A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life. My life. Mother and Wife. On a Saturday.

Here goes my Saturday...
Coffee, always
Wash the bottles
play with Huddy while Daddy is at work

hurry home dad!
Daddy's home, going on a walk

Impromptu photo shoots at the trail
in the car
Swinging at G-ma's house

G-pa teasing him, made him cry
Caught up on some sewing

Went and bought new fabric at Hobby Lobby
Mexican Fiesta for dinner with my parents, grandparents and aunt
Grammy loving on baby H

teeth hurting
My grandma

Me having to rock baby H outside, really really fussy

oh wait, now I am happy

Almost every night ends with snuggles with daddy, I love seeing my boys this way


  1. Such great photos! I love the one of your grandmother. :) Very cute! I also love the one of you calming down Hudson outside. That's very sweet and a moment you'll appreciate having captured years from now!

  2. Great pics! Could your baby be any cuter? ;) Too sweet. Love the "happy" photo with fingers in mouth.

    I'm loving the photo challenge - isn't fun?

    Michelle @ ~fellow SITS Girl ;)

  3. Jenna, love these posts,and we love the pictures of Huddy.. Makes it seem like we are there watching him grow. Hope to get down there soon to see him and all the rest of you.. Your pictures are so good, and I love your blog. I am so proud of the Christian woman you are.. Love you, Gma J


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