Update and lots of pictures

I haven't really updated in awhile, we have had family in town so we have been out and about the last few days.

First, I  semi-redecorated our bedroom.
Before, which I love... but I was ready for a change

Me and my SIL, Jordan out on a walk in the pretty weather

cute boy in his stroller
drinking like a big boy!

Staring contest

Impromptu photo shoot- he wanted nothing to do with it

H and G-ma on the new swing set, he thinks she is crazy for taking a baby down the slide

Daddy got this picture while I was at work, love it!

Got this yesterday, cute boy!

Curled my hair for the first time with the Keratin treatment, here is the result. It doesn't hold curl nearly as well as it used to , but I still like it.

This is a sweet laughing (and pooting) video of my baby boy... sweetest laughs I have ever heard.

So there is our update... and lots of pictures, more to come :)


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