Week 23 update

Bryan and I went to Dallas this weekend with his parents and sister to see wicked. We had a great time and got some baby shopping in as well! I am very tired and so glad to be home, but I thought I would post a picture of the bedding that we got for the baby's room. I've been going back and forth between jungle animals and something more sophisticated... but we ran across this today on CLEARANCE, and I fell in love. Bryan and I have a giraffe "theme" in our living room, not really on purpose, but I just really love giraffes, so I really wanted to do giraffe print in the nursery. This has giraffes and giraffe print, so it was PERFECT. I was glad to find it all today and bring it home with me! I am glad to have it actually start coming together. Bryan is itching to start painting the baby's room... so I'm sure the nursery will start taking shape soon. For now, I will leave you with a picture of the bedding, we are going to paint the walls tan and have an accent wall in a darkish green. :)


  1. yay! SOOO fun getting your sweet baby's room all ready.

  2. Very cute!!! I love giraffe's too! I posted my baby bedding too! Did you guys decide for sure on the name??

  3. Thanks!! I can't wait to get a crib to put it on now! No, we haven't decided on a name still, we keep going back and forth... I keep telling Bryan we need to decide soon because I want to know before my shower which is at the end of July. Such a hard thing to do!


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