Diet Food's that I am diggin

Okay so we all know the worst part of a diet is not being able to eat your favorite foods. I have been eating a lot of fruit and veggies, but I thought I would share with you some of my other favorite go-to diet foods that don't taste diet at all!

I love these fiber plus bars, they taste JUST like samoas (the girl scout cookies)

These Special K fruit crisps taste like strawberry poptarts, for WAY less calories

Our dessert of choice is SF Jello and FF cool whip! yum!

Easy breakfast for the mornings that I work, and if I have time I like to add some ice and a banana and make a smoothie

I am obsessed with vitamuffins. Another easy breakfast, goes GREAT with coffee too

AND I love vita brownies... yum yum

These precooked chicken strips make cooking dinner a breeze!
So those are my favorites, what are some of your favorite go to diet foods?

Also, go check out Jen's blog HERE or click below for details on a pretty great giveaway that she is doing of my stuff!

A Girl in Pearls

I'm off to take a sick baby to the doctor and then B and I are heading to a new church group tonight. I'm excited to get to catch up with some old friends!


  1. I will have to try the vitamuffins. They look delish!

  2. just found your blog through jens blog... im a new follower :)

  3. Just found your blog...

    I am doing the hCG diet this month and have lost 20lbs... boy your diet food looks SO much better than the itty bitty amount of food I get to eat. LOL!

  4. It was good to meet you in person last night, not just stalk you on your blog! Ha!

    I can't wait to see Hudson in person!

  5. thanks to the new followers, glad to have you!

    Rebecca, it was so good to meet you too!! your girls are SO precious and I am pretty sure that Hudson is twice Aubrey's size! Looking forward to girls night next week!


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