today I am thankful for...

Nausea Medication. (that actually works!)

My sweet OBGYN (whom I love, but I have only known her for a few months now) has now prescribed me two different things in the last week that have just not been effective for me, so after running a low grade fever, and under the persuasion of my family, I went to see my family dr yesterday, for the good of the baby since I was running a fever and hadn't kept food down in three days. There is something about a family dr that just makes everything better... he has known me since I was a kid, takes care of my husband and his weird ailments (we were just in two weeks ago with his ingrown toe nail, ha) and also knows I'm a nurse... and thankfully he prescribed me the one thing that I already knew worked, because its what I give my patients in the hospital. Zofran sub-lingual, my new best friend. I had tried the regular zofran tabs, with no luck... still nauseated and throwing up... and then phenergan, ha, that's a joke, yes, it knocked me unconscious for 12 hours, oh but minus the breaks to be woken up to throw up. So thanks to dr. b, I kept my first food down in three whole days yesterday (egg drop soup from lins garden, still got those pregnancy cravings!).  He thinks I had a stomach virus and that this isnt pregnancy related, Praise Jesus. So maybe once this passes, I will actually begin seeing the benefits of second trimester?? Not to complain, because I have already seen an increase in my energy level. Lets just get rid of this nausea... although I do feel like its God's not-so-little way of reminding me of the sweet creation that is taking place in my body, so I won't complain.

Here are some pictures from last weekend... sick hubby and the snow storm

When Daddy's sick, so is Sadie.
The freak 9 inch snow storm at the end of march

Have a great weekend everyone, hope you get to enjoy it!


  1. glad you are feeling better! It will all pass, don't be discouraged! Who's your OBGYN? Always good to love THAT doctor:)

  2. thanks Jessica! I go to Dr. Collins at Washington Regional, she is great! :)

  3. jessica if you see this will you please invite me to your blog? I can't see it anymore!!


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