July 30, 2015

Staying Connected with CloudPets™

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CloudPets™.

I’ll start by saying that when I was reviewing potential post options Hudson was standing by me when this opportunity popped up. He was ecstatic. I applied for it and tried to explain what I was doing… and then every day for the next week he asked me if “the puppy” had come yet. He had seen a commercial for CloudPets™ and it had made a big impression apparently. He knew from the commercial that he could talk to his grandparents who didn’t live close through it so he started out knowing a lot more about it than I did.

So when I got the email that we had been approved for the CloudPets™ post, Hudson was thrilled and I was too. I was excited to review a product that he was genuinely excited about and had previous knowledge of. CloudPets™ help parents connect with their kids when they’re on the go and why they are great for military families, grandparents in different states or parents who travel.

Hudson’s G-Pa just got married and is moving a little ways away from us and my grandma, their great-grandma lives about six hours from us and it’s been so fun for them to be able to send Hudson messages and for him to be able to respond. CloudPets™ are SO easy to use. After “Captain Puppy” (as Hudson named his CloudPets™ puppy dog) arrived to our house it took less than five minutes for me to set him up and send the invite out to our families and then the messages started rolling in from Pa, Grammy, Grandma Jeda, Daddy and G-Pa.

I think CloudPets™ are great for SO many children. Service members deployed away from their children face a painful struggle—they long for meaningful interactions with their children and have to deal with knowing their kids are struggling with the same longing. CloudPets™  allow kids and their military parents to connect in meaningful ways. For parents, juggling work commitments while staying in meaningful communication with the kids can be tough; the day is often broken up with thoughts of their welfare and the desire to check in and see how they are doing. This lifestyle can also leave kids feeling disconnected and lonely. CloudPets™ help parents connect with their kids when they’re on the go. Bryan has been sending Hudson messages from work, and Hudson loves just getting to hear his voice during the day.

Video chatting is okay, but you can’t hug a phone. CloudPets™ combines mobile messaging app technology with a cuddly toy that allows people to give and receive “hugs” from afar via personal messages. Studies show that up to 70% of children develop healthy, stress-easing attachments to what psychologists call “transitional objects” (toys, blankets), which benefit their emotional development—especially if parents work late, travel, or are deployed. CloudPets™ can provide a tangible connection to parents through the transitional object.

Also, don’t worry about the safety! CloudPets™  protect kids’ safety and privacy. The toys aren’t tainted by the privacy issues of other products. Parents manage a security gate where they approve/reject all incoming messages, and no messages can be sent to, or received from, a CloudPets™  except from a device within 30 feet. However, messages can be sent to profiles (and then to a CloudPets™) from anywhere in the world, allowing friends and families to communicate with kids safely from afar.

We’ve been using our CloudPets™ puppy for a week now and Rhett is even joining in the fun. His favorite message has been Grandma Jeda singing to them. And they love to send messages back. Another fun feature is that you can play games with your CloudPets™ via the app and you can turn on lullabies when you lay your children down to rest. We are big fans and would recommend CloudPets™ to all of our friends! You can download the app in the Apple iTunes store or in the Google Play store

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CloudPets™.

July 29, 2015

What's UP Wednesday!

Today I thought it would be fun to link up with some other super cool ladies (ShayShaeffer, and Mel) and and do a "What's UP Wednesday..."

So I'll be answering these questions...

What we're eating this week...
Whole30 Week 3. I did a whole post about this yesterday... 

What I'm reminiscing about...
VACATION. I miss the uninterrupted time with my family. We're debating taking the boys on a disney cruise in the next 6 months or so... I've been reading a lot of reviews and am just trying to decide if Rhett is too young. BUT I have TWO super great girls trips planned... I'm going on a cruise with my up line team of coaches in November and then I am taking MY team on a retreat to Florida in January... so basically, now is a great time to join my team-- you might get a trip out of it! 

What I'm loving...
The brand new Fixate cookbook arrived at my house this week. SO MANY good recipes. I'm giving away a copy on Instagram so if you don't follow me on IG, maybe you should! 

What we've been up to...
Spent time at the pool yesterday with some friends and other than that we've just been hanging out at home. G-Pa and CJ came over the other night and I caught this sweet moment on camera.

What I'm dreading...
I'm planning on cleaning out closets and organizing clothes and toys today... and making a BIG trip to Goodwill. My boys aren't playing well with their toys right now because they're scattered all over the house. SO... tackling that. FUN.

What I'm working on...
Planning trips, working on my BeachBody stuff... and most importantly my favorite sponsored post (and Hudson's favorite!) to date is coming TOMORROW. AH!!! :) Stay Tuned.

What I'm excited about...
The end of Whole30. I'm not even going to lie. 13 more days.

What I'm watching/reading...
I just finished "It Starts with Food" (so good if you like the science behind food) and I am still reading "Seven" by Jen Hatmaker.

