This week in review...

This week consisted of a lot of cleaning and organizing, and loving on a cute little guy...

My pantry has been in serious need of being organized... so my mom and I went shopping Tuesday morning and I bought some organizing shelves at target and ALL afternoon I worked on my pantry, I am quite pleased with how it turned out!
before... horrible mess, you can't see the floor
after, organized dog center (that used to be in a kitchen cabinet)... where there used to be a pile of stuff
view from door, after
i hung hooks to hold my purses so they could get off of the counter
food table

Also that morning we SCORED at the walmart associates store... I got TONS of stuff...

All for less than $80! I love the new pillows for my living room, I got lots of baby stuff and my biggest score was Align (usually at LEAST $28 at walmart, I got for $8) I also got two books for H's Easter basket that aren't pictured. My favorite score was the Paula Dean cookbook... and this is why...

We had looked at these and there was one signed to a "debbie", we don't know a debbie, but we thought it was funny and a cookbook that I actually have wanted for awhile... I moved on and my mom found this, to ME. no joke. I HAD to buy it, it was meant to be. Paula signed it for me and sent it to the associates store knowing I would find it.

I also saved some moo-lah on diapers... I had target coupons that were getting ready to expire and stacked them with regular diaper coupons. (I had my coupon book laid out in the middle of the target diaper aisle, pretty sure my mom thought I was crazy...)

2 packs of Pampers for $4.99 each and 2 packs of Huggies for $4.50 each... basically two packs free!
You can't beat that...

The biggest thing I have learned about couponing is to stack coupons... most places will let you stack store coupons (like target or walgreens in my area) with manufacturers coupons (in the newspaper). Last week I hit a big score with Similac coupons in the paper. I had my mom and grandma cut them out for me ($5 off a big pack now, $3 off later) and my aunt sent one to me on top of the one I got in my paper. That will save me a LOT of money. I stack those with my similac checks that I get in the mail (I also swap with my friends that use enfamil... for extra savings) and usually get H's formula free or almost free.

That night my friend Sarah and I also went to a "meet baby" party for my friend Mandy and her new baby girl, Eden. It was crazy to see a small newborn and realize how big my baby is getting.

Wednesday I freaked out and saw half of a mouse on my couch... pretty sure I was going to die... cried and threw a fit wanting my hubby to come home and take care of it (I'm being honest, I was being a baby)
Then after twenty mintutes of locking myself in the bedroom with the baby and talking to my mom and B on the phone, I finally got close enough to realize that Sadie had just thrown up a hair ball... not a mouse. oops.

That night I went to dinner for my besties bday! (see previous post)

Thursday Hudson had his 6 month check-up. He weighed in at a whopping 17 lbs 4 oz and was 26 in long. 50% in every category... and basically perfect. I'm switching his feedings up now under the advice of our doctor to 4 8oz bottles a day instead of 5 6 oz bottles... for the last bottle I was having to wake H up and he doesn't want us doing that anymore. Today is the first day on the new plan... wish us luck.

he loved playing/destroying the paper
he didn't love getting his head measured

That night baby H spent the night with G-ma and Bryan and I signed a lease on a house for us to live in for two months this summer. Its about 10 minutes from where we live now and shouldn't be too big of a change, for that I am grateful. Then we ate at On the Border and went to play with baby H before coming home to crash before a long work day....
this is when daddy took H to church when I worked last sunday, I made this onesie! :)

Friday I worked and Bryan worked. H played with G-ma all day and had a blast. Then our friends Mitch and Sarah and Sam and Richard came over for Fantastic Friday, (lol). We were going to play games but ended up eating pizza and just hanging out. Its nice to wind down and hang out with friends after a long busy week.

Today we are hoping to get out and enjoy the nice weather... and spend time with family and friends. I'll do a weekend in review probably Monday. On another note we are praying for those in Japan and thankful that our friends in Hong Kong are safe.  I can't even imagine what those over in Japan are going through.


  1. Jenna, have you considered cloth diapering? It's SOOOOOOOOOO much cheaper. I'm sure you've seen stuff on it. But you talk about saving saves you ton. We do cloth during the day and disposable at night and I can't tell you how much we've saved. Each diaper is a ONE time buy! I HATE buying disposables because i'm like "this is just money down the drain".
    Actually, much with crap on it sitting in a landfill for eternity.

    How nice of Paula Deen to do that for you! :)

    Huddy is getting so big!!

  2. Jessica, Yes, I considered it and honestly I think that I didn't do it because it scares me and I feel like I deal with enough human excrement at work that I don't really want to deal with it anymore than I have to at home... if that makes sense. I hope you see this because I want to be able to read your blog again! It kicked me out for some reason! I need to see how big Ruby is getting!!


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