What I bought with $2.72

I went again to Walgreens to stock up on a sale that I saw that was unadvertised but I noticed it when I was there the other day. (This is becoming a game to me and since I have no desire to have a stock pile, I am glad to buy what I need and donate the rest!)

Would you believe me if I said I got all of this stuff pictured for $2.72? Read on....

Sorry the picture was taken by my iphone in a hurry...
Transaction 1
Finish Gelpacks- Retail $5.99, Sale $4.99. I had a $0.75 off wgc and $1 off mfc and got back $1.50 RR. So I got it for $1.75
Kotex U Tampons- Retail $4.99 each or 2/$10, Sale 2/$7, I used 2/$1 off mfc and got back $2 RR. Total both boxes for $3.
Hairties-Retail $3, Sale $2, RR $2--Free

Total retail value was $19. I used my $5 RR from the other day so my total before tax was $4.74 and I got back $5.50 in RR. Total savings 75% not including the RR which would make it over 100% savings.

Transaction 2 (I got more things to donate to Joplin)
Big Roll TP- retail $0.89, sale $0.50 each--$1.50 for 3
Ajax with bleach- retail $0.99 each, sale 2/$0.99-- $2/4

Retail value $6.70, used a $2 RR from the previous transaction and I paid $1.48 plus tax-- A 78% savings.

I donated the TP, Ajax and pony tail holders and left with $3.50 in RR to used next time...

Total trip- retail: $25.70, I paid $6.22 minus the $3.50 I took home in RR...

$2.72 total out of my wallet for $25.70 of goodies!

89.4% savings. Best trip yet.


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