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May 29, 2015

One Year in Transformation!

It's been a crazy year in transformation for me. When I went to my first WW meeting (this round, ha) a year ago this week I thought I'd go-- be there a few months, lose my weight and be on my jolly way. I had no idea what was in store for me or that a year later I'd only be half way to my weight loss goal. But I've also learned it's not all about THAT number. That number doesn't define me. It's about the process, the journey... The people I've met along the way who've inspired me and kept me going when I wanted to quit. I've made friends for life on this journey. I feel incredible and more comfortable in my own skin. And more than anything... I feel like me again. I proved to myself I could do several things I never thought I'd be able to do. I had hard days (and hard months to be honest)... I still do, I'm human- but along the way I never lost sight of my "why"-- to be a healthier momma for my two boys and healthier wife for my husband. For Hudson and Rhett to have a mom who isn't lazy and who can run and play with them. And to plant in them from a young age a desire to eat healthy and exercise. So for me it's not about any one company or any one program. It's been about a year in my life where I made a choice and I turned it all around. I was heading down a road to major obesity and my genetics point to high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. And now I'm running away from all that as fast as I can. So my year one is done-- year two, bring it on!!! 

(If you want to chat about how you can join me on my journey, email me! I'd love to help-- There is no day like today to take steps towards a healthier YOU!)
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May 28, 2015

Hello Fresh Box 1-- YUM!

SOOOO I have been posting about Hello Fresh and was so super excited to get my first box last Thursday... and let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed.

It arrived to my house in a box with ice packs and this cool little insulator.
 The ingredients for each meal were in their own bag and the meat was separate from everything else.
I couldn't wait to make one of the meals! Night one was Roasted Vegetable Quesadillas with smoky chipotle mayo and guacamole. I think it was my favorite of the week. I only ate half of the recommended serving because it was so filling so it fed Bryan and I two meals. The funny thing is that I actually usually have all of the ingredients for this already at home but had never thought of putting it together this way-- SO YUMMY-- and a definite make again.
Meal 2 was Old Bay-Spiced Salmon and Sweet Potato Cakes with tomato-arugula salad. It was amazing, and I think this one was Bryan's favorite. This also made one serving more than we could eat so Bryan ate it for lunch the next day. This meal was a little more technical but I love that it lays out (with pictures) step-by-step what to do. Bryan wasn't a fan of the salad (what man is...) so when he ate it left over I put it with some Zoodles. He liked that better!
And then Tuesday night I made the third meal- Pan-Seared Pork Chips with Apple Compote, Spinach Salad and Crispy Shallots. It was SO good. We don't eat a lot of pork and when we do I make Rosemary Porkchops because I love them... but this was a good change up! It's the only meal that we didn't have left overs.
 So overall-- HUGE fan of Hello Fresh Box 1! Cannot wait to get box two today!
So what's the skinny on it?? It's a box subscription that you can do as often or little as you want. I'm on weekly shipments but it's super easy to change/cancel on the website to have it meet your needs. I am just doing the two person box because my boys don't eat what we eat usually... but you can do bigger boxes or vegetarian boxes! Right now with my code---64C7H9--- you can get $40 off of a box. That makes each box less than $30! Super great deal! There are five meals you choose from every week so if you don't like something, no biggie! And it's so easy to cancel, postpone, whatever all right on the website. I decided a box was cheap enough for us to try that if we hated it we really weren't out anything!

Let me know if you do Hello Fresh or another box-- I want to hear your thoughts!!!

May 27, 2015

Weekend In Review- Family Lake House Edition

On Friday I took the boys to get hair cuts and to the park. We just needed to get out of the house for awhile. They're getting so big and so much easier to take places!
We went to a little park that was close to the Veterans Memorial Wall so it was neat to be able to explain what that meant and why all those names were up there. My grandpa's name is up there and we found it. Hudson was so proud that his (great) Grandpa Bob "fought in the war".

Friday night my family started arriving for the week. Every year we do a big family vacation and now that my parents live out on the lake everyone comes here to visit. It's pretty convenient for us to just have to drive across town. So the rest of the weekend/early part of this week was spent out at the lake. It's been nice to have a little "stay-cation".
I'm sure you've all heard about the flooding in the South US right now, and while ours hasn't been quite as bad, we've gotten a ton of rain! Bryan took the boys out to see the water fall and they had fun!
Hudson with his cousin/my cousin- Max.
The rest of the time we've really just been hanging out. Monday and Tuesday it was nice enough to be out on the boat and in the water, but the water is still pretty frigid! I got to lay out during nap time both days and I can't say that I hated it too much. ;)
Bryan took both boys tubing and they loved it! Wild at Heart right here.

