sick days and a new Keurig

sicky, teething boy
My family has been feeling a bit under the weather the last few days... that being said, I haven't been out of the house, or out of my sweats and it is starting to show! That is besides the point...

My poor Hudson has had a runny/stuffy nose and a weak little cough. Yesterday was a rough day. All he wanted to do was cry. I pulled out all of my mommy tricks and nothing worked... except naps and bedtime. He literally slept most of the day and I was so worried he would be up all night, but nope, he slept all night too (I am giving props to God on that one, we prayed for him before bed... and our prayers were heard!).

So my sweet hubby came home from work with a new keurig coffee maker that I have been wanting!
So question for those of you out there... what K pods do you love????

I woke up with an even more sore throat, so it doesn't look like we'll be getting much done today either. I did get to work on some new burp cloths for a friend yesterday and I think they are going to be the best ones yet!

sleepy pup (yes she thinks she owns the couch)

There is my happy boy!
I gave in to the twitter craze this morning... please follow me on twitter (link in my left sidebar!).

That is all for now. I am watching fabulous cakes and cake boss this morning... and hoping to be better before I go back to work later this week.  


  1. I LOVE my Keurig!!!!! My favorite k-pods at the moment are hazelnut, butter toffee, pumpkin spice, and Sam loves Caraboo! Are those Keurig mugs? If so where did he get those????

    And I'll be following you on twitter! ;)

  2. Oh good, I ordered hazelnut and butter toffee! I love pumpkin spice, but didnt see it on the website??

    And no, those mugs are from Pier One. I LOVE them. We use them as soup bowls and cereal bowls too. Perfect size!

    I may need a twitter tutorial, I am not quite sure how it works, but I am trying!

  3. I'm SO glad you loved the Tomato Ricotta Pasta recipe, Jenna! Thanks for the feedback. You can most definitely link to this on your blog!

  4. The k-cups we always keep on hand: Hazelnut, Breakfast Blend, French Vanilla, and Chai Tea Latte. Others rotate but these are the staples we MUST have! :)


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