Weight loss Wednesday- Week 3

My second weigh in was today since starting weight watchers... and I am down another 2.4 lbs. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little discouraged, I was hoping for a big number again but I know that 2.4 is still really really good. I didn't eat as well as I did last week (I used 13 of my weekly points, which I am trying not to use... but we ate Mexican one night and that killed my points) but I exercised more... so who knows.

I started jogging again this week which is awesome, and I am having NO back pain! wooo!!

I also started working out with my trainer yesterday... and today I can't walk, sit or lift anything (including my baby) with out hurting... I am so so so sore. So I am taking today to rest and hoping to be able to work out tomorrow. 

I didn't get to actually stay for the meeting today because all of my baby sitters were busy and I couldn't take H to the nursery because he has a stomach virus... so I just went in and weighed, but I am already looking forward to next week. 

How did you all do this week??

14 days, 6.4 pounds down, 43.6 pounds to go.


  1. 2.4lbs is awesome!!!!! great job!! hey i heard on the news that Fuse closed? they will be looking for another location b/c they couldn't agree on the lease terms (?).


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