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April 17, 2015

Allergies, Oils, and a Weight Loss Victory!

Sooo YAY it's spring... loving that so much. What I'm NOT loving... my allergies have gone HAYWIRE. Itchy and red eyes, runny nose, headache, sore throat, sore ear.... you name it... I've been taking OTC meds with little to no relief. This is my first allergy season with oils so I've been generously applying them and diffusing them and they seem to be really helping.

BUT the real kicker was I went running last week and when I got home my eyes started to swell. I applied oils ASAP to my feet and within an hour they were good as new. Yesterday, the exact same thing happened so I took pictures to document it.
This is a ONE hour difference after using Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender on my feet and diffusing it in my bathroom while I got ready. I literally couldn't believe it. My Oily friend Beth has some sales on YLEO kits right now if you're interested-- you can email her here. I have liked my oils since I got them, but I am in love with them now! I've been using them on the boys too and everyone has been feeling better!! And I don't sell oils, so I'm not trying to push anything on you... I am just legit telling you that these work for my HORRIBLE seasonal allergies when not much else does.
Yesterday morning the boys and I got out all of our craft stuff and colored and painted. It was fun. I also sorted through all of the craft boxes and tossed stuff. Feels good to get things cleaned out.
Then we met up with Katy and Kingy to bust out a quick run in the heat! I really didn't want to run but I was so glad afterwards. You'll never regret a workout you do, I promise!
Then last night I had Weight Watchers. All of my helpers were out so I had a fill in and it went well. I am loving how well my group gets along and supports each other. It's such a fun group of friends! I also was SUPER pumped because I was down 3.4 lbs from last Thursday! So that's my official weight loss for week one of 21 Day Fix (thats completely compatible with WW... I'm finding it's working REALLY well doing them together). Add that to my loss from Three Day Refresh and that's 8.2 lbs in 10 days! YESSSS!!! Exactly what I needed to get out of my plateau.
Notice my sticky notes on my mirror counting down days of 21 day fix. 14 to go!
I've had some emails and comments about the post yesterday and the cost of 21 day fix. I updated the links on the other post but you can hop over to just check out the program (without Shakeology) here. Also... my team and I are throwing around dates for the start of our next round. Probably a week or so after we get done with this round so now is the perfect time to jump on board with us and get into our challenge group!!! I think I am well on my way to lose 15 lbs during this round and hopefully around 20 total in the 21 days! You can email me for more details on this!

Hope you all have a super wonderful weekend! Our forecast is looking rainy-- but you know what they say-- April Showers bring May Flowers! Happy Friday! 
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April 16, 2015

21 Day Fix- One Week In!

I really had planned to blog a lot more of this journey with 21 day fix but (like always) life got in the way! I am loving this challenge I am on. Today is day 7 of 21 day fix and day 10 of the challenge total and I feel amazing. My clothes are hanging looser, my muscles are aching and my cravings are (for the most part GONE). The 21 day fix extreme workouts I've been following are killer... Katy and I have been running a few days a week too. One week in and I am down a little over 6 lbs. I weigh tonight officially at my Weight Watchers meeting... and while yes, I am pumped about losing weight. I am amazed at what just ONE week of strictly following the plan has taught me.

It's all about balance. While Weight Watchers taught me that I can eat anything as long as I account for it, 21 day fix is more about specifically teaching portion control for specific food groups. I found out pretty quickly that I was used to eating WAY more carbs and dairy than I was supposed to, and not enough protein and veggies. So I am loving the balance this is teaching me.
I had a playdate this week and wanted to still have snacks while sticking to our 21 day fix meal plan because my friend Jessica and her boys came over and she's doing 21 day fix too. So I made healthy bran muffins (with Truvia baking blend, applesauce and almond milk) and a fruit salad. The kids GOBBLED up that fruit salad.

Yesterday I worked out early and then went to another friends house for a play date. I drank my Shakeology on the way so I wasn't tempted by all the yummy treats she had at her house. Then I went and met Bryan for lunch at our fav little greek restaurant.
(exhibit A of my clothes being too big, these "skinny" jeans are super baggy)
Bryan had a Gyro and I had this amazing salad that was perfectly on target with 21 day fix. It's so easy to incorporate into daily life!

I've gotten a lot of emails asking me for more info on 21 day fix so I wanted to kind of share the "basics" of it below. My team has another group starting on May 4 and I'll be doing round two because I think I'm on target in this round to lose about 15 lbs and afterwards just be 20 or so from my goal weight. I am PUMPED. If you want to join us in this next round I'd love to get you added to our group!!

