Since I gave up all of my tv shows, I have been reading quite a bit.

I saw the Burpo family on The Early Show yesterday and I was intrigued. This four year old boy took a trip to Heaven and saw Jesus. And they wrote a book about it.

I just read the whole book. It is an incredible story and it makes Heaven all that more real, from the voice of a child. When I bought the book, I was really just intrigued to see if I thought it was for real. After reading it, I believe that it is definitely for real. I have always known Heaven is For Real, but it seems like a far away fairy tale land. This book makes it very real.

I am recommending it, it is a super quick read, I bought it on kindle and read it in like an hour. Even if you're not a believer, I recommend it. What an incredible account and it is all based on the Bible. The main part that was so incredible to me is that they kept showing Colton pictures of Jesus and none of them were ever right, until they showed him a picture that a little girl had painted (who had some sort of similar experience) and he said it was right. It gave me chills to look at this picture, good chills, comforting chills. I can't wait to really see Jesus, regardless of what he looks like.

If you want to see the picture go here. This is a blog talking about the book and the picture is at the bottom.

So go out and read Heaven Is For Real. You won't regret it.


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