Weight loss (and New Recipe) Wednesday- Chicken Tacos and the BEST Breakfast Bowl

Still working on getting rid of those excess baby pounds and those that I had before I got pregnant, ha... I have successfully lost ten pounds in the past 6 weeks and I only have like 40 more to go... ugh... but that is another story. Hopefully this can be encouraging for those of you also struggling with weight loss. I've said before that it is not something that I really like talking about, but I feel like I need to be honest in order to really make any changes.

Today I thought I would share some of the tools that I have been using in my weightloss journey.

First, I have amazing friends. I am lucky and so thankful that for the first time since high school all three of my best friends live within 5 minutes of me. My friend Mickelle, likes all things fitness and we have all decided that we each have areas in which we need to be healthier... like losing weight, eating better, drinking more water, taking a multivitamin, etc. So she has started a private blog for us to journey together. And it has really helped me be accountable, plus if we meet our goals we are going to go on a cruise! woo! I think that accountability is a BIG deal in weight loss. Also, my mom has given me some strength training workouts to do, she is probably the most in shape person I know.

Second, I have been tracking my calories. I have been using an app called my fitness pal. It's completely free and the database is HUGE. I highly recommend it.  You can link up with your friends on there to see their progress and it motivates you at the end of the day by telling you how much you would weigh if you ate how you did that day at the end of 5 weeks (good or bad, depending on how you ate that week).

Third, I have been running. Only three days a week for now. I work two days and can't workout those days and the weather hasn't been nice until this week, so I am hoping to up the ante. My new best friend in working out is nike plus. It keeps track of all of your runs and also has little motivational tidbits at the end. You can race against your previous times and if you run outside it even saves the trail and distance in which you ran. I am running in the Bentonville Running Festival's 5k on April 2, so right now I am really working on my 5k time. Hoping to do a 10k in May as long as my knees hold up. Also, jogging with a jogging stroller is HARD work, who knew.

Fourth, I gave up diet coke. again. It's been a week now and I feel so much better. I have been drinking a lot more water. I actually treated myself to a diet cherry limeade from sonic yesterday (can we say 21 calories???) and I would be lying if I said I wasn't craving diet coke with lime... but I know I can do it and I will be healthier for it. Plus, I really believe that has been a hindrance in my weight-loss too.

(On a side note, I am training a new nurse at the hospital, Amy, who I am becoming fast friends with... she said one of the funniest and most true things to me last week when I told her I had given up diet coke... "oh my gosh, you gave up GREY'S ANATOMY AND DIET COKE???" Glad that someone appreciates the severity of my sacrifices...)

Fifth, I am cooking healthier. With the help of e-mealz and hungry girl I should be in tip top shape in no time. So I decided to share some more of our latest meals around the Buettemeyer household.

Chicken Tacos
We love all things mexican food... I was going to make fish tacos but we didn't have enough fish... so I improvised and these turned out really good.

2-3 large boneless skinless chicken breasts, chopped (I marinated mine with a grill mate citrus chipotle marinade)
4 tortillas
1/2 c light sour cream or plain greek yogurt
1/2 c light or ff mayo
1 packet of taco seasoning
1 avocado
1 cup cole slaw (just the leaves not actually mixed)
2 laughing cow light queso wedges

1. Place chopped chicken in a skillet over medium high heat with 1 tbsp olive oil (or enough to coat the bottom of the pan).
2. Cook 4-5 min or until cooked through and then add 1/2 taco seasoning packet, stir until coated.
3. While chicken is cooking, slice avocado and make sauce.

Mix 1/2 c sour cream/greek yogurt with 1/2 c mayo, add other 1/2 taco seasoning packet and a squirt of lime juice if you have it.

4. Slice each laughing cow wedge in 1/2 so there are four total. Smear half a wedge on each of 4 tortillas.
5. Place tortillas on another skillet to warm and melt the cheese.
6. Remove and then top with 1 scoop of chicken, 1-2 tbsp sauce, avocado slices and cole slaw leaf mix.

Best Breakfast Bowl
I got this recipe from my Hungry Girl Cookbook and made a few modifications so I could use what I had on hand. Go here for the recipe. I usually eat oatmeal or cereal for breakfast and am hungry in a few hours. I made this breakfast for around 225 calories and I was full afterward... shouldn't be hungry for awhile. I used 1 tbsp real bacon bits and 1/4 c. frozen GV hash browns in place of the canadian bacon and potatoes (actually brought the calorie count down). Also I didn't have any reg egg substitute so I used 1/2 c egg white substitute and 1 whole egg. It was so delicious. I will be making this again!

The finished product with a big ol' cup of coffee. That's how I roll in the morning, especially when I have been up since 4! woo!

I will leave you will a few pictures and a video of quite possibly the cutest baby on the planet... (and his daddy is pretty cute too)


  1. Hey Jen! Good luck with the 5K - I know you can do it. I ran a few while living in SLC. I found that training on my treadmill at an incline (I run at 4.5 and I walk at 8.5) helped when I got outside on flatter courses. I wasn't trying to beat anyone or any time but I did run them faster than I thought I would and the hills were easy for me. I love keeping up with you on your blog! Love,

  2. Thanks for the treadmill advice, I really hate the treadmill but its just easier to do it when Hudson's asleep... I will have to try that today! Yesterday he tolerated the jogging stroller for about two miles and then he was done so we will have to work on it! Glad you get to keep up with us! Come visit soon. :)

  3. i got a shout out!! i feel so special! i'm so proud of you! 1/5 of the way there. woot woot


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