Blog Makeover and an update

As you can probably see, my blog looks different. My friend Brittany totally redesigned it for me, and I think she did a great job. So, thanks Brittany!!!!

Also today is my best friend's 24th birthday! Happy Birthday, Jackie! We figured out last night that this means that we have been friends for over ten years, crazy!
She is the toughest and cutest cop I know! 
 Hudson's surrogate "Aunt Jackie", this is the day he was born
loving on baby Hudson
Way back in the day.... this is as far back as I have on my comp and i think this is after our freshman year of college... too bad facebook didn't exist in high school, lol.
She was my maid of honor!
All four of my besties... (L-R me, mickelle, stacy and jackie)   

I am so blessed to have the friends that I have, J and I have been friends for ten years and the rest of us for 8... These girls are like sisters to me. This isn't what I had planned on blogging about today... but it happened anyways, Happy Birthday Jackers!!! :)


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