Saturday Morning

It's Saturday morning and we are up early, took Bryan in to work and stopped by caffinity to get my favorite drink, iced mocha. Windex-ed the windows to get Sadie's nose prints off from where she stalks the numerous squirrels in our yard from the comfort of her bed right by the window. This week was a long one, but I'm glad to have four days off this weekend to rest, and get ready to do it all over again.

We have our 12 week appointment this week, can't wait to hear the sweet baby's heart beat again. I bought the first decoration for the baby's room this last week. Something I was tempted to buy a few weeks ago and then saw again at another store and felt like it was destiny for me to buy it... and come to find out it was the last one in stock... so... I had to.

It's a very versatile piggy bank, that will eventually have a pink or blue around its neck...

So last weekend me, bry and sadie went on a mini nw ark road trip... here are some pictures of our adventure

For some reason, Sadie lays like this in the car, we don't understand.

Well, that is it for today, have a good weekend everyone.


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