29 weeks, take two

Went to the dr this morning to get the results of our ultrasound last week...

and Praise the Lord...

Hudson's kidneys are perfect, within normal range, and nothing to be concerned about anymore! Our sweet baby boy is developing just perfectly.

I titled this post "29 weeks, take two" because the doctor said we are still going to go by the original due date- October 1st, for now. She said he may come the last week of September, but since I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks, those are usually the most accurate, and in third trimester she said if they are measuring within three weeks of their due date, it usually doesn't change. This is good and bad. It is good because as long as he is born after Sept. 1, Jordan will be home... and after Sept. 14, I will be able to take official maternity leave. And... after Sept 25, my maternity leave puts me off of work through Christmas... so he can just stay cooking for all I care... the bad thing is that I am so ready to meet my baby boy, and already tired and HOT all the time... and have horrible heart burn, but I can deal with it. :)


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