"The 21 Day Fix is a three week program that comes with a specific meal plan for everyone. It will teach you how to eat and what portion control is all about. This is not a diet, it's a way to change your lifestyle-- that's where the cute little containers come in! You get a set of colored containers to teach portion control (one thing I've noticed is that I was eating WAY too many carbs and not enough protein and veggies before!) and an eating guide along with 10 different workouts on DVD! The DVD workout programs target every part of your body starting with "weight loss" and then you continue to tone, tighten and build muscle. The workouts are essentially perfect for everyone and any fitness group. You get 10 different work outs and a schedule to tell you what to do when. You choose what size of weight you use, or if you even want to use weights so it really is great for each and every fitness level! There is also a modifier you can follow until you can do each move. I love that it's just 30 minute DVD segments that I can do in my living room while the kids play next to me and I don't have to drag everyone out to the gym. Plus since its a one time purchase you can use it again and again and again!"

I'm offering a special gift card promo right now to the first three people who buy Shakeology and 21 Day Fix. You can click that banner above or go through my link (or for just the program here) to order. If you're needing something new or different I promise you won't be disappointed in 21 day fix! 

Hope you're having a blessed Thursday! 

April 15, 2015

Adam's Pest Control

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Adams™ Flea & Tick Control Products.

I don't post about them as much as my human children, but if you didn't already know this, I also have two Labrador children. So meet my pups: Sadie, my 5-year-old yellow lab and Molly, my 3-year-old black lab!

I love having dogs most of the time. They're amazing companions for my little boys, super guard dogs and always loyal! There are also a few things I don't like about my dogs. One of my biggest pet peeves is them tracking in dirt, but a close second is the critters they're exposed to in the summer. My parents live out on the lake and have a lot of woods around them. We take our dogs out there almost every weekend in the summer to swim and run around, but then they bring home the gross and dreaded TICKS! AH!!!

Nearly 75 percent of U.S. pet households report at least one flea and tick infestation each year though outbreaks can be prevented with proper care (Kenton Flea & Tick Study, 2013). Flea and tick outbreaks are triggered by changes in temperature and humidity, often catching families off-guard and vulnerable to infestation. It is key to comprehensively treat pets, home and yard regularly to eliminate the pests as well as their hidden eggs and larvae before they become biting, breeding adults. Did you know ten adult female fleas could produce up to 15,000 flea eggs in just 30 days? YUCK! Many Adams™ products can help break the flea life cycle.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that pre-treating for these nasty pests is easier than ever!! The easiest way to control Flea and Ticks are before they occur so I was pumped when I found out that the award-winning Adams™ Smart Shield® applicator comes free when you buy Adams™ for Dogs Flea & Tick Spot On® at Wal-Mart. Adams™ for Dogs Flea & Tick Spot On® provides flea and tick protection for up to 30 days. It doesn’t just kill adult fleas and ticks. It also prevents flea re-infestation by breaking the flea life cycle, which kills flea eggs and larvae that could hatch later on. Plus, it kills and repels mosquitoes. It is SO easy to use. I remember when I was pregnant I would wait until Bryan could treat the dogs because I was afraid of getting the liquid on my hands. The new Adams™ Smart Shield® applicator takes that worry completely out of the whole ordeal!

Adams™ topical products feature the 2013 Product of the Year Award-Winning Smart Shield® applicator which allows you to apply treatment with no mess or stress. The innovative design keeps liquid off hands, parts dog’s fur, and helps get liquid down to the skin, where the bugs live.

Right now you can enter the Adams Start Smart/Stay Smart sweepstakes (kicked off March 4, 2015) and sign up to receive free flea & tick outbreak alerts from Adams™ Brand. The FREE Adams Flea & Tick Outbreak Alerts provide helpful heads up about local weather changes and the related threat of flea and tick outbreaks in your zip code (Fleas and ticks become widespread when temperatures are above 70°F). You can sign up for free Adams Flea & Tick Outbreak Alerts at www.adamspetcare.com/startsmart and get automatically entered in the Adams Start Smart, Stay Smart Sweepstakes to have a chance at monthly gift cards and product prizes now through July 31, 2015. Visit their web site for complete rules and details.

Do you have pesky pet problems in warmer weather? What are some of your favorite tips and tricks?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Adams™ Flea & Tick Control Products.

Infest Stop, Smart Shield, and the Adams blue bottle are trademarks of Farnam Companies, Inc. Spot On is a registered trademark of Wellmark International.  All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

April 13, 2015

Week/Weekend In Review!