What I'm listening to...
Currently I am listening to Chalene Johnson's Podcasts. So good, great info! 

What I'm wearing...
Pajamas. haha whoops. Soon to be workout clothes.

What I'm doing this weekend...
Probably spending some time at the lake! It's going to be hot again!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Routine. The boys start school back at the end of August and Rhett will be going the same two days as Hudson. I am still torn about this... but I think it will be good for them and for me. Since I've grown my business I can use those days to work and then on the days they're home I can invest 100% in them.

What else is new...
Two of BeachBody's ELITE coaches (Million dollar earners!!!) are doing a "What is Coaching" webinar on Thursday. If you're interested AT ALL in BeachBody coaching and what I do... this would be a GREAT webinar to attend. You'll even have a chance to win a copy of Cize. I'd love to get you the info and link to join-- email me for that! 

Happy Wednesday! Hope your day is GREAT!

July 28, 2015

Whole 30- Halfway Done!

I'm halfway done with Whole30 and I wanted to show you some of what we've been eating and how I am feeling...

So what we've been eating... lots of veggies and fresh fruit. Lots of lean meats. Lots of eggs. No sweets, no dairy, no gluten, no processed anything, really.

My hardest day I think was day 8. The day I cried about wanting Mexican food. Days 5&6 I was SUPER tired and nauseated.

For the sake of honestly--- I haven't cheated, per se. I have made a couple of SWYPO (look it up ;)) "desserts" i.e. frozen banana "ice cream"... and it kept me on plan so I don't really care that it's "wrong". And I weighed myself-- and I'm already down 6-8ish lbs. I didn't weigh myself before I started--- which is wrong-- I should have. But the scale is back at the top of my closet until day 31. I've stuck 100% to the foods on the meal plan.

I'm feeling really good. I have much more energy and can sleep better without waking up at night. Both of my boys came down with a little cold and I almost always get whatever they have-- I had a touch of a sore throat for a few hours yesterday and I feel perfectly fine today, so I feel like my immune system is so much better. My joints don't hurt as much when I am working out... and I am getting some ab definition... AH!!!

What I'm missing... mostly my Chocolate Shakeology. Not a whole lot else. One of my friends/coaches is doing Whole30-ish with me and she's drinking Shakeology still and I am super jealous. I honestly would have probably already given in with the Shakeology but I don't have any chocolate and I only like Vanilla with Almond Milk... so there's that.

I'm even drinking black coffee with just a little coconut cream and I like it. My clothes are sliding on and off with ease. And honestly, more than anything-- I don't CARE as much about food. My thoughts aren't on what meal or snack I am going to eat next... which is SUPER nice. I don't get super hungry or ravenous. I just eat and move on. And we've saved a boat load because we've barely eaten out... so that's nice. And I've still been kicking it with the Beta Round of Focus T25... 7 weeks in! 3 to go!

What are my plans after this? I timed this perfectly to run until about two weeks before my birthday... which is also when we have family coming into town for Labor Day and then Hudson's birthday is the next week. I'm planning to ease back into "real" eating with the ten day plan... seeing if I can pinpoint what bothers me... but mainly stay the Whole30 lifestyle except for on my birthday/Hudson's birthday. I'll prob eat what I want on those days (and pay the price).

Then my bestie is game for a round of Whole30 and what kind of friend would I be if I didn't do it with her? So I'll be doing it again with another STRICT 30 days (plus maybe my Shakeology) when I start my next half marathon training (oh yeah! I'm running another half in December!) some time in Mid September.

So it's going well! It's stricter than 21 day fix-- and I needed to be told that certain items were off limits to let go of the hold they had on me-- but I'll be doing some kind of collaboration between this and 21 day fix in the future. I'm hoping it gets rid of these last 30 lbs with ease! I think 21 day fix is a great place to start before jumping into something hardcore like this.

So that's my thoughts at the half way point! Today is day 16, 14 more days to go!

July 27, 2015

Weekend In Review

Friday the boys and I just played and played. We played in the sprinkler and played play dough... it was a fun day.

 I recreated my favorite tacos to make a Whole30 approved salad. It was so good.
Saturday morning I made a yummy sausage breakfast frittata. And we took the boys to the brand new children's museum in our town, Amazeum.
I think Bryan enjoyed it just as much as the boys did. We got a membership so I'm sure we will be spending a lot of time there. So awesome to have this in our town!
Bryan and I had a "date night at home" on Saturday night and had steak and scallops. Who said Whole30 had to be boring and drab?! This dinner was SO good.
Rhett's had a little virus all week and woke me up super early on Sunday after I was up with him several times in the night. I would be angry- but when he comes over to snuggle and says "Mommy hold you"... I just want to cherish every moment. I know one day I'll be much more rested and miss those snuggles so for now I'll just keep on chugging the coffee!
My team is hosting a Back to School and Back in Shape group for those of us who maybe indulged a little over the summer and want to fit into those jeans before fall! It starts August 10 so you can still order this week and get the amazing discount before the month is over and get your program in time to start with us! Email me for more info.
Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

July 24, 2015

Finally Friday!

