October 28, 2017

Want LASHES? Check this out...

I was contacted by a friend on Facebook shortly after I had Sawyer to try some Rodan and Fields products... the one I was most excited about (and a little skeptical about) was Lash Boost.

After using Lash Boost for the last 6 months, I have to say I am a HUGE believer. The pics below are proof. You just swipe it on at night and go to bed and watch those lashes grow, grow, grow! These pics are with the bare eye lashes, and then with the SAME mascara. About 6 weeks apart.

Brittany sent me a box of goodies and I loved trying out all the different Rodan and Fields face goodies. I am a big fan!

I'm a huge believer in Lash Boost. Thanks for introducing it to me Brittany! You can find more about Lash Boost on Brittany's Facebook page. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised if you test it out too!!

(This post is in exchange for the product mentioned above, but all thoughts and review are completely my own.)

September 20, 2017

What's Up in my Fit Journey! and a yummy recipe!

Bryan and I decided to do something a little extreme to bump up our weight loss this fall. We are now a month in, so I can share some progress, and tell you my thoughts on it.

My intention all along was to be doing Beachbody workouts while doing this program, but life, two illnesses, a funeral, two birthdays, a vacation and a broken arm happened and my workouts have been few and far between these last few weeks.

But 30 days ago today, Bryan and I started with StrongerU nutrition. We a have a nutrition coach we are working with who sets our macros every week. We keep track of everything we eat in MyFitnessPal and then transcribe it all to an excel spread sheet with daily weights, measurements and various other things and then we send it all to our coach once a week. In the last month I've lost 3 inches off of my waist and have lost just under 10 lbs. I've never been hungry, most days I'm having to fit stuff in at the end of the day to hit my macros. I LOVE the program. I signed up for six months and am hoping to get close to my ultimate goal weight, but so far I am enjoying the journey. I don't want to share my progress pics yet- maybe in a few weeks or after round 1... but trust me, I'm taking them!

All of that being said, I'm still drinking my Shakeology and am looking forward to starting back with Shift Shop next week if I am feeling better! I think doing this nutrition along with my BB stuff is a good combo.

I have to eat WAY more protein than I ever had before so I've been drinking one of these Premier Protein shakes every day. SO yummy!

I love the Caramel one over iced coffee or blended with 1/2 banana, ice and chai seasonings! SO good!

That's all for now! Stay turned for more info!

September 15, 2017

Buettemeyer Country Home!

So we bought a house in June and remodeled for two weeks in July. I love love love love our home and everything we've done to make it ours. It's on a little over an acre in a little town outside of where we used to live- in the country- and we love how quiet it is out here and that the boys have space to ROAM. So this is going to be kind of a photo dump-- before and afters-- to make our house a home!

This is the front of the house before. Note the ugly door...

After some coaxing I decided we should paint the door blue- this is Aqua Verde by SW! Love how it turned out.

This picture shows the color a little better :)

This is kitchen before. I lost some cabinet and counter space in this house but I gained two pantries.

This is the kitchen after, we had the cabinets painted (SW Alabaster) and Bryan hung a new light fixture. This kitchen is truly my dream kitchen. I love the bright natural light. I love that it's part of our main room and basically I love that my vision changed this kitchen from drab to fab! It's my favorite room of the house.

We painted all the walls in the house (SW Colonnade Gray). It was a shade or so lighter than what was there- and we painted all of the ceilings white. It really brightened everything up. We also painted the fireplace. It was Bryan's idea and I love how it turned out. 

 We just got these bar stools last week. I like that they coordinate with the appliances.

This is the school room/my office. I LOVE how it turned out! I found a guy selling these desks from an old school for $10. They're perfect for the boys!

I haven't taken a whole picture of the master, probably my second favorite room, mainly because I have NOTHING on the walls in there. But I did get us new bedding and I LOVE it.

Our backyard--- all the heart eyes. That's our land with the trees behind the fence too! 

I'm still slowly getting things hung up on the walls but that's the biggest part of what we changed!! Welcome to our Country Home!

September 14, 2017

Hudson is SEVEN!

I can't even believe that this is possible. My baby-- my first born-- turned SEVEN last week!

We celebrated by renting a suite at our local minor league team's playoff game and invited some of Hudson's friend. THIRTEEN boys- and some of their parents, a lot of noise and excitement and a SUPER fun time!!

Some of you may not know that Hudson fell off of the monkey bars at school three weeks ago and broke both bones in his arm. He was SUCH a trooper, I was out of town when it happened and Daddy spent all day with him in the ER and I made it home just in time for them to take him to surgery to set it. My heart broke for him but I am so proud of how brave he's been. He's been a little bummed of all the things he can't do, but he's been playing lots of legos to make up for it. It is his right hand, and he's right handed, so that makes writing and normal things a lot more difficult. He's in the cast a total of 7 weeks. This massive cast for one more week and then a below the elbow for three weeks.

Hudson, you are the absolute light and joy of my life. You're the boy who made me a mama and every day I see you becoming more and more into the person God created for you to be. You have a heart and desire to share Jesus with others and I can't wait to see more of that this year. You know Jesus and are ready to get baptized. You literally cannot wait to get Baptized. This is something Daddy and I have been talking with you about for awhile to make sure you understand, and you definitely do. You LOVE your baby brother. So much. The relationship you have with him is one of my favorite things to watch. You love legos, and video games, riding your bike and light sabers. Your new favorite thing to do at our new house is ride the 4 wheeler with daddy. Happy 7th birthday, my love! I hope 7 is your best year yet!


