Finally almost 36 weeks...

Went back to the doctor today and apparently bed rest has done me well. We only had to stay for like an hour this time for the baby's heart beat to be monitored and the doctor said everything is perfect and my blood pressure was good, so its back to bed rest for me for another week until we get seen again. I must admit I am a little disappointed, not that everything was good, but that its just time to play the waiting game now. She said if my blood pressure stays good then they will let me go into labor on my own... so we will wait and hope it stays good, but that also might mean a whole month until we meet Hudson. I know the little guy will come when he is ready.

So that is it for now, tomorrow is my birthday, I am looking forward to spending some good time with my family.

Oh one more thing, Bryan just took some pictures of me/us. This one turned out really well.


  1. I LOVE that picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday! Love you!


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