Find out the baby's gender?

We go for our first ultrasound this week, in the slight chance I am way farther along than I think, this may be an issue... So we have differing opinions on whether or not we should find out what our baby is. Bryan thinks it would be wonderful to have a sweet surprise, I on the other hand am a planner and wants to start buying and decorating now. SO... I have created a poll on our page, please leave your input!


  1. I personally think it's fun to find out, but A LOT of people disagree. You probably still have some time though to decide. Are you showing a lot? You usually have to wait till week 20 to find the sex and by then you're feeling awesome and showing a good bit. But who knows!

  2. I agree with you, its just trying to convince my husband of that. No I am not really showing, just a little baby bump so far... but we could be 16 wks, I don't think we are... but its possible. I am really not planning on being able to find out this week, but figured it would be fun to do a poll for when we can find out. Your sweet little one with be here so soon! I hope you're feeling well!

  3. Sorry Bryan! I'm with Jenna. Find out and decorate, then everything will be ready for the new one's homecoming.... After all, God had eveything decorated and complete before He put His first new creation in his new home.


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