How I Save Monday

I went to Walgreens this morning and I got all of the stuff above.  Here is the breakdown...

Transaction 1
Pampers retail $9.99 on sale for 2/$18. I used a $1 and $1.50 off coupon and got back $3 RR. Total 2/$12.50
Colgate toothpaste retail $3.99. Sale 2/$6. I used a $.75 off coupon and got back $4 RR. Total 2/$1.25.
Carefree liners retail $1.40, sale $0.99. Free with coupon.
Gerber baby food retail $1.50, sale $1.19. $1.00 off coupon. Total $0.19.
Cottonelle TP unsure of retail here... I got 2/$10- 2/$1 off wgc -2/$0.50 -$3RR so I got both for $4 total. (incredible price for TP, I always feel like it is SO expensive!)

Retail value of my first transaction was $41. After coupons and in store savings I paid $29.38 and got back $10 RR. So my first transaction total was $19.38 when subtracting the RR. That's a 53% savings!

Transaction 2
Huggies Swimmers retail $9.99, Sale $8.99. -$2 off wgc and -2 off mfc. Total $4.99.
Almay Makeup remover towlettes retail $5.99
Almay eye makeup remover pads $5.99 B1G1 50% off... so both for $9 -$2 and -$3 off in wgc so both for $4.
CG eye shadows retail $3.50 each, B1G1 50% off. Both for $5.25 -$2.50 off mfc. Total for both $2.75.
Superglue $1.99 (I needed it for something H broke and it counted as my extra item)

Total retail $31. I used my RR to pay so my total was $7.36 but I used those to show savings in the transaction above so I paid $17.36. So this transaction was a 44% savings!

Total retail value of my trip $72. I paid $36.74. 
49% savings!

What I didn't include in this was that the cashier didn't ring up the CG and Almay stuff at the B1G1 price, but I had to pick up a prescription for B and had time to check out my receipt prior to leaving and I noticed it. So the manager fixed it and I got back $5.08! That is all included in the above prices but it goes to show that computers and people don't always do things perfectly so pay attention!

Oh and have I mentioned lately that I have a really cute baby boy?
Happy Monday Y'all!


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