An interesting night... 35.5 weeks.

Well, the last few days I have been a swollen mess. I had attributed it all to just being in that last month... and the fact that its hot outside. Well yesterday I had an absolutely amazing day... I got up with my husband (at 8:30, i might add, thats GOOD for us sleeping in) and we went to the walmart associates store and took Sadie to the lake to let her swim, got home, got ready and went to Fayetteville and spent the afternoon with my work friends and had a super baby shower for Hudson. I got home around 5 and felt absolutely horrible. My legs and ankles were three times their normal size, it was creeping up my calves... so I laid down and had Bryan check my blood pressure... 160/90... then I had him help me and I listened to it... 155/90... then I laid down and rested for another hour we rechecked it... 160/100. So Bryan and Richard went to work making an amazing steak dinner while Sam and I watched "Say Yes to the Dress". I called my mom to tell her about my BP and we decided that if I checked it again and it was still high I needed to call the doctor. So we rechecked it, got 158/90. So I called the dr on call at the hospital. As Bryan and Richard were taking the steaks off of the grill at 8:30 the dr called back and said they wanted me to come into the hospital for some blood work and to monitor my BP. So my poor husband who slaved over dinner, ate like three bites and we headed to Fayetteville with bags in tow, just in case... My first couple of blood pressures at the hospital were high and then they started to taper down. All of my lab work came back okay,the baby was doing perfect but they are checking a couple more things and having me come back tomorrow to see my regular doctor... and to reevaluate this modified bedrest thing. So we got discharged at 11:30 and headed back to eat our steak dinner.

So day one of bed rest is almost over... so far my husband has cooked/reheated all three meals for me... we have watched two movies, and played mario kart on wii.

My next project is putting together meals plans and menus and to hopefully start cooking somethings to freeze for Hudson's big arrival. So here is my question... any good recipes or ideas for meals that are easy and that freeze well? We love soups so I will be doing a couple of those... but I love trying new recipes... more updates to come after I see the doctor tomorrow.


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