Weight loss Wednesday

So again today I am posting something that I do not like to talk about, but I am determined to do something about it. I have about 46 lbs that I want to lose and I have been pretty much at a stand still for the last few months... so I have decided to go to weight watchers meetings, because I really think I need the accountability. Today is my first meeting, I am going by myself, which that alone makes me really nervous, but I know that I have to be dedicated and do this in order to make the change. I am tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a distorted version of the person I used to be, and I am tired of my clothes not fitting. I want to wear my cute designer jeans again and feel good about how I look.

I also joined a new gym that has free childcare so that I can't use Hudson as an excuse. I love this gym because you can watch the nursery on the elliptical or treadmill while you work out and it is a small gym so usually there won't be that many kids in there. I went to this gym before Bryan and I got married and I loved the classes so I am hoping to get back into going to them.

Wednesdays will be the days that I blog about my weight loss journey as it is the day that I will weigh at the meetings. I am blogging this for myself, but also hoping to encourage others that may be struggling with the same thing. My short term goal is to lose 12-15 lbs by May 18 (5 wks from today) because Bryan and I will be going to FL for his cousin's wedding. That will put me close to my pre-pregnancy weight and I then hope to lose 30 lbs by Aug 6 (16 weeks) for our second trip to the beach. I hope to be at my goal weight which is 46.4 lbs from where I am right now by the end of the year. I haven't been at my goal weight since I tore my ACL in college, so I would really like to get back there. I know that these are goals may be long shots but I need something to work for.

So there it is, all out on the table. Feel free to leave comments if you are in the same boat and want to work along with me, or just for encouragement, because I could use it! :)


After posting, a sweet fellow blogger showed me this weight loss challenge that had just begun. I decided I will take all the support I can get and have decided to join it too!

Weight Loss Challenge


  1. good for you girl!!! i did weight watchers a couple years ago, it is by far the best! (especially when you attend meetings!)

    phil 4:13- i can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me!

  2. hi there! stumbled upon your blog, and we have a lot in common. i, too, live in bville :) my youngest son is 9mos oldest is 4. and i struggle with weight too. i recently joined a weight loss (blog) challenge for 8wks. you can find it here if you're interested.

    my husband and i are in the midst of trying to lose weight when i came upon the challenge, so it was fitting for me.

    i hope WW is good to ya and you're able to be on your way to a healthier you :)

    you (we) can do it!!! i'll be cheering you on!

  3. I stumbled upon your blog too! Wednesdays are my weigh in days... and I'm blogging about my weight loss over at I am a mother of a 21 month old and have 47 more pounds to get me to where I want to be... I love the support that the blogging community provides. Hope your first week on WW is a good one! My mom is doing that and has the online tools that I sometimes look at too.

  4. thank ya'll for your sweet comments. My first week went really well and I will be checking out your blogs too!!!

  5. I would love to be with you on this journey. I want to lose about 50lbs, and I love your time frame:)

  6. Cool Kristin! We can be weightloss buddies!


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