oh the life of being a mom of a newborn...

Hudson is 1 month old today. My life has changed tremendously this past month.... I don't think anyone could ever prepare anyone for what its like to have a newborn. Partially, I have realized how selfish I was before... basically everything I did, I did it because I wanted to, felt like I needed to... etc. But not anymore... everything I do centers around my child. Even when he is sleeping, I am washing his clothes, pumping... or RUNNING to to take a shower in 5 minutes before he wakes up... I love the fact that we have started to get into a routine. He takes a long morning nap which lets me either go back to sleep, or work out, pick up the house and take a shower, and then in the afternoon I snuggle up with my baby Huddy and take a nap with him on the couch. I just have realized that my time with him is so so precious. I will never have these moments with him when he is this little again. I am in love with being a mom, dreading going back to work, even though I am only going back two days a week... it will be so hard to leave him! He has already outgrown his tiny-est preemie outfits and it makes me realize even more how fast time is going, but I am so glad he is growing and so healthy!

Sorry my posts have been few and far between, not near as much time as I used to have... while I am typing I am waiting for my chocolate chip pumpkin muffins (thanks to Jenna for the recipe, they smell wonderful!) to bake... and listening to some old school shane and shane while Hudson is asleep right next to me in his car seat (dont judge me, you just do what you have to do to get some quiet, and he LOVES his car seat) and wondering when my husband will wake up... (he did help with baby duty last night so I could get some more sleep!) And in this precious quiet moment I am still hoping to take a shower before Hudson wakes up to eat again... Bryan's grandparents are here meeting Hudson this weekend, we are looking forward to more time with them today, and hopefully without a fussy baby.

I am going to end my post giving all the glory to the Lord again for my wonderful sweet baby boy and for giving me the opportunity to be a mother, I know so many people have a hard time having children and want it so badly so I am not taking this blessing for granted for even one moment. I am cherishing every moment with Hudson because I know it is a blessing from God... I never knew someone could come into my life and change it like he has... a parent's love is truly like no other.

 swaddled boy
 Hudson looks so much like his daddy!
My boys!


  1. It sounds like you are doing a GREAT job and Hudson is adorable!! I hope you like the muffins!!

  2. oh cutness. i'm excited to meet him. and just the mention of pumpkin chocolate chip muffins is making my mouth water. ohhh i love pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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