Weight loss Wednesday (wk 2)

Well I have good news and I have had a successful week... I have really been tracking my eating this week and I think the biggest thing I have learned is portion control. I have been measuring everything I cook and eat and writing EVERY little bite down... (and because of this I haven't touched my bag of almond kisses...) I feel great. I have worked out every day for at least 30 minutes and I have only been eating 1 sweet a day.

I was a bit nervous to go to my meeting today to weigh in but I was ecstatic when the lady told me I had lost FOUR pounds. So now I only have 46 lbs to go. I know I said that last week but I changed my goal because my original goal wasn't in my healthy weight range... plus whats 4 more pounds to lose?

I start working out with my trainer on Tuesday and hopefully tomorrow I will get released to run again after I see the doctor for my back for the last time. This week I didn't really get to work out hard- mainly just walking and minimum on the elliptical so I am hoping to step it up again this week!

7 DAYS, 4 POUNDS, 46 TO GO....

Anyone else have weight loss successes this week???


  1. Four pounds is AMAZING!!! How exciting!!! Congratulations! I just started journaling my food on and I think I'm going to like it, AND I think it makes a big difference for me in writing it down! Where do you go to the gym? I go to Walton Life Fitness Center since the hubs works at the home office. Again, great job!!!

  2. I go to Fuse. My hubby works at WM too but I really didn't feel comfortable leaving my baby in day care there and it is so big it is overwhelming! I really love Fuse and went there when I was in college so it is a good fit for me. :) I used my fitness pal too, it is great, I am using weight watchers now since that is what I am doing! :) thanks for the sweet comment!

  3. You are doing great! Remember I am always cheering for you!!


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