Hudson Charles

Went for our 28 (ish) wk ultrasound... which actually ended up putting me at 29 w 5 d. Hudson is doing perfect and was curled up in a little ball the whole time. The ultrasound tech said his kidneys look fine to her, nothing to be concerned about... but we will have to wait until next wednesday to hear that officially from my doctor. His little heart was beating 151 bpm. I told her when we got there that if she told me that he was actually a she I was going to have a heart attack. Thankfully, we got a good peek at his "boy parts" and he is very much a little boy! Good thing, I was going to have to take a lot of stuff back! 

Hudson is a whopping 3.3 lbs right now, and he has very long legs and feet. I loved getting to see how he was laying because his arms and legs were both on the left side of my abdomen, and that is always where I feel him moving, I think that probably his favorite way to lay. We tried to get him to move around a little bit, but he was pretty comfy and just wanted to be left alone, although he had no problem kicking the little ultrasound machine thing when it got too close for comfort. My mom and Bryan's mom got to go with us to see him, so that was exciting. This is probably the last time we will see him until he is born, which is so so soon. I'm getting excited about starting on the nursery in a few weeks, ill be more glad to get it done. 

Thats it for now. The pictures are hard copies, so I may go and scan them in on my parents printer in the next few days so they aren't so blurry. I got to skype with "Aunt" Jordan this morning in Africa and showed her the pictures of Hudson through skype, technology is amazing. 

Celebrating Bryan's 25th Birthday on Saturday. Looking forward to a full day of fun with my incredible husband! 


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