how I save- donation edition

I had my best trip to date at Walgreens this morning... but it was not without mishaps.

Let me just start by saying that I planned this trip for at least an hour yesterday if not closer to 2. I was already aware that they might be out of some of my goodies so that was no surprise.

Here was my detailed list... this is the fourth and final copy
So I started on my way with transaction number one... but they were out of the Colgate that I had coupons for... so I scratched my plan and did some quick rearranging in my head, The only other item that I had planned to get that they were out of was lysterine.

So here is what I got for transaction number 1.

2 packs of kotex pads, 1 tone body wash, 2 advil liquid gels, and a pack of hair ties.
Kotex: $6.99 retail per pack. $13.98 total. I used a $3 off wgc (which took off $6 total) and I had a $2/2 mfc. Total here was $5.98 for both.
Tone body wash: Retail $4.99, sale $3.99 with a $3 RR. Total $0.99.
Scunci hair ties: Sale $2. $2RR. FREE.
Advil liquid gels: $6.99 reg or 13.98 for 2. Sale for $4.99 each, or $10. I used a $4 off 2 advil products and also got back a $5 RR. Total $1 for both.

Total retail $35. I paid $17.95 and got $10 in RR.

Transaction 2

1 pkg little swimmers, 2 cans ajax, 2 bottle of pantene shampoo/conditioner and a pack of hair ties.
Ajax: Reg. $0.99 each. On sale for B1G1 free. total $0.99.
Pantene: Reg. 4.99 each. On sale for 2/$7. I used a $3 off 2 pantene products coupon and got back a $1 RR. So total here was both for $3.
Scunci hair ties: Sale $2. $2RR. FREE.
Little Swimmers: Retail $8.99. On sale for $6.99. I used a $2 off wgc and a $2 off mfc. Total $2.99.

Total with sale and coupons was $10.98. I used the $5 and $3 RR from transaction 1, 

Total retail here $23. I paid $1.98.  I got back a $2 RR and a $1 RR.

Transaction 3

2 tylenol migrane liquid gels, 2 Big rolls of TP. 
Let me preface this by saying that I wasn't planning on this transaction. I was a little upset because I somehow lost my 2nd advil coupon in the store and it wasn't going to work. After we checked out I saw it laying on the floor so I scooped it up and came up with transaction #3.

Advil liquid gels: $6.99 reg or 13.98 for 2. Sale for $4.99 each, or $10. I used a $4 off 2 advil products and also got back a $5 RR. Total $1 for both.
Big roll TP: retail $0.89 a roll, sale $0.50 a roll. so $1 total.

Total after sale and coupons $7. I used 2 $2 RR and my $1 RR. 

Total retail value $15.50. I paid $1.75. Also I left with another $5 RR for later.

After all of that... total retail value $73.50. I paid $21.68, and left with $5 to spend later. 

71.5% savings. And a job well done. I am donating everything except the little swimmers and advil to the Joplin relief along with some other things in my "little" stock pile.

(ps it is a 78% savings if I include the RR :))

A side note- you have to pay attention and know what you're doing when it comes to RR. You can only have 1 manufacturers coupon for every item (mfc) and a RR counts as a mfc. So in order to use RR on higher priced items that I already have a coupon for I look for inexpensive items so that my coupon to item ratio is even (the TP in this case). You can stack mfc with wgc (walgreens coupons) so in that case you can have one of each for each item. Also with the scunci hair ties, I couldn't use the RR from trans 1 on trans 2 where I was buying more hair ties. I had to use both the scunci hair tie RR's on transaction 3 because I wasn't buying hair ties here. Basically you can't buy something and get more of it for free... just a heads up if you didn't know.

(oh and one more thing, my totals don't include tax... so I paid a few dollars in tax too but it doesn't seem necessary for me to try and figure that in in my posts)


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