6 weeks old

My precious baby boy was six weeks old yesterday. I cannot believe how fast time is passing. I feel like he is changing so much everyday. Hudson has found his hands, he loves to hold on to things like his lovey or mama's hair (ouch). He coos and makes all kinds of baby noises all the time (even all night, sometimes) and I think it is the most precious thing ever. Last night was his first night to sleep outside of our room, we put him in the pack and play in our bathroom (since his nursery is upstairs, and I am not quite ready for that yet). I can't believe how much better I slept without being able to hear every noise he made, just the loud one at 2 am telling me it was time to eat and the squeal at 5:30 that he wanted to come cuddle with mama and daddy in bed.

Hudson is on a pretty consistent schedule, still eating about every 2-3 hours during the day and 4-6 at night. During the day he has about 30 min to an hour of awake time before he naps, and his awake time is usually so fun. I love to watching him look around and make funny facial expressions. He usually stays awake from 10-2 during the day and likes to take a long afternoon nap with his mama. Hudson also LOVES his car seat and the car. He can be so upset and screaming and we get in the car and he goes right to sleep. He loves all of his grandparents very much. He really loves his Grandpa Chuck, my dad can get him to stop crying in an instant, its really sweet. He loves to go shopping with mama and Grammy (not really, but I don't give him a choice) and he loves that he gets to visit his G-ma and Aunt Jordo almost everyday. He is a very lucky little boy to have all of his family so close (and so are we, we love all the help!). Every night when daddy gets home, Hudson wants NOTHING to do with me, he just wants Bryan to hold him... its very cute (and I am kind of glad because it gives me a break!)

I found out yesterday that I don't have to go back to work until the week after thanksgiving! Praise Jesus, that gives me 6 more weeks with my sweet boy... Hope everyone is doing well, more to come...


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