SITS day 1- Composition and Perspective

I got up this morning so excited about day one of the SITSpics challenge! It was all about composition and perspective. They are fairly simple things to incorporate into our day to day photography, if we just remember to think about them. I had some fun this morning taking pictures of Hudson from many different perspectives. One of the things Lynda from the Daily Window, suggests is to move yourself, not the subject, so this is what I did.

And this is what I got:

Just playing, normal how I always take pictures

I got creative here...

rule of thirds

what happens when I get on his level and close enough to reach

angle, "hey mom whatcha doing?"

on my knees

rule of thirds, "my mom is crazy!" lol I am in love with this face

right on his level (i get this face a lot, he thinks I am so weird!)

standing, rule of thirds

I just thought this picture was cute

mmm yummy (notice that tiny baby mullet)

on the ground from behind, there comes our creepy pup

from over him and bent over, upside down cutie!
So those are all unedited versions of the pictures, I will save the editing for later in the week! I had so much fun actually got some pretty cute pictures. Please join us over at SITS for the Spring into Action Photography challenge, it has just started and is already a blast!!! Here is today's post.


  1. So cute! Love his onesie. Where did you get that?

  2. thanks so much! I made it! :) there are tons of tutorials online, kinda tricky at first but so fun!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I'm loving this challenge, too - definitely a new follower, can't wait to see more of everyone's photos as SITSpics rolls on!

  4. thank you!! ill be checking yours out too! :) this is so fun.

  5. These are great! I really love the one of just his body reaching out for the camera and the one with the dog approaching! I adore the ones at his level focusing on his face. He has gorgeous eyes!

  6. those are adorable pictures! He's a cutie! Im stopping by from SITS. just wanted to say hi! Im going to go ahead and follow you now! Come stop by and follow me too :)

  7. All of these are so fun but my FAV is the second to last one from behind. Such a great angle and perspective!

  8. adorable baby. I love me some babies. I love all your different perspectives too...even the headless one!

  9. Love it! This is fun. Also.. how do you make it where the comment is below the picture but in the same square (so kinda like a polaroid) if that makes sense....
    Miss you in Sunday School!

  10. I love the last two perspectives. It will be fun to watch everyone develop these photography skills. I like how you labeled the skill you were working on...

  11. FIRST: Fun photos! Looks great!
    SECOND: WHERE did you get the onsie? Did you make it?! Awesome.


  12. Thank you and yes I did make it!!! :)

  13. Really cute collection, sitstah!

  14. I love the entire collection, not to mention your comments! I can imagine you both had a lot of fun in this shoot!

  15. that's one beautiful boy, and your pictures are simply perfect. never heard of rule of thirds! i found you at SITS, had already followed you, and look forward to more good stuff!


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