15 weeks!

This week has brought the slowing of my nausea and sleepiness, not to say it is totally gone, but it is definitely better. I have been feeling some butterfly/finger- touch like movements in my lower abdomen, is it the baby? I'd like to think so, Bryan's even been "feeling" the baby in his stomach this week, ha. We read this week that our sweet baby B is the size of an apple, and can hear us now. How amazing is our creator to form such an amazing creation that can hear its mama and daddy's voices before entering this world? I am constantly amazed by the things the baby can do each week. I have started to get comments that I am really starting to show this week, which may be partly due to the fact that I finally retired my pre-pregnancy scrubs and started wearing my maternity scrubs to work this week. They are much more comfortable, for sure. Bryan will have to take some pictures for me to post this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, I am excited because today I get to go see my friend Nikki to get my hair done and get spray tanned. Tonight possibly going to the Naturals game, and as for the rest of the weekend, its looking like yard work, but I am actually excited about it. :) Bryan surprised me yesterday and told me he is taking me to Dallas for Memorial Day to see Wicked. I LOVE Wicked. I saw it on Broadway with my mom and aunt when I was 18, and I am so excited to see it again. My husband is very sweet to me and loves to surprise me with things, I am a lucky girl.

The main question I have been getting is "Is the baby a boy or a girl?"... We don't know yet, and won't probably for another month, but I have posted a poll on the blog so you can vote! I have an idea of what I think the baby is... but we will wait and see...Have a great weekend everyone and please vote!!


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