Brazilian Blow Out

So I wrote a few weeks ago about getting my hair chemically straightened. I seriously rarely fix my hair anymore, usually its because I have no place to go... and even when I go to work I usually wear my hair up (since I work around nasty things mainly and I don't want to carry them home to my family). My hair has gotten really long and I really needed to start doing something to it, and it makes me feel better to have it look good... So I decided I needed a hair intervention. I got a keratin treatment on Tuesday. Here is my hair prior to my appointment... now it honestly looks better than if i had done nothing to it because I had curled it the day before... but naturally my hair is wavy and frizzy until tamed (yes it is a cell phone picture and yes my husband is a photographer... I don't care, although I will probably get in trouble for this :))

Now, the one thing that I didn't like was that my hair was a MESS for three days after I got the treatment because you can't wash your hair for 72 hours. But after that first wash, I was a believer. I let my hair start to air dry and my bangs were COMPLETELY straight-that never happens. Then I just blew the rest dry and it looked the picture above, no straightener needed. My wavy, poofy, frizzy hair was stick straight, shiny and smooth with only a simple blow dry- no round brush either! I did smooth over the top with my straightener the next morning when I got up, but I am 100% satisfied. Later this week I will try to curl my hair and see if it will still hold curl. Should be interesting. I have more to blog about soon, but I am wanting to nap a little bit after getting around early to hear Angie Smith speak this morning at Mugs and Muffins. So incredible!


  1. looks cute, let me know how it holds curl. I may try it meself!!


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