Save, Save, Save

I will just tell you this right now, I am a big saver. I love coupons, so much that it probably makes me a little bit of a nerd, but honestly I love shopping... and if I can save at the grocery store, then that is more money that I can spend somewhere else.

The other day my grandma came over and brought me a news article and asked me if we get the paper. My answer was "yes, but the only day I open it is Sunday to get the coupons" and that is the complete truth. Now, we do not pay for the paper, neither do the people who own our house, but for some reason we keep getting it, so I am using it for the savings. I would be lying if I said I didn't get excited on Monday (or lately Tuesday, because that's our trash day and the day that I throw all the other 6 unused papers away) when I go out to the mail box and retrieve the Sunday paper, just wondering what awesome savings are out there.

Now that Hudson is here, I feel like I am even more diligent about looking for coupons that can save us money on diapers, wipes and formula (I am supplementing with two formula bottles daily, so we don't go through THAT much, but still). I think I got this from my  mom, she always used coupons, and now if she sees baby coupons she saves them for me, Thanks Mom! Enfamil and Similac keep sending me $10-$15 dollar off coupons and free samples, so the majority of the formula I have gotten has been free, or almost free, because we go through about one little can every two weeks. Love that.

I am a Wal-Mart girl through and through. My dad is retired from Wal-Mart after working there 26 years and now my husband has been there 7 years. I support them as much as I can, but lately I have also been paying attention to the Walgreens Ads because there is a Walgreens conveniently located about 2 miles from our house that I pass every time I go somewhere. So I thought I would share my savings today. We are going to visit my family this weekend in Missouri so Bryan can hunt opening weekend with my dad. I had some diaper coupons that were getting ready to expire so I decided I needed to get a few packs to take with us.

At Walgreens I bought:
1 pack Huggies Diapers Reg Price $8.99, sale price $7.99 with a $2.00 off coupon, so got them for $5.99
1 pack Pampers Dry Max diapers (got 10 more diapers than the snugglers, which I usually buy) Reg $10.49, $2.00 off coupon (walgreens specific) so I got them for $8.49
2 pack Duracell C batteries (for Hudson's swing, we go through SO many!) Reg. $5.49, coupon for $2.49
2 Ghiradelli  dark chocolate and white mint bars (for my sanity) on sale for 2 for $3.00

So I saved $12.18 on things that I needed. That's the other catch, I only clip coupons for things that I usually buy, that way they don't get me with buying something more expensive that usual.

I am always very proud of my savings, and I love seeing my original total at Wal-Mart be like $90 and then after our employee discount and coupons down to $70.

On another note, my baby Hudson is 2 months old today. We took him to the doctor today, he weighed in at 10 lbs 12 oz and 21 inches long. My baby boy is growing!! He got his first round of shots and so far so good... He slept through the night last night and I would love it if he would do it again tonight!! That's it for now, peace out from the Buettemeyers!


  1. I was thinking all your price savings paragraph would end somewhat like a MasterCard commercial. Surely something was priceless right?!?! :)

    And since I am not signed in, this is Hudson's Aunt Jordo :)


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