How things can change in a year (35 weeks)

I found this note that I posted on Facebook on July 9 of last year... I read it again and was instantly encouraged just as much as I was the day that I first wrote it. It amazes me how much things can change in a year, but the basis for my life is constant, unchanging, always the same.

"What a blessing today has been for me. For some reason I feel the need to write this note and share a little bit about what the Lord has been doing in our lives. I think more than anything, each day is another reminder of the Lord's faithfulness and goodness. No matter how far we fall away, He continues to love us and draw us back to Him. He has been teaching me that everything happens in his perfect timing alone. He has been answering my prayers in ways I could never imagine. Bryan sent me a passion podcast this morning and I thought I would share some of it with all of you.

"You are called to follow Jesus right here, right now, right in this community with these people... You are also called to be true to your own DNA, how God has created you- not only to reach these people but to live among them. Do not be distracted. Remember that God can do great things through those who are slow, steady and faithful. Your calling is just to follow Jesus." 'Summertime' Passion Podcast (I strongly recommend you listen to it)

For anyone who knows me well, they know that my passion is mission work. I've suffered (half-joking) through 15 months of nursing school to eventually meet my goal of doing mission work in Mexico- possibly opening a free clinic one day. It is so easy to get discouraged when you have a goal in mind that seems so far off. This reminded me that God has me here, right now for a reason. This is my mission field. Now is the only time that I am guaranteed, my future is in the Lord's hands alone.

With graduation, job prospects and housing changes in the near future for Bryan and I, we are continuing to trust in God to place us exactly where we can serve him the best, in the center of His plan for us."

At the time that I wrote this we were on the verge of many life changes... Bryan was applying for a new position at Wal-Mart, and after almost 6 months of interviews and much discouragement, the Lord placed Bryan in an amazing position in the same department that he was already working in, exactly what he wanted, a promotion in a time when we are lucky just to have jobs. I had interviewed at Washington Regional, but it was for a night position and on a regular Med-Surg floor, not exactly what I was wanting. After I accepted the position and started working, I got switched to day shift and got settled working on the Geriatric Specialty unit, a unit designed to help rehabilitate seniors (70 and over) immediately after surgery or illness and I must also admit that I have the BEST coworkers. I have learned more in the past year of work than I can even explain, it isn't easy by any means, but I think its the challenge that I like. 

At this time we also were getting ready to move into the Seay's house to house sit while they are living in China. This came at a time when we were very discouraged about having to pay back student loans and unsure how we were going to make ends meet. We had only been praying about this situation for a few days when an email arrived in my inbox from Deborah, who I had only kept facebook contact with since babysitting her kids when I was in jr high and high school. The Seays have provided us with an amazing opportunity to live and keep their house up while they are gone... and after being a bit concerned at first how it was going to turn out to live in someone else's house... the first year was amazing, and we are glad and so blessed to be staying for another year and paying off those loans!

But obviously, the most interesting change that has happened since I wrote that post is that on January 18 we found out that we were expecting a baby. I must admit, initially I was shocked, scared to death... and I will admit that I cried... (not necessarily sad tears, but more like "oh my gosh my life will never be the same" tears) This was a surprise for sure, we had no idea how far along we were... and I had been VERY sick in December with h1n1 and I was concerned for the baby's health because I had taken a lot of medication that can be detrimental in first trimester. After going to our first ultrasound the Lord provided again, we were only 8 weeks, I wasn't pregnant yet when I was so sick, another huge blessing.  Baby Hudson is just coming 6 or so months sooner than mommy and daddy were planning... but again, the Lord has his plans and his timing, and now we are so ready to meet our baby that there is no way we would wait another six months.

I write all of this not to brag about our lives or to act like I have the perfect life. I still struggle with purpose and wondering what I am doing here... why I can't be out in the mission field, why money has to exist... I know that we aren't perfect, there are so many things in my life that I have no control over and that is where I have learned that the Lord has to take a hold of me and remind me that He has a purpose for everything and his timing is better than anything we could plan. He is the constant in my life when life itself changes constantly. And I know I could think of so many more examples of how He has worked in our lives, and I am sure there are also many things I am unaware of. So as the Lord continues to bless us, I try to remember that for every blessing He gives us, to pour the praise back to Him. I have the things I have because of Him, not because of anything I have done. I also know that there will be more struggles and difficulties to come, but that Jesus Christ will always be the constant and stronghold in my life.


  1. So encouraging Jenna! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to see you in 6 DAYS!!!!!!! Love you and miss you lots :)


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