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April 23, 2014

DIY Cloth Diaper Detergent

So Rhett has, what I believe to be, the world's most sensitive skin. When I first started cloth diapering I bought the expensive cloth diaper soap and it was fine, but expensive at around $20/little container. Then I tried using plain Tide and his bottom was a rash-y mess the very first time. I use the Tide or All Free and Clear on his clothes and it does fine but it doesn't clean cloth diapers super well. My friend at work also was cloth diapering and offered to make me some homemade detergent to try. I was hooked immediately! She made me a butter tub full of detergent last summer and I just got close to the bottom this week. So I went to Walmart yesterday and bought the stuff to make another batch.
Here is what you do: Mix equal parts of Baking Soda, Washing Soda and Oxyclean Free (or Oxyclean Baby). My container held about 2 cups of each. My guess is that I used about 1/3 of the boxes so this will probably last me close to two years if I was to use just on the cloth diapers. I paid right at $10 for all of the ingredients using no coupons.

You can also use this for clothes it just doesn't smell pretty (it doesn't smell like anything). Which I am totally fine with on the diapers and Rhett's stuff because typically things that smell good irritate sensitive skin. On our clothes, when I use this, I just add some of the Purex crystals or something similar. You only have to use 1 TBSP of the detergent per normal load or 2 TBSP for heavy loads. When I can't get detergents for free or next to free with coupons and sales I use this stuff all the time and it works great.

Rhett's changing table. I just keep a basket with all the diapers and inserts ready to go.
My wash routine for Rhett's diapers has been tweaked many times. I have a front loader with no "soak" option. So I run a "speed cycle" on cold with 1 tbsp of detergent. Then I run a regular cycle on hot with 1 tbsp of detergent with an extra rinse. This always gets our diapers squeaky clean and Rhett's bottom has continued to be rash-free. I line dry the diapers for an hour or two in the sun and "fluff" for five minutes in the dryer before re-stuffing and re-stacking (my favorite part).

My Redneck Clothes line! ha ha ha
I still use disposables at night. Boys are hard to keep from leaking through and sleep is precious to me, especially since Rhett didn't start sleeping through the night until a year old, and I don't love changing crib sheets more than I have to. Maybe one day I will try cloth at night but for now this works well. I also put Rhett in disposables for church and mother's day out. I feel bad making other people deal with cloth. Right around the time we lost Janet I used disposables for a few months to try and reduce my stress and work-load and since we had a lot of other people helping with the boys, it was just too difficult. I was going through about 8-10 diapers a day or two jumbo packs a week. I use Luvs now (hallelujah praise Jesus they don't cause a rash on him) and I can get them for about $6 or less per package or $50/mo when using full time. Between using them at MDO, Church and at night we go through about one package a month now.

I invested around $220 for our cloth diapers. I bought a few used, some on ebay new for super cheap, and others brand new. I had four given to me for free. We have 22 diapers so this averages about $10/diaper. This means I made up the cost for our diapers in just 4 months of cloth diapering. I am planning on keeping him in cloth until he is potty trained and using them on whatever future Buettemeyer babies may come. The cost of cloth diapers really deterred me at first from doing them but I was very frugal when buying them and have already seen the cost benefits since starting last July.

Anyways, those are MY cloth diaper thoughts. Everyone does things differently but this is what works for us! I promise it isn't as hard as it looks and they are SO cute!

Oh and to check out the post about the homemade wipes I make you can go here.

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"Trouble Shooting"-- Modern Cloth Diapering Series Three

Lisa is back with the third installment on our series about cloth diapering this morning. Make sure and check out Series One about the basics of Cloth Diapering and Series Two about washing cloth diapers if you haven't already!

Trouble Shooting

For one reason or another, a large portion of parents who start cloth diapering give up. And they usually give up too soon. Cloth diapering can be hard at first, but as long as you stick with it and have a good resource, you can overcome rashes, stink and yeast.

