oh how I love the sun

Today, I am so happy to see the sunshine and feel the amazing warm weather, that I literally almost cried (must be the pregnancy emotions). So today I am going to post a list of things that I love about summer or that remind me of summer while I sit on my back porch with my laptop.

diet coke with lime/strawberry lime slush (mmm sonic)
jogging at the trail in the early morning
the smell of sunscreen (and aloe when I get burnt)
walking outside barefoot
fishing at the lake
the smell of grass and flowers (which leads to...)
runny eyes and nose (love me some zyrtec)
kerby family vacation
flip flops
blue skies
iced mochas
cookouts and swimming at my parents house
laying out with jordan (which we will only have a month and a half to cram it in before shes in africa!)
the nwa naturals
bryan's birthday

and of course then the end of summer brings:

my birthday
my favorite season, fall
craft fairs
all things pumpkin-y
and most importantly the arrival of sweet baby B!

I hope you're all enjoying this amazing spring day as much as I am!



pics of me and some favorite friends from last summer


  1. Aw yay!! Laying out with meeeee made the list :)

    That made me very happy lol


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