You really can't beat an afternoon spent with a good book, a cold drink and the sun shining bright. My family is still here for the rest of the week, so I have a feeling we will be spending much more time out there! 

Hope you had a great weekend/week! Happy Wednesday!

May 22, 2015

Fitness Friday!

I haven't blogged much about fitness/weight loss lately, so I'm throwing it all into one post...
So last week I taught myself a lesson. Obviously going crazy and eating out almost every day and basically eating and drinking whatever I wanted and not working out for two weeks took me two steps back after this last round of 21 day fix. Thankfully after 3 day refresh I was almost back to where I was. Down 3.5 lbs. this just goes to show its a LIFESTYLE change-- not a fad diet because if you go back to your old habits you go back to your old body! I did those pics last week and have worked hard this week and have officially lost back to under where I was after last round of 21 day fix... but y'all this is NOT a quick fix-- this is real life. I was on the fence about sharing those pictures but I always want to be honest and let y'all know that this journey isn't always easy... and sometimes it's two steps forward, one step back... but it's always worth it!

On Monday my coach/bff Annie texted me that the CEO of BeachBody had called me out by name on Social Media for being in the top 100 coaches in May. I pulled it up as quickly as I could and I couldn't believe it. It literally brought tears to my eyes. I knew I had been working hard... but to be in the TOP 100 of 350k! That's amazing. I love my little business so much and am learning a lot more about time management and juggling it and the boys... but I really wouldn't have it any other way. I've been a coach right at 10 months and am loving the financial freedom that it's given my family... which leads me to...

I'm hiring some Brand Reps for my team. You don't have to have experience or a degree-- you just have to be willing to learn and step out on a leap of faith! This job AND these products are amazing to me and I would want to share them even if I didn't get paid for it. If this is something you're interested in I would love to share more info with you-- You can email me for details.

These two promotions are going on right now. If you're interested in PiYo or 21 Day Fix, I'd love to set you up with details and get you in our next round... this current round of 21 day fix is seeing amazing results. The results below are all from girls in week one of our current group! Amazing!!!
That's it for my fitness Friday! Hope you're all having a fabulous week!

May 21, 2015

Shopping, Dave Matthews Band and Stitch Fix 5

On Monday, I had the best shopping experience in my life. My new friend Suz who runs a cute online boutique set me up with a ton of clothes to try on. I was wanting some summer "run around" clothes and I am loving this shirt and these shoes that I bought from her. I won't lie, I usually run around in sweats and with my hair in a messy bun, but it does feel good to get cute to go out to run errands too. My jewelry is all from Rocksbox where my code jennabuettemeyerxoxo gets you your first box free. I've never been good at styling jewelry so this is super fun for me! I also got these cute leopard sandals from Suz at Southern Sis Boutique. I love them so much!!!

Tuesday night we went to see Dave Matthews Band. It was awesome. I had seen him once before with Bryan when we were dating, and Bryan's been several times since then... but it was so fun because he was literally right in our back yard!

We went with some of our friends... Bryan and Richard were down getting food and missed this photo op!

It did rain at the end and we got super soaked, but it was still a blast!!!

Wednesday was the boys last day of school and I was so excited because my 5th Stitch Fix box got to my house early in the morning.
I liked everything but the bottom dress. I have several formal events coming up this summer that the blue dress will be perfect for. I liked the jeans (and really liked that they're a size smaller than I am wearing right now and they fit) but I have another pair of boyfriend jeans I love so I probably won't keep them. I love Stitch Fix because I don't have to keep anything but if I do my $20 stylist fee is applied to my purchase. I have always kept at least one thing from my box! Also if you keep everything, you get a 25% discount... and you set your price ranges on every type of clothing so it's not too expensive! And you set it for how often you want it. I get mine every 3 weeks but you don't have to do them that often, or even get them on a schedule at all!! Anyways, I am loving Stitch Fix after five boxes and wanted y'all to know what it's all about.
To celebrate my last day of freedom, I treated myself to a mani/pedi. I went with more of a neutral nail with a gold glitter accent. Loving how they turned out.
Creepy Claw Hand! :)
OH!! And I talked about Hello Fresh the other day but I got my email with my selections for next week and I am so pumped. It looks incredible! I should get this week's box today and you better believe I'll come back and tell you what I think! You can use code 64C7H9 for $40 off your first box!
That's it for this Thursday! The boys and I are going to play for awhile and then head out to meet Katy and Kingston to run! Hope you're having a great week!!

