26 weeks

I went in this week for my 26 week appointment. I had to drink glucola (barf please) and wait an hour to get my blood drawn, so my mom went with me since bryan couldn't be away from work that long. Baby B's heartbeat was 164 (thanks to the glucola) and my doctor said everything is measuring perfectly. Yesterday I got a phone call with my lab results... no gestational diabetes! yay... but I am anemic (doesn't surprise me...) so I have to take iron pills now on top of my prenatal vitamins... fun stuff. So far my pregnancy has been wonderful, and I can't believe how close we are to meeting our sweet baby. We have another ultrasound in two weeks, and I know he is going to be so much bigger, I can't wait. He is a huge wiggle worm, and loves to move around when I finally get comfortable at night. Also, I think we have decided on a name, but Bryan doesn't want to say for sure until we see him... but its good to at least have a good idea what his name will be. :)

I am trying to decide about cloth diapers... I have heard it is much easier with girls than boys... I was set on it until we found out baby b was a boy... and now I am a little unsure. We would probably use them mostly when we are at home... any thoughts, ideas or suggestions? Also my baby shower is in a little over a month and we need to go register. Any suggestions on things to register for? This is all so new to us! More to come...


  1. Glad all is well...I was anemic with all three babies. fun! Also I cloth diapered my boys...don't think it was any hard with them then it is with Paisley. If you need any help or have questions let me know!

  2. ...a lot of it depends on the fold. For a boy you can put more thickness in the front rather than the back. Do what your heart wants to do!


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