How I Save Monday

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I went and scored some more awesome deals at Walgreens. I think that this was my best trip so far. I went at 9 am on Sunday in order to ensure the products I wanted were in stock and it was well worth it. When I have been going on Mondays all of my things have been gone and I haven't ventured into the rain check area yet...

 Transaction 1

Huggies, retail $9.99 each on sale for 2/$18, used $4.50 in coupons and got back $3 RR... so both for $10.50
Pantyliners retail $1.50 on sale for $0.99, free with coupon
Huggies Swimmers reg $8.99 on sale for $6.99, $2.00 off coupon and $2.00 off wgc, total $2.99
Colgate Prowhite retail $4.99, sale 2/$6, $4 RR, and I used a $0.75 off coupon, for total $1.50 for both

I really scored on the body wash and deoderant... with my plethora of coupons and in store savings I got both deoderants and all three body washes for $1 total. A pretty sweet steal of a deal! I am not positive on the retail value of all of this but I remember seeing all of the body washes and deodorant for around $5 each so I am guessing around $25 worth of product that I got for $1.

Total for transaction number 1 was $25.90 and I got back $10 in RR so the real total was $15.90. My estimate of how much everything was retail is $66. So that is a 86% savings on transaction number 1!

Transaction 2

Tanning Towels $10.99, I had a $1 off coupon so I got them for $9.99. (this isn't a great deal but something that I wanted...)
Similac Sensitive retail $24.99, sale price $21.99, I had a $5 off coupon so I got it for $16.99.
Nestle Skinny Cow chocolates, 3/$2, $0.45 off of 2 wgc. So I got all three for $1.55. I needed these for filler items to use my RR from the previous transaction.

So my total for Transaction 2 was $18.53, but we will say $28.53 (I adjusted because I showed the RR above). Total retail value is $38. A 33% savings.

In total retail value was $104 and I paid JUST $44.43. That is a 57.2% savings and a job well done in my book.

It would look better if I would buy less value things in my second transaction but I don't feel like I need to buy things that we don't need in order to use coupons and I would rather use the savings on the things that we need like formula and tanning towels... I was thinking about it and I really got all of this stuff for the price I would have spent on the formula and diapers alone without using coupons. 

Saving money one coupon at a time... (and ps, the people behind me in line at WG are beginning to get annoyed which means I am probably doing something right... ;-))


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