9 weeks and counting...

Nothing much new to post today, but thought I would post some pictures. I have a basket that I have been putting the baby's stuff in and it is getting full! I took a cute picture of the basket which includes my etsy onesies, baby b's first book courtesy of my aunt sue and baby b's first stuffed animal, a giraffe, a valentines day present from "Grammy" and "Papa" (my mom and dad).

Our other fun experience this week (which I didn't get to experience because I had to work) was that Sadie graduated from her puppy training class, She even got more treats for doing so well with her tricks than some of the other dogs. I am a very proud mama. So here are some recent pictures of our pup, who is almost 5 months old!
Pretty Pup
Proper Puppy, lol we have no idea why she was sitting like this. And sleepy pup, she loves to cuddle up on us on the couch and take naps. We really love our sweet puppy.


  1. aww cute little sadiebaby! she's getting so big!! ahhh. i miss her! and you guys of course! but i get to see you soon!!! yayyyyyyy!


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