SIX months!!!

Hudson Charles what joy you keep bringing to us. This last month we have really started to see your sweet personality. You are just the sweetest and most precious thing to us.

-You are sleeping through the night, 10 hours most nights, sometimes you wake up and need momma to pat you, but usually you sleep straight through the night.

-You are still an early riser, just like your momma, but I could use the extra sleep these days!
-You are (usually) so happy when you get up in the morning. You sleep on your tummy and lately you have been lifting up and looking over the bumpers to see if I am coming to get you. And when you see me you smile SO big. Melts my heart.
-You are sitting up really well, but you still topple over pretty easily so we always make sure we are there to help you!

-You are still only eating veggies. We start a new one every 3 or 4 days... You have had carrots, sweet potatoes, green beans and squash. Our next one is peas, which momma has been putting off because I hate peas. Then we start fruit!

-You usually eat 5 6 oz bottles a day and eat cereal and veggies in the morning and at dinner time.
-You LOVE your johnny jump up. You are just now big enough for it and you never fuss in there, you would jump all day if I would let you. You love your froggy bouncer too.

-Your little laugh is so sweet. You don't laugh too much, and especially when we try to get you to. You tend to laugh at yourself more than anything, but you think daddy is pretty funny too.
-But you LOVE to smile. You know your family and share your smiles all the time.
-No crawling yet (thankfully) but your are scooting all over the place and lifting up, so I'm afraid its not far off.
-You reach for toys out of reach and look for momma when she leaves the room.
-You still look like daddy but I think you're looking more like momma every day.
-You never settle down to rest and cuddle with us unless you are REALLY tired or not feeling well, but when you do we eat it up because we enjoy it so much.
-You like to play peek-a-boo with us when we are trying to put you down to sleep. You act like you're sleeping and then you lift up to look and see if we are still there. It is pretty precious.
-You have made friends with baby Jacob and baby Kampbell.

-New this month is your stroller. Momma has taken you out the in jogging stroller and we've gone on some walks. Gma and Aunt Jordo took you out too (pic below courtesy of gma and aunt jordo) and you really like it!

Our Sweet Hudson, not a day goes by that you aren't making us laugh and smile. I have always considered myself to be a happy person, but since you were born I feel joyful all the time. You make your momma and daddy so proud that you are ours and your grandparents and aunt and uncle are pretty smitten with you too. God has blessed us with so much and we continually thank Him for you, our most amazing blessing. 

We love you, Hudson. Happy SIX months!


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