Happy 8 Months, Hudson!

My baby boy turned 8 months old this past week. I really feel like I am doing these "month" posts all the time, not just once a month. He is growing up so fast. I really understand why everyone says that before we know it he will be a teenager and driving... and this momma is NOT prepared for that yet.

Hudson, You have such a sweet personality. You light up everyday for us. Even when you're staying the night at G-ma's house we have to come see  you before you go to bed because we really don't want to miss any minute of your life. 
-You eat big boy food now and love your sippy cup.
-You like baby cheetos and strawberry puffs (and Sadie sits under your highchair)
-Your new favorite baby food is turkey and sweet potatoes!
-You still take 4 8 oz bottles a day, and now you like to feed yourself, but momma isn't ready to stop holding you yet.

-You really love your daddy. You get so excited when he gets home from work.
-But you love mommy too. a lot. :)
-You don't like to sit still at all. You have to be moving, climbing, jumping or crawling...
-But when you're tired you crash, and you crash fast!

-You like bath time a lot now that you can play with your toys.
-We can't wait to put you in the pool for the first time soon!
-People keep saying you're looking more like mommy, and I am glad! :)

-You have a lot of hair and we are probably going to have your first hair cut before you are 9 months!
-It is starting to curl and it is really sweet.
-You smile all the time for your family but you're not really sure about other people still.
-I love your chubby legs, but since you're more active now I think they'll be slimming down soon.
-You really love your grandparents and you're such a lucky boy that you get to see them so much!
-You are trying so hard to crawl, but still we only manage to go backwards. 
-You can get where you need to go by turning around and rolling though, it won't be long.

 -You love your Sadie sister and she really loves you too.
-You play with her toys and she likes to give you licks!
-You like to play on the floor with all of your toys and explore,
You are still just the sweetest blessing to us. We love you more everyday and can't remember life with out you. You're the best thing to ever come into our lives and we love you so much.

Oh and I can't forget. You are sharing your sweet laughs with us more. The sweetest sound I have ever heard. (My video won't upload... I'll try it again later...)

Happy 8 Months, Hudson. Mommy and Daddy love you so so much!


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