13 weeks and Celiac

I had my 13 wk appointment this morning, a week after my last appointment because my blood pressure was a little high at my last appointment. So I have been keeping track of my blood pressure and it has been perfectly normal, so I am pretty sure I probably have "white coat syndrome" or it just has something to do with me getting anxious about the baby at my appointments. Anyways, so my BP was (thankfully) perfectly normal this morning, and I got to hear the baby's sweet heart beat again today, it was 160 once the Dr finally found it, the baby (now the size of a peach!) was hiding down by my hip bone.

Another lovely thing that pregnancy has brought on is apparently a disease that I have been waiting to "catch" since I was in high school. My mom and grandma have Celiac disease, a disease where your body cannot process and digest gluten (a protein found in wheat), there is a very strong genetic component to the disease, so I am not really surprised by this at all. Sometimes it takes a significant event or change in your body to bring it on, and it seems the baby has been this catalyst for me. I can't be tested officially until after the baby is born, but my doctor seems to think that the absence of all my previous symptoms after not eating gluten products for just one week probably is indicative that I have Celiac disease. So goodbye pizza, pasta and all those delicious carbs that I love for at least 7 more months, I will be eating alternatives from now on for the good of the baby. I've also somehow managed to lose 4 lbs since last week, so my doctor has okay-ed my weird cravings and told me that I just need to eat anything (minus gluten) I can tolerate at this point, since 13 wks has not brought the end of the nausea, but has instead brought the beginning of the vomiting.

On a more positive note, sometime in the next 7ish weeks we will get to find out what gender baby "B" is and actually get to settle on a name!


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