May 20, 2015

What's Up Wednesday!

On Monday I got to go with Hudson's preschool class to "Picnic in the Park"... little did I know that I was going to get to put my (rusty) nursing skills to use too!

As we were leaving the building to walk to the park, there was a car accident in the street in front of the church. My friend, Jessica (who is also a nurse) and I were some of the first responders. It definitely got my adrenaline running and thankfully I think the guy who was hit was going to be ok with probably just some badly broken bones but it was still very scary. I am so grateful that the kids missed seeing the accident by about 30 seconds, that is definitely not something I wanted my boys' little eyes to see! Every since I became a nurse 6 years ago this has been Bryan's dream-- that I would have to respond to a wreck-- that day finally came!

Anyways... we had such a good time in the park with all of the kids. Hudson was SO proud of his brother and showed him off to his friends and walked him around holding his hand. It absolutely melted my heart. I hope they're always close and the best of friends.
Hudson has been with most of these kids in the same class since they were babies. Not only do I love these kiddos but I also love their mommas! They are some of the most Godly and encouraging women I know! 
 Rhett had a big time too! He played right along with all of the "big kids".
Today is their last day of school for this school year. I am so very thankful for our amazing teachers and administrators who work so hard to take good care of our kiddos!

I found this cute teacher gift on Pinterest and thought, who doesn't like a Target gift card?? :)

Hope you're all having a wonderful week and a happy Wednesday!!!

May 18, 2015

Weekend In Review and My Thoughts on Being a Stay At Home Mom.

Bryan started his Walmart Leadership Academy last week, and while I am SO glad for him, and it's such an honor, he's been away a lot and super exhausted when he's been home. It's just for a short time and so good for his career though so it's all good! Anyways, Thursday night I listened to his mock presentation, he rocked it, of course.

So the boys and I have had LOTS of just Mommy time, but I have come to realize that even though I am home with them, I haven't done a great job of actually being "with" them. Does that make sense? 

So Friday morning Hudson wanted to color pictures and brought me this little heart and said "Mommy I wrote "I love you so much, more than anything" on this card for you". I immediately pulled him into my lap and gave him a big hug and promised I'd shut my computer off for the day and we would do whatever fun stuff he and Rhett wanted to do. And I am so glad that I did.

We went to Sams Club and to visit Grandma Lenora in the nursing home and then just came home and played. It was such a great day. Then during nap time I worked out and had the yummiest lunch ever.
I found this Mango Salsa Hummus at Sams Club and these mini sweet peppers are AMAZING!
Bryan went out with his group Friday night and had to work again on Saturday so I stayed unplugged and just ran and played with the boys. We really just had the best time and they were so thrilled to have my undivided attention.
I'm realizing quickly that they're growing up before my eyes. I'm usually in my own world a lot while they play and am quick to get frustrated when they need me to do something and these last few days I've just realized how precious this time is. They just want ME. They don't care about my blog, my Instagram, my fitness groups... they just want their momma. And I am super glad that I had this realization before summer... because after this week they're with me ALL summer. So I'm setting specific blog/email/beachbody hours and then the rest of the time I'm going to be "MOM".
And in all honestly--- I've enjoyed my time with them so much too. It's fun to run and play and dig in the dirt. We had slushies and ice cream for lunch one day. I think I finally realized I had been so busy being "busy" that I was missing moments with them. It was a great realization.
Saturday night we went out to the lake and ate dinner and went on the boat with my parents. Sunday we worked in the yard in the morning and played outside with the boys. It was Bryan's first day home all day... and we really enjoyed it.

Then we had Tony, David, Jordan and Hank over for lunch, I went on a run and we went on a Jeep ride...
Last night we continued our tradition and had our friends over for dinner. 
We really had such a good weekend and I am so glad that I was given some perspective on being a mom and being with my boys. Bryan said someone at his leadership training was talking about his kids and that he finally adopted the philosophy that he said YES when his kids wanted to do something or wanted him to do something with them unless it was something that was going to hurt them. I love that. So I'll say yes to playing and digging for worms... and a definite yes to ice cream for lunch this summer and as my boys are growing. They're only little once! I hope maybe this encourages one of you. Mothering is HARD but I don't want my kids to look back on their childhood and not remember having a momma who played with them--- it's taken my stress down a notch too! ;)

Happy Monday! :)

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