28 weeks

This summer has been eventful for us so far. We are so blessed to be house sitting for the Seays, who are living in Hong Kong, and were so gracious to offer their amazing home to us while they're away. Currently, they're back in NWA and we have moved in with our parents... our parents are wonderful for letting not only us stay with them for a few weeks, but also letting us bring our horse... lol Sadie.. or Sea Biscuit as my dad likes to call her. We've been living at Bryan's parents house for three days now, and so far so good. Makes us realize even more how blessed we are to be staying at the Seay's house. 

Hudson Charles is growing more and more every day. I feel like every time I look in the mirror I am just getting bigger and bigger. Random people ask me all the time when he is due. People love to touch my belly... especially Hudson's daddy. He is already so in love with his little boy. Hudson has started kicking harder and harder... I enjoy it most of the time, but this week he started getting the hiccups, and that can be a tad bit annoying, but I love knowing that he is in there, just baking until he is ready to meet us. 

Third trimester has been interesting so far. I can definitely feel the strain of my belly on my back and legs while I am at work and on my feet for 12 hours. I enjoy working though because it keeps me active and gives me something to do. I got a bladder infection this week, which is very uncomfortable and instead of peeing every 30 min, its been like every 10, but the antibiotics seem to be helping... grateful that my doctor is at the same hospital where I work, makes getting seen very convenient. Bryan wants me to go into labor at work... I don't think thats such a good idea. I can see myself sticking someone with an IV and my water breaking all over the floor... I'd rather not go there. 

We have another ultrasound next thursday to take another peek at Hudson's kidneys. They were borderline enlarged at our last ultrasound so they're just going to check them again. The doctor said it is pretty normal for boys and usually something they outgrow, we will still be praying that he is healthy in every other way... We've been so blessed with a great pregnancy so far... 12 more weeks to go. We are excited because G-ma (Janet, Bryan's mom) and Grammy (my mom) are going with us to see Hudson's ultrasound. They're both excited. 

So thats about it for now, everyone have a great 4th of July. I'll be celebrating at the hospital all weekend, but hey someone has to take care of the patients even on the holidays, and sometimes they bring us special treats, so I'm not going to complain. 


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