SITS week 2- lines and repetition

When I saw todays topic I wasn't sure I was really that interested. I was kind of "bored" when I thought about taking pictures of lines... but my attitude quickly changed when I got my camera out to give it a try. I am pretty in love with the idea now. I have three posts set to go out today... but I was the most excited about what I got with this.

Lines and repetition really bring out a different aspect to your photographs. Instead of an ordinary picture of my dog, I can create something interesting by using her surroundings.

Here she is scoping out my sewing table, I love the look of the curved edge.

Here she is in her crate. The lines of her crate really bring a new dynamic to the picture.

and again...

My personal favorite. Look at those puppy eyes, but see also how the blurred lines make it more visually interesting.

Repetition, apple kitchen towel

New Zebra fabric, it looks almost 3D here

So there and my line and repetition shots. I had a lot of fun so I will probably be adding these to my blog more often now. Join up with SITS and today's challenge, and if you're interested go back and do some of the stuff from last week. I am excited to see what else this week has to offer!


  1. I *love* that you changed your mind about this topic after getting the camera out! Finding lines and patterns in every day situations is a lot of fun!

    These shots are great! I really love the first one of the dog in the crate! Very creative!

  2. oh wow you're right about changing the dynamics ~very creative with the kitchen towel and the zebra fabric. Thank you for sharing...

    Visiting from SITSpic challenge.


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