I’ve come across every one of these issues but through trial and error found ways around them.
Rashes:  This is the most frustrating issue with cloth diapering it seems. Personally, my daughters have had significantly fewer rashes with cloth diapers. Most of the time, a diaper rash is due to food sensitivities, stomach viruses, excessive bowel movements or chemical sensitivities. These are the first steps I would take to alleviate a rash;
·         Most newborn babies tend to have red bottoms with or without sores. This is because of frequent bowel movements. A barrier cream should alleviate this issue. My favorite combo is a zinc cream and a petroleum cream. The zinc will heal the skin while petroleum protects and seals. Vaseline is NOT cloth diaper friendly so a liner should be used. My favorite zinc cream that is cloth diaper friendly is California Baby Calming Diaper Rash Cream. I prefer to use disposable liners with diaper creams but you can use reusable liners and hand-wash them separately.
·        Wetness sensitivity happens when using fabrics that aren’t made of a stay dry material such as prefolds, flats and fitted diapers. The skin gets red and sore due to constant wetness against the skin. This is alleviated by either switching to a diaper with stay dry material such as a pocket diaper or using a liner. The cheapest route is to buy a yard of micro fleece and cut it into rectangles. You can get about 40 reusable liners out of a $4.00 yard of fleece! I picked green tie dye last time. And to me, it’s cheap enough to toss when it gets too nasty.

·         Fabric sensitivity can happen with synthetic fibers. Some examples of synthetic diaper materials are suedecloth, microfiber, microterry, and polyester fleece. Many pocket diapers, All-in-One diapers, and even some fitted diapers contain synthetic materials on the inside. It will cause the skin to be red and inflamed. The only way to fix this is to switch to natural fibers such as cotton, wool, and hemp. Bamboo is a good option too although it isn’t considered a 100% natural fiber. This will require more frequent diaper changes to avoid wetness sensitivity.
Yeast: If your baby has a rash that isn’t getting better with traditional diaper creams it’s safe to assume it’s yeast. It will look really red and raised.  Yeast can live on cloth diapers so here are the steps to take with a yeast.

- Buy some disposable diapers, disinfecting bleach, and clotrimazole cream (athlete’s foot cream).
- Apply the cream to the effected area twice a day. You can cover the cream with Vaseline to help       protect and soothe 
- Follow your normal washing routine but add ½ a cup of bleach to each wash until they have all been cleaned. I recommend using bleach once a month anyway.
- Wash all blankets and crib sheets with ¼ cup of bleach
- Use disposable diapers until the rash has been gone for 2 days.

       Stink: I spoke about stink in the previous series. Just remember that stinky diapers are DIRTY diapers! Something in your washing routine needs to be tweaked. Try different detergents, adding extra rinses, washing less or more diapers at a time, and make sure you’re rinsing poop!

All of these perceived issues can be easily avoided. As long as you stick with it, cloth diapering is fun, easy and clean.
In the next series I will cover cloth diaper safe creams!
Thanks for stopping by today! I'm going to post my DIY super cheap cloth diaper detergent recipe for extremely sensitive baby skin this afternoon, it also works great for regular clothes and is a huge money saver! 

April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend in Review

We had a super weekend spending time with our family! Hudson spent the night with Grammy and Pa on Friday night and we just hung out at home. Saturday we cleaned out our garage and cleaned off the back porch. Spring cleaning at it's finest.

My sister-in-law, Alesha, came into town for 24 hours to pick up a car and I was so happy to spend some time with her again (we forgot to take a pic, ugh!). I was kind of bummed growing up that I didn't have any sisters, but now I have THREE sister-in-laws who are so great that I love spending time with. I am so thankful for my relationship with Jordan, she and I were closer in age growing up than Bryan and I are, so we were friends prior to Bryan and I dating. It is fun getting to be related to your friends and she is so special to me. We just wish Alesha and Kacee lived closer too!

