35 weeks, 4 days

Well I thought it was time to update again after our doctors appointment yesterday.

After we left the hospital on Friday night they told us to return to my regular ob/gyn first thing Monday morning to reassess my blood pressure and to decide about the whole bed rest thing... I was on modified bedrest on Sunday, which means I was supposed to rest , but I could get up and move around a little bit, I could sit at the table, take a shower, etc. Well, we get to the clinic yesterday and they get us right in (amazing how that is with no appointment!) and they check my blood pressure... high... of course. So she came in to check it again, still high. At this point my doctor comes in and does my strep b test and checks to see if I am dilating. (Which I was, to a one! woo!) Then they checked my blood pressure again... still high... and my doctor then tells me that I am done working and that they were going to send me up to labor and delivery to be monitored while they ran my labs, again. So I took my bedrest note upstairs to my director (love that the clinic is in the hospital!) and saw some of my friends on 5th floor for the last time in a while and then treked back down to l and d, where I got hooked back up to all of the monitors and they drew blood and all kinds of fun things... my bp was fine while I was resting (hence the bedrest) and my labs were all okay, but I made the mistake of sitting up to eat cheetos in bed (when after 4 hours they FINALLY let me eat) and the fetal monitor moved and showed the baby have a decreased heart rate... which me, bryan and my dad all saw on the monitor and knew it was because the monitor moved. But the nurse didn't see that, so they had me go for an ultrasound to makes sure the baby was moving enough, heart beating enough, making breathing motions, etc. So Bryan got to go with me to see the ultrasound, Hudson passed with flying colors. He met the amount of requirements in ten minutes less than he had to AND he was napping for awhile during the test. And we found out that he has some hair! yay! So after everything came back okay and 6 hours being monitored, my doctor sent me home with orders for STRICT bed rest, no driving, cooking, cleaning, or basicially moving. She said to act like I had two broken legs, because apparently when I get up I swell and my bp shoots up. I do not have preeclampsia, yet, because I am not spilling protein in my urine, but apparently if I am not good about my bedrest it could happen anytime. They are hoping to keep it from progressing to that. She said she really wants me to make it until 37/38 weeks... which means two weeks of (hopefully uncomplicated) bed rest and then baby can come. We go back to the doctor tomorrow afternoon for a nonstress test and some more monitoring and then we're going to go from there, but she has made it clear that Bryan should be at my appointments with me incase they have to induce early, etc... and she said if Hudson came now he would be fine and maybe just have to spend a few days extra in the nursery, but probably with no/little complications.

So my sweet husband dropped me off at home and then went to the grocery store and to get us some dinner. My brother brought me over some tv series on dvd to watch from his game store and people already started calling to bring meals. We are very very blessed.

So I am allowing myself 5 minutes every two hours to get up, go to the kitchen and bathroom, change couches/bed, and take Sadie out... then it is back on my booty. My grandma brought me lunch today and I have managed to watch all my dvr'ed shows and a movie (27 dresses!), take two baths and take a two hour nap. Now I am waiting on Bryan to get home to keep me company and we are going to watch baby mama that I got from netflicks in the mail today. I am obsessed with that movie.

That is the update for now... more to come tomorrow. I am shooting for baby to be born next Friday, Sept. 10, which was my mom's due date with me- speaking of that, my 24th birthday is this Thursday, and this will be my first, and hopefully only, bed rest birthday. My dad is making me crab legs for dinner and I have special permission to go over there as long as I promise to be good and stay off of my feet. Also, my sister-in-law, will be home from her two months in Africa, which means Hudson can come anytime!

More to come... :)


  1. Praying that little Hudson comes a little early for you. I can't imagine being on bed rest. I think I would go crazy! haha

  2. So glad they didn't make you stay in the hospital! Bedrest is no fun! I've been off and on modified for this pregnancy but strict would be SO hard!


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