will the nausea really end in two more weeks?

10 weeks today and my all day nausea has turned into evening nausea... I'm not sure what is worse. I'm hoping it starts to subside in the next two weeks... I looked at and baby b is the size of a prune (doubled in size from our ultrasound two weeks ago) and has finger and toes nails! So crazy... I don't understand how people don't believe in God after seeing such a miracle in progress. I am still extremely tired and my days have been consisting of bubble baths and foot rubs from my sweet husband.

Spring has Sprung around NW Arkansas and I couldn't be more excited. 60 degree weather means driving with the windows down, playing outside with Sadie and if I start feeling better soon, some outdoor jogging (my very favorite type of exercise.)

I begrudgingly weighed myself this morning and despite feeling like I am getting huge... I have yet to gain any weight, which I am very glad. It probably has something to do with my inability to eat at night and having a job where I walk/stand nonstop.

Today I have to run errands which I am not very excited about... DMV to get new tags since I just realized friday that they expired in Feb, take Sadie's rabies tag to be registered (after having it for two month) and going to walmart... But I am very excited to spend the whole weekend at home with Bryan and Sadie, my two loves...


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