August 3, 2017

Hi there! I'm back!

Oh hi! Remember me?!

I've never neglected my blog this long and it makes me SO sad. But I have a good reason... in case you don't follow me on social media I'll fill you in... 

Since I blogged last we...

1. (May 1)
Put an offer on a new house.

2. (May 7)
Listed our house.
3. (June 14)
Everyone got lice.

4. (Mid June)
I became obsessed with Rae Dunn Pottery.

5. (June 30)
Sold our house.

6. (June 30)
Bought new house.

7. (End of June)
Moved everything we owned into our new garage.

8. (Beginning of July)
Remodeled new house and lived with my parents for two weeks.

9. (July 4th!)
Moved in and settled in the new house.

10. (July 14)
 I cut my hair off.

11. (July 15)
Went to Disney world.

12. (July 24)
Started Whole30.

13. (July 26)
Hudson lost his first tooth.

14. (July 31)
Sawyer turned 6 months old.

Which brings me here... August 3rd. FINALLY settled in our new house and I can't wait to do several posts show casing what we've done! I PROMISE more soon.

April 26, 2017

Listening When God Whispers.

My four year old was looking for me while I was working out. When he turned the corner and found me he ran at me full speed and gave me the biggest hug and kiss and said "I love you, mama! I wanna sit with you, mama."
I'd just gotten done with a series of planks and push ups and was {passed out-ish} on the floor, covered in sweat and ready to finish my workout, which normally I'd do with him sitting there watching. But for a brief second, God whispered in my ear- "Soak him in."
So I did. I held him and kissed him and told him how proud I was to be his mama. And I told him I wanted to take his picture so I'd remember him how he is today. Right in this moment. Sticky fingers and peanut butter face and all. 
I hear a lot that my weight loss and fitness journey is motivational and inspiring to others- and I'm so glad. But I never want to be so wrapped up in that or myself that I miss these moments to be an inspiration to my boys. Sometimes they get the tired and run down mama. Sometimes they get snapped at and pushed to the side. But today God showed me a glimpse of my relationship with Him through Rhett. 
It hadn't been ten minutes since he'd seen me. But he was looking and when he found me he was completely filled with joy and just wanted to be with me. And isn't that what God wants of us? Just to search for him and find Him and just BE with Him? Not to be pushed aside for our own prerogative? 
I don't know a lot. But what I do know is that this messy, sticky four year old boy loves me. And wants to be with me. And as I sit here in tears, I know that these days are but a blip on the radar. Push ups can wait til nap time. I've got some stories to read.
I posted the above on my Facebook yesterday, but I wanted to post it here for my future memory and to expand upon it. I've been dealing with anxiety and worry and stress. I've always had it to some extent but I feel like it's gotten worse since having Sawyer. God has really been pressing on my heart to deal with it. So here I am, dealing with it. Ha! It has really stuck out to me that by me WORRYING and not giving my cares up to Him, I am basically telling God that I don't believe Him or trust in Him when the Bible says that He will take care of my every need. I am depending on Jenna to take care of things... and well... that's just not going well for my mental status. 

"But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, will He not much more clothe you? You of little faith!" (Matthew 6:30) 

So I've started listening to that whisper more. Paying attention when God is trying to tell me to STOP and live in THAT moment. I've stopped trying to be so "busy". I nap with the newborn and try to savor every moment with him, I stop my workout and read to Rhett when he wants my attention, I put my phone in the other room when I homeschool Hudson. We've recently gotten rid of iPads and the TV in our living room and since then we've spent every single (non-raining) evening outside playing and getting to know our neighbors. God's teaching me that by being INTENTIONAL, I'm not missing these moments with the boys, my husband, my friends and my neighbors, and by being intentional and IN THE MOMENT, I am not worrying about tomorrow. Am I perfect? NO WAY. Not even close. I still worry and try to fly on my own... but I am working on it, and God is molding me, I can feel it. 

It's just been on my heart, and something I have really struggled with lately and wanted to share. If you're there too, I hear you and feel you and I know the struggle.

April 23, 2017

What we've been up to... and lots of pictures.

Oh my Sawyer Anthony. How you're growing! You are such a light and joy to us and a perfect ending to our family. You've finally started sleeping through most of the night and are getting on a schedule.

We had a great Easter with our Narrative family. It was a yucky rainy day but that didn't stop me from getting a pic of my three cuties.
I've been consistently working out for about three weeks now, you can see how Sawyer feels about that above! hahaha!

This muffin is my love bug. He has had a bit of a hard time adjusting to the baby but we are starting to get along better! He loves to pick flowers for me so I snapped this picture to remember.

 We did Easter eggs on the patio! 

Daddy and the boys went to the opening night of the Arkansas Naturals- one of our favorite summer pastimes!
This boy is getting ready to graduate from Kindergarten. How is this possible?!?! We only have two weeks of school left- and we are both ready!!!
We are finally OUT OF STUDENT LOAN DEBT! I'll do a whole post about this soon.
I'll never get over this sweet bundle of joy.

Bryan's been doing stitch fix for men, did you know that was a thing?! And we've loved what he's gotten. Entire outfit above is SF! Here is a link to check out more info! 

I may still be in maternity jeans, but I did put on real clothes ONE day last week- ha ha ha ha!!

Thats all for now! I promise to start blogging more consistently soon- maybe ;)
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