exercise has become my way to cope with the reality of that pain. What I do know, is that since Janet's death, opportunities have arisen for us that have put us in the place we are today so I owe so much of where I am to her and know how proud she would be to see what I have accomplished in the last few months.

One of the things on my life's bucket list is to make a difference in someone's life each day that doesn't benefit me (not my family, personal friends...). I am finally at a place where I feel like I am happy enough with myself that I can do that and I am doing that.

All of that to say... if you're unhappy with where you are, do something to change that. Live the life you've always imagined. We only get one chance.
Happy Saturday Loves.

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