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 I haven't gotten very far in this book yet, but it talks about our natural desire to crave that is God given, and how to satisfy that need with God and not the things of this world... food, tv, clothes... etc...
 Awesome short devotional book that Berkli Binns wrote, she goes to my church and this book has some good short devotionals for mommies. It is available from tate publishing and I highly recommend it! My mother-in-law bought it for me shortly after Hudson was born and it has been a blessing!
 I have heard a lot of people talking about this book, Bryan and I got it for Christmas and I just cracked it open this morning... and I couldn't put it down. Can't wait to get deeper into it. I will let you know!
 Just got this one in the mail from Amazon, have yet to start it yet, but it looks good!
Still doing this bible study... this morning I read the chapter "Lies Women Believe about Children"... and oh my goodness. I am not really sure what I think or if I agree 100%, but it started making me think. She starts the chapter talking about the fact that Satan uses birth control (along with abortion and other numerous things) to keep Christians from furthering God's Kingdom. Sort of like every person born is another "kink" in the devils plan. She doesn't really go too in depth, I was really wanting some more biblical backing for this... but I guess it makes sense. I think I am going to do some research on this on my own. Unfortunately I missed bible study last week when they talked about this because Hudson was sick. Anyone else have any ideas about this? She basically says that we can use every excuse (like I can hardly handle the kids I have, I can't make ends meet now...) but that God promises that He will provide and He has called women to be mothers and that children are the biggest blessings that He can give to a couple. I agree with children being the biggest blessing but I'm just not sure that we all need to be having 20 kids... the Duggars have done a good job with it (yes we are big fans of the duggars... still on my bucket list to meet them one day and since they live close to us it is somewhat possible) but I'm just not sure that that should be me or that I am equipped to be a mother to numerous children. Now on the flip side, maybe God is only going to bless us with Hudson... He promises that He won't give us more than we can handle. Now our "plan" is to have a few kids... but this has really started to make me think.

Please share your thoughts on this subject!


  1. Hey Jenna,

    I was reading your blog (yes, i'm the worst of blog stalkers!) this morning and this "debate" if you will, is exactly what I've endured with my in-laws, so I thought i'd share my take.

    The way I see it, God gives life. Plain and simple and no amount of birth control is going to stop him. I've known dozens, literally dozens of people who all had kids on birth control. My drama professor in college had all three of her kids on birth control and she used to joke that when she went off birth control to "try" to get pregnant, she actually never did!

    Since i'm still in school, we use birth control, with the full understanding that if this is our time to have kids, we will and we're okay with God's plan. However, it doesn't mean we can't use resources available to us in order to avoid pregnancy at this time. I kind of view it like medicine in general. God is the ultimate healer and when we get sick it's really God that heals us, however, it isn't inappropriate to take medicine to assist in that process.

    Anyway, those are my 2 cents. Hope you have a great day girl!


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