2 months

Hudson is 2 months old as of last week. I wanted to write an update about all of the things he is doing and that he likes.
-He has started smiling and cooing a lot in the past two weeks.
-He loves his mommy and really loves to hold onto my hair while he is nursing or going to sleep.
-He also loves to play with his daddy. He gets so happy when Bryan comes home and doesn't want mama to hold him anymore.
-He is wearing 0-3 month clothes now, but they are all getting short on him.
-He weighs 10 lbs and 12 oz and is 22 inches long.
-He doesn't like hats, or for his head to be covered up.
-He eats every three hours and usually sleeps from about 7-8 every night with one late night feed at about 10 and early morning feed around 5.
-He likes to snuggle with his mama after his early morning feed, one of my favorite times with him.
-Hudson loves his car seat and going on trips in the car.
-He is so good with his head and loves to look around at everyone and check things out.

He is pretty much the sweetest little thing that has ever happened to us, and we are so in love. Life has definitely changed, but for the better, for sure. :) I go back to work in two weeks, makes me so sad, but he will be in good hands and I am only working two days a week, so it is going to be just fine.


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