YAY! It's finally Friday! We've had a pretty good week!

Wednesday Hudson's friend Aubrey came to play. They're in the same class at preschool and convinced they're going to get married. It's hilarious to hear them talk!

Rhett's been kind of gunky with allergy type symptoms and hasn't slept well all week. I even ended up sleeping on the floor in his room one night... but with some benadryl he finally took a good nap yesterday and slept all night last night!

I took the boys to get their hair cut yesterday. They look so handsome.
Then I took Hudson over to my parents for the afternoon and came home and just CHILLED while Rhett napped. I'm catching up on the last season of scandal and it's got me on the edge of my seat! I loaded up on a big bowl of "protein salad" too. SO yummy and maybe my favorite Whole30 lunch.
Also... this baby arrived at my house yesterday. I've wanted one forever but could never justify the cost but thankfully with my BeachBody income I was able to order it and not even think twice. Then I promptly vacuumed my whole house and I was amazed at how dirty it really was-- even though I vacuumed with my Shark at least twice a week. So basically it didn't take much to make me a believer.
That's all for today! Hope you're having great day and have a super weekend!

July 22, 2015

What's up Wednesday!

We've really just been hanging out this week. On Monday we met our friends at the park and it was ok for the first hour and then it was SUPER DUPER hot and my boys were covered in sweat.

Then I did laundry and caught up with stuff with my team. I was kind of in a bad mood all afternoon Monday and dinner didn't help... it was left overs and I am never happy about left overs but I was especially not happy about these left overs. So Bryan told me to mark down day 8 as the day that I cried wanting Mexican food. But after I ate and got my head back on straight I was fine...
This is me pouting about my food.
I started the Beta round of Focus T25 this week. And the timing was great because it was the first time that I've actually felt like working out since starting Whole30. It has been KILLER. I cannot wait to see my results.
I found these at TJ MAXX yesterday and they were SO yummy! Just Organic Baked Apples and Cinnamon

I'm opening up a few spots on my coaching team where you can learn from me how to be a "Mompreneuer" through my new video series. I lived for three years after having kids HATING going to work and leaving them... and now I am so glad to have a job where I can make money while they play next to me or are napping and I am making way more money than I was as a nurse. Win-Win! Or maybe you're a stay at home mom wanting to bring in some extra income. I'd love to share more with you if you're not happy with what you're doing and just wanting something more. Email me if you want to chat more about this! 

Also still have spots in my 21 day fix group that is starting in August and the new Cize test group that I'd love to add you to!

Hope you're having a HAPPY Wednesday!

July 20, 2015

Weekend In Review- Bad Day, Lake Day and CIZE!

First of all-- thanks SO much for all of the kind words and prayers for my family and my dad. He went for a follow up on Thursday. He won't have another surgery for another few months and then the scans and radiation will start after that. So basically a waiting game. It's been a scary/emotional week for me and your well wishes have lifted my spirits! 

Also thanks for the congratulations on Tony's wedding. We are excited to add CJ to our family... they're off on their honeymoon right now! 

So Friday started interestingly... I always hop on and check our bank accounts in the morning and I noticed an odd charge for BestBuy.com... and yes... my debit card had been stolen. UGH! I spent two hours on the phone with them getting it all straightened out and went to pick up Hudson and run errands... and at our first errand Hudson threw up all over the floor by the Walmart deli counter. Glorious. Needless to say, Friday just wasn't my day... I wore my "Choose Joy" shirt anyways and powered through.

But Friday night I got to go see Casting Crowns in concert with my mom and it was really good to get out and spend some good time with her... made up for my crummy day.
Saturday I made this Whole30 Breakfast Frittata. It was super yummy. Then we headed out to spend the day at the lake with my parents.
BeachBody Summit was in Nashville last week and I was so sad that I didn't get to go but I did live steam the workout on Saturday morning with all of the celebrity trainers. Loved it.

I saw this on Instagram this weekend and basically it's exactly what I want for my life. I'm working on it... now to find out who to talk to at LuluLemon :)
Sunday we went to church and then just had a lazy day at home. I went with a little bohemian look... love creating new outfits from things in my closet.
Last night I had a Zoom team call with my leaders. I love getting to "see" them even though we're all over the United States. These girls are amazing and I am so grateful to have them on Team Joyfully Fit. I really have the best job ever.
I also meal prepped for the week. Whole30 Day 8 today and feeling amazing! This is one of my favorite tips because Bryan and I go through a lot of chicken!
And very last but not least... BeachBody just released a BRAND NEW PROGRAM!!!!!

This is one of my up line coaches and her Cize Results! This program is literally for ANY fitness level and especially for people who HATE exercise.

You can join our test group starting in August. Email me for details.

Happy Monday.
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