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Good morning all! I have had a good few days off... and I still have three more before going back to happy hill...

Something clicked in my head this week about losing weight. I have been struggling to lose some of the baby weight since I had Hudson, and so far it has been VERY slow going. I usually don't like to talk about this kind of thing, but I figure I better be honest with myself and the world that if I don't start doing something about it, its never going to come off. One of my life long goals is to run a marathon. I ran a half marathon when I was in college, I was in the best shape of my life, and then a month later I tore my ACL and had to have surgery. I was in half marathon shape again a year and a half ago, but my knee started hurting so I gave it up again. I have started jogging again this week, I'm trying to push through the pain (which honestly has not been that bad yet). My goal is to work out for 21 days straight (minus the days I work, because they're enough of a workout on their own)... and then hope that I am back in the habit. I have lost 20 pounds since I had Hudson and I have 20 more or so to go to be to my pre-pregnancy weight. But honestly, I would like to lose around 50 to be back where I was in college. I know it is going to take hard work, but I am willing to do anything at this point. I am not a fan of fad diets or "quick" fixes, I don't believe that they work in the long haul. I am *trying* to do weight watchers online along with my workouts, and I have been cooking almost 100% of our meals out of my healthy cookbooks so we are eating better and saving money. I guess I decided that if I blog about my journey, it will help keep me accountable and may be an encouragement to someone else out there.

My plan is to run a half marathon in March. So far I am at 2 1/2 miles, so I have about 11 more to go before then, but I have done it before so I know I can do it again, the struggle is finding time to workout with the baby... and I hate running on the treadmill which is what I have to do since it is too cold for the jogging stroller and dark when Bryan gets home.

I have a marker board where I am tracking my jogs and the times... trying to beat my previous day's time each day. I have a picture of myself now and of 3 years ago to motivate me, and now I just need accountability, if there is anyone who wants to join me in this journey, you are more than welcome and I would love it.

Any comments of advice or suggestions would be appreciated, as well as words of encouragement. Bryan and I are going to Florida in May and I would love to feel good about myself in a swimsuit by then.


  1. jenna, this is AWESOME!! what days do you work? Maybe we could run together? I say that VERY hesitantly because I stopped running a little while back and it's like sludging through thick molasses trying to get back into it! I am so proud of you!

  2. i'd love that! It varies every week... but i only work two days a week so i always have time :) i just wish it was warmer outside! And trust me, my running is VERY slow going at this point... its takes me like 22 min to run two miles... but we're working on it!

  3. um HELLOO!!! i want to run with you. Its a goal of mine to run a half marathon, and I've been out of running shape, and am just restarting. I typically run 2-3 miles like 2 times a week right now. And i'm not fast by any means. i'm 90% sure i'm moving home, so can we please be running buddies?? thank you!


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