Bucket List

The other day while surfing the web, I stumbled upon someones bucket list, and I decided, why not make one for myself? So here it goes...

1. Run a Marathon
2. Learn to Sew (check)
3. Go on an extended Medical Mission trip (check)
4. Drive from coast to coast
5. Visit all 50 states
6. Take my husband to Europe
7. Have a dog (check), a husband (check), four kids (1/2 way there) and a white picket fence
8. Meet the Duggars (I've met a few of them, but I'd still like to meet them all!)
9. Open a free clinic in Mexico (my life's mission)
10. Be a school nurse
11. Go camping, and like it
12. Ride in a hot air balloon
13. Be in Times Square on New Years Eve
14. Take my family to Disney World
15. Read the bible cover to cover
16. Retire young and at the beach
17. Make a difference in at least one persons life every day
18. Write and publish a book
19. Be an extra in a movie
20. Go snowboarding
21. Grow my own vegetables
22. Cherish every single moment with my friends and family (Wow, this takes on such new meaning now)
23. Start a fire from scratch
24. Spend a whole week at a spa with my mom
25. Raise my kids to know and love Jesus (Working on this one every day!)


  1. i am SURE you've already made a difference in one person's life:)


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