So what all have I been up to???
So I started Three Day Refresh on Tuesday after our trip. I have done it twice before but both times I struggled and this time I had the mindset that it was going to work! It's basically like three days of spring cleaning for your body... and as you'll see below, it was well worth it!
We had some work done on our yard last week. Love how the rocks turned out by our gate! It was a mud pit ALWAYS back there due to some drainage issues so they dug new drains and laid down these rocks. Voila!
I tried to convince myself to drink black coffee... it didn't go well. 
 Two days into the cleanse and feeling great!
 Me, Hudson and my hot pink shirt
The boys worked out with me! So fun that they see me working out and want to join in!
 On Friday I went with Katy and got my nails done. Loving this hot pink for summer.
 Love this friend of mine!!!
Ended Three Day Refresh on Thursday. As you can see I had amazing results! Started 21 Day Fix Extreme on Friday.
My latest Stitch Fix box came and I only liked one thing. I kept the blue shirt in the bottom left. Better luck next time.
Saturday I went to Vintage Market Days (like a craft show thing) with my girl friends! We also took Rhett and Kingston (my friend Katy's baby)... they were troopers and good shoppers too!
 I got this tank. Basically my life's mantra.

Saturday night I went to eat with a group of our mission trip friends who were here from Mexico. We had dinner at a family friend's house and I was so worried about staying on 21 day fix while there. The meal ended up fitting w 21 day fix perfectly... and then dessert came. She made my all time fav dessert of hers and I passed it up for fruit with a dollop of FF whipped cream. That's control there! 
The rest of the weekend we really just chilled. We went to church yesterday and had some friends over for dinner and to watch the Game of Thrones Premier last night.

Today I got up and got crushed by my 21 Day Fix workout. I'm on day 4 of the fix... day 7 of my total program, and killing it. Down 6 lbs total as of this morning! BOOM.
After 21 Day Fix Extreme workout today! Yikes! 
SOOOO that's that... I'll be posting a lot more about what I've been eating on my 21 day fix journey because I still have lots of days to go and I am sticking to it to a T this time!

Hope you all had a great weekend!! Happy (rainy) Monday! 

April 10, 2015

Our Trip to Big Cedar Lodge. Day 3.

We wanted to go to Dogwood Canyon and go hiking but the weather just really stunk the whole weekend and it was 30 minutes closer to home so we decided to do that on our way back. So Monday morning we packed up the cabin and headed towards home. We got to Dogwood Canyon right as they were opening and found out there was a section that was all paved with bike trails so we decided since it was cold to do that instead.

I'll also note here that I am REALLY not an "outdoorsy" person. My husband is and I think secretly I long to be and with my fitness journey maybe I'm becoming more that way. I've been camping exactly once in my whole life and it rained the whole time and I hated it. I know as a mom of boys I need to branch out and learn to love this stuff and I really did enjoy all the outdoorsy things we did on our trip- especially the bike ride!
Bryan and Hudson

I had Rhett-y Joe with me. He kept saying "GO MOMMA"

Bryan and Hudson feeding the fish. They were jumping. It was so cool.

I had our keys and phones in my inner pockets, this pic looks really funny.

Overall we had SUCH a good time making memories as a family. It was so good to unplug and be away for the weekend!!! Hope you've had a great week!!

April 9, 2015

Our Trip to Big Cedar Lodge. Day 2.

We woke up to cool and cloudy weather on Sunday. We wanted to get out and explore some more so we put on our coats and headed to "Top of the Rock". It was awesome and SO beautiful. They do little golf cart tours through the woods, into a cave and over really cool bridges. We had a BLAST doing that.

brrr it was cold!

Daddy checking out the "bear cave"
After our fun golf cart tour we went in to the Native American and Dinosaur museum at Top of the Rock. The Native American stuff was actually super interesting and they're working on a Civil War section--- which Bryan and I both found so interesting and want to go back once they open it all up. We were literally THE ONLY ONES there and the guy who was in charge let us go back and see the Civil War stuff that wasn't put out yet-- so cool. Made me super excited to explain the history of stuff to our boys and they both did SO good while we went through the museum.

Thank goodness for double strollers!
After the Museum we went to Branson Landing to eat lunch and look around a little bit. It ended up raining and being too cold to do much but Bryan and Hudson wanted to do the zipline anyways!
Our tacos were super yummy!
"Daddy let's take a picture"

Hudson wasn't too sure what he was signing up for and Momma was a little nervous but he did great! and loved it! After that we headed back to the hotel for nap time. I showered and then we headed over to the stables to see the horses at Big Cedar.

After seeing the horses we left to go find some dinner. We had found a cool pizza place that we wanted to check out and when we got there they were closed for Easter. I looked at the clock and we were a mile from Dixie Stampede 20 minutes from when it started. Our whole trip was about making memories for our boys so even though we weren't sure how Rhett would do-- we went for it.
Amazingly we timed it perfectly and walked RIGHT in to the show starting. He did really good until the last 20 minutes or so. Thankfully they gave us a booster seat for him that worked perfectly and we all really enjoyed the show (and the food). Hudson told us it was his favorite thing we did the whole trip so we were so glad we went.

Then we went back to our cabin and crashed... we had to rest up for day 3! More tomorrow...

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