Tony, Alesha, Jordan and David came over for dinner on Saturday night. Tony cooked his famous steaks, yuuuum!

Uncle Dave is the best. He swung Hudson for forever! Ha!

We had an EARLY Easter morning so we let Hudson open his Easter basket on Saturday night. He was thrilled to get a new Captain America (That I got for $4 at Target when he was with me and I managed to buy it without him noticing!).

We went to the 8 am Easter Service at church on Sunday. It was great. Then I had nursery duty so Bryan brought the boys home to rest before we headed out to my parent's house for lunch. My dad made steaks, shrimp and scallops on the grill. Then Bryan and David hid Easter eggs for Hudson to hunt.

So incredibly thankful for the people in this picture. Tony saw Alesha off so he missed lunch. I am also so grateful that our families are close and we can spend our holidays all together!

Grammy and Pa got the boys a new horse stable and truck/tool set.

Janet got Hudson this Easter Basket for his first Easter. I know she was probably watching and loving seeing Hudson run around and get the eggs with it. We miss her so much but holidays are the hardest. Her empty place is always apparent.

My Grandma, Mom and Rhett

My boys have the best Aunt Doe!
Rhett looks like he could be David and Jordan's baby. It will be fun to see if this is what their babies look like one day!
I just love this one of our family!
These two (and their daddy) are my life's best blessing. I am so happy to be their mom.

Rhett looks SO big here!
After lunch we headed home to nap and I went to the hospital for my very last 12 hour night shift! I was exhausted but made it through!

I know a lot of you probably read my post yesterday thinking that we were announcing a pregnancy but I am happy to report that I am definitely not pregnant right now but there will hopefully be another Buettemeyer baby in the next few years. I haven't gotten a handle on having two kids yet, so I am definitely not ready for three. So my BIG news might not have been "baby" news but it is a huge excitement for me to know that when we do have another baby I won't have to go back to work at all!

Hope you all have a happy Tuesday!!!

April 21, 2014

My BIG News!

On Friday I promised some big news for today so here it is.

After working as a nurse for the past (almost) five years, today I hung up my stethoscope and turned in my badge in order to devote my time, efforts and attitude to my family.

Yep, you heard me right, I am now officially a full-time stay at home mom... which basically means I will be spending my days eating bon-bons and watching soap operas (ha ha ha).

A goal of ours has always been to get us to a financial place so I could stay home full time since before Hudson was born, and while what we were doing was working okay, it just wasn't ideal for us in the season that we are in. Several different details all fell into place at the same time and a month ago, after much prayer and consideration, I put my notice in at the hospital. We have to give a 30 day notice to stay eligible for rehire. I decided not to post about it until it was done and official, so here we are.

It was bitter sweet to turn in my badge and leave the hospital this morning. I thought a lot about how much I have grown as a person and as a nurse in the last five years and how much my life has changed. I have cried many tears in that building with my patients and for my patients. I have prayed with them and laughed with them. I have been with families as their loved one slipped away and I have seen many new lives (including my own two children) be brought into the world in that very building. There are so many parts of nursing that I love and there are also many challenging parts. Bryan and I were newlyweds when I first started and Bryan was working an entry level job at the Walmart home office. The Lord has blessed us tremendously with Bryan's job and I am so proud of him and all of his hard work that has gotten us to this point. I am also so thankful to have a husband that wants to give me my dream and has the same dream for our family. I am not done being a nurse forever. The thing I love so much about nursing is the versatility. Maybe I will be a school nurse some day, go to work at a clinic or go back to school to become an APN. There are SO many options.

I am so overjoyed about this change for our family and what it means for my boys. I am also super excited for the extra night of sleep I will be getting every week too! Night shift is TOUGH! But I also know that being a momma (stay at home or working) is a TOUGH job that comes with so much responsibility, so I am not taking this opportunity lightly. The desire of my heart is to mold my boys into Godly young men who seek the Lord with their whole hearts.

On my quest for choosing joy, the Lord is showing me that HIS hand is over us and that His plan is bigger than us. We just need to keep our eyes focused on Him.

April 20, 2014

Happy Happy Easter 2014

I hope you have had the happiest of Easters celebrating our Risen Lord with your families! We sure have! Happy Easter from our family to yours!

April 18, 2014

Confessional Friday

It's Friday and it is time for some more confessions...

I confess that...
1. We spent ALL day outside yesterday. It was 65 degrees and sunny. I am so happy about spring. We planted flowers, put down mulch in all the flower beds, went for a run and then got ice cream and went to the park. It was a great day and now I am sore and sun burnt.

2. I actually ran three days in a row this week. My knee is screaming at me now. Taking today and the weekend off of high impact exercises, hoping to ride bikes though!

3. I switched my cell service to Republic Wireless this week. I traded in my iPhone for a Moto X. I'll be sending out my new number tomorrow because my Straight Talk Service runs out Sunday. This cuts our cell bill down from $55 to $20/mo. It all adds up!! I wrote a post about how much we've saved by switching our cell service here.
 4. I threw out an idea on Instagram and Twitter the other day. I'm not sure the logistics maybe an in person class for locals and web-based class for others. I got a lot of feedback of interest so I am going to keep thinking on it. Let me know if you're interested or have any ideas.

5. Rhett took his first official steps yesterday. He did it several times but as soon as I got the camera out to video him he stopped, of course. He will be full-time cruising before we know it! He has been a later walker, he will be 14 months old on Sunday. Hudson walked at 11 months so Rhett was totally different.

I hope you all have a very blessed Easter weekend, celebrating our Savior and what He did for us on the cross! I'll be back with some very BIG personal news on Monday.

April 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday Story Time... to that time I went to Australia!

I totally wanted to join in and join Jessica in the Throwback Thursday Stories! How fun!

Throwback Thursday Stories

So I have a few pictures to share about that one time that I got to go to Australia (Summer 2007) and held/petted a bunch of random creatures that I would never ever touch again...

Exhibit A. Yuck.
The ONLY reason that I am holding this nasty thing is because it belonged to the sweet family that we were staying with and they forced me to

I was so blessed to join a group from my (uhm... first) college, Ouachita Baptist University, to go on a two week long mission trip to Sydney, Australia. I love missions and I love to travel. Bryan and I had started dating a few months before this, and after this trip I officially decided to move home and live with my parents to be closer to Bryan... I mean to go to nursing school.

There were a few things I was unaware of when traveling to Sydney. First, it was cold. It was winter there (their seasons are flip-flopped from ours... which means it is summer and beach time at Christmas, that one creeps me out) and although we speak the same language, there were several words that they say differently-- we say aluminum, they say Al-u-MIN-ium, for instance. Also, not a huge fan of Australian food. Vegimite just didn't win me over. Oh but TimTams on the other hand... yum.

Sydney is THE most beautiful place I have ever visited. Cancun is second. I would love to take Bryan there one day.

This leads me to my story... the last night that we were in Sydney, we got to to go the Sydney Opera house and see a show (I don't even remember the show now...).

See how great and happy me and my friends, Lauren and Mallory, look... well that was all about to change. We sat on the front row of the show. I was a big drama nerd in high school and I get all of the theater etiquette... however, my friend Mallory, forgot to silence her cell phone. Did I mention we were sitting on the FRONT row? Uh... yeah... they basically stopped the show and told us to turn it off (if I remember correctly...) it was incredibly embarrassing. Oh, I forgot to mention that her ringtone was none other than Stevie Wonder singing... " HERE I AM BABY... SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED... I'M YOURS..." extremely loudly... over and over and over again.

So there is my throwback. Loved that little walk down memory lane. I totally got to go to the Sydney Opera House... and it was one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life! HA!