Beauty Secrets Friday!

I am joining in the Show Us Your Life- Beauty Secrets Edition today.

Trust me, since I had Hudson, my style and beauty "secrets", aren't really secrets, nor do they even really exist. I just don't have time anymore.... But I am willing to share what I do do (even if its just once a week, ha)


1. Cerave face wash and lotion are my go to beauty staples. Even if I don't have time for makeup I ALWAYS wash my face and use lotion. Cerave is moisturizing, not drying and perfect for my sensitive skin. I get it at Walgreens.
2. I use MAC powder and foundation. Love the coverage and also good for sensitive skin, I have never had any problems with it. I also use MAC lipstick.
3. I use Urban Decay eye shadow (from Sephora). Half-Baked, Twice-Baked and Maui Wowie are my favorites.
4. I use Dior (Dior-show) mascara in blackest black. I like the thick, "false eyelash" look.
5. I'm obsessed with my eye liner, its a palatte by smashbox. I have it in proof and metallic.

Unfortunately my makeup only gets done when I have somewhere to go, which its like 4x a week. On the other days its either nothing, or just powder, chapstick (burts bees) and mascara.

As for my hair... oh brother.

I have been growing it out for almost two years. I cut it right after B and I got married because it was very unhealthy due to all the heat products I used. It is finally getting long again, thanks to being pregnant... and a lot of TLC from my friend and hairstylist, Nikki (at ENVE salon in fayetteville, she is incredible, if you've looking for someone new, go to her!)... and now, of course, I don't have time to do anything to it. And honestly with a 5 month old, who loves to pull and hold onto my hair, I usually keep my hair up, off of my neck and out of baby reach.

Usually I shower, blow dry the front, apply curly sexy hair creme and let it air dry for waves... its usually ok for the most part and if I need to tame it later I can use my curling iron to put big curls in it. When I blow dry all of it and straighten it, I use matrix stuff and my babyliss straightener and blow dryer are awesome. This only happens MAYBE once a week... but thanks to my friend, Nikki, next week I am getting a healthy version of the Brazilian Blowout, which should greatly improve my hair situation. I will be sure to post my thoughts on it!

I swear by pureology shampoo and conditioner, I love it a whole lot, just not the price. A better, cheaper version is loreal's ever pure.

What are your beauty secrets?


  1. I will have to try that shampoo! My hair is ...well in one word..unmanageable!

  2. I love Pureology and my Babyliss hair dryer!

  3. I linked over from Kelly's Korner. I have no beauty secrets worth sharing, but I have to say that is one darling baby!


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