Snow days... again...

So yesterday we got a whopping 22 inches of snow in about 6 hours. The most snow I have seen in Bentonville in my whole life. It was insane! So we were back to being cooped up in the house again, which I really don't mind, but its been happening pretty frequently lately. This picture above is my sweet baby boy being ALL boy and playing with his trucks. The picture below is my sweet husband attempting to get him car unstuck (for the third time). Notice his outfit... complete with shorts, knee socks, and my uggs.
 And no snow day is complete without a good snack. My mother in law and sister in law and I are OBSESSED with popcorn indiana. SO good. Well our silly Wal-Mart had it for a day and now it is no where to be found, so yesterday they made their own version. They came over today to see Hudson, and we made it at our house, and I think it is every bit as good as the real stuff. So I asked Jordan if I could share it on here and she gave me permission, so here goes...
Chocolate Popcorn
-1 bag of simply salted popcorn (probably without butter is better)
-6 bricks of chocolate almond bark
-mini chocolate chips

1. Pop popcorn and put on cookie sheet.
2. Melt chocolate in microwave according to package directions (careful not to burn it!)
3. Pour some mini chocolate chips over popcorn
4. Pour melted chocolate over popcorn
5. Let cool, break into small pieces and ENJOY!

We are hoping to make it out of our driveway tomorrow so we can have a real life again. I really do love the snow, but I am ready for the warm weather to come next week! I want to run outside again, the treadmill is getting very old.

On another note, today I had a "come to Jesus" meeting with my tv shows. Bryan has always been against me watching teen mom. He doesn't like the language or the way the girls talk to their parents. I like it because I like to see these girls raising their babies. But in our bible study we have been talking about garbage in, garbage out and so I decided heed my husband's advice and go through and "clean up" our DVR of the garbage shows that I genuinely like. So no more Real Housewives or Teen Mom for me... and I think I will be a better person because of it. I definitely don't want Hudson hearing those things or picking up words in a few months that might be on those shows, so why would I want to subject myself to it? Instead I have been listening to praise and worship music and working on my crafts.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful snow! More to come later...


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