Baby Boy Buettemeyer

After much anticipation and 19 weeks of waiting and wondering, we found out yesterday that our sweet baby b is very much a little boy. Ever since I found out that I was pregnant I had a feeling that this baby was a girl, everyone was telling me it was a girl, and according to our blog poll the vast majority of people thought it was a girl. Well boy did he surprise us when the ultrasound tech (after looking a few minutes, and baby b was being very modest) said "here we go! see that there?" and we saw a small  dot on the screen and I said "its a boy!" This is quite a surprise and a huge blessing, we are ecstatic and thrilled to be having a little boy. She said she was 99.9% sure he was a boy, so I finally have the go ahead to buy any and everything I want in blue and green for our little guy. I guess the ultrasound techs aren't supposed to tell us much about how the baby looks until the dr looks at everything, but she pointed out the little structures and each feature and told us that she didn't see anything that we should be concerned about (that is a blessing in itself!), and that there is for sure only ONE baby in there. He has a four chamber heart that we could see beating away (146 bpm yesterday!) and two kidneys, a little black spot that is his bladder, a big ol round belly, two arms and two legs (he looked like he was in a kneeling prayer position), and a 3 vessel cord. He even has a sweet face (that looked kind of scary on the ultrasound but I know he will be perfect), he was smacking his lips and trying to suck his thumb, so very sweet. The 30 minutes of our ultrasound is right up there in some of the best 30 minutes of my life. I can't believe that baby is inside me, seeing him and feeling him more and more every day makes it more real. He weighed 12 oz yesterday and according to his measurements she said my due date was probably closer to Sept. 23. I know not to be set on that date or any other date, but I was pretty sure our date was off by a week or so, and this proved it, either that or he is just a big boy. :)

We met our parents for dinner at Outback last night to tell them first what the baby is. I made blue cupcakes and we had a good time. Everyone is so excited. I just can't believe that is probably the last time I will see our sweet baby until he is born in 4 1/2 months. I am halfway through this pregnancy and I am enjoying it so much more now that I am feeling better.

A lot of people have been asking about names and as for names, we are kind of keeping them under wraps for awhile, we have a pretty good idea what we are going to name him, but we aren't going to announce it until we are sure. Thankfully we had narrowed it down to two boys names and like 6 girl names, so this will be a much easier decision. :)

Bryan was one of the last Buettemeyer males in his family to carry on the name, so we are glad to be having a boy to carry on the Buettemeyer name.

Here are some pictures... they are blurry and I plan on going to my parents house to scan them onto the computer in the next few days so they will looking clearer.


  1. Congrats on a baby boy!!! So happy for you guys!! Looks like your due date jumped ahead of mine! haha Can't wait to hear what you are going to name him! What a miracle! I can't wait until my ultrasound again next Tues. I love being right on track with you, it's so much fun! To bad we don